Steemit Advertising Campaign[part 137]

in steem •  5 months ago

These advertising campaigns are funded from upvotes by people like you! Thanks for dropping by!

Going hard of the flyers, in los angeles and pittsburgh.

Some flyers that hit the streets of LA earlier this week.

30 day social media campaign going strong

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I like the grassroots advertising. I was always curious how people found out about Steemit early on and that would be super cool if someone ends up finding out about it like this and ends up on here.


Long time no see brian :)

Wow you are doing a great job.


Thanks :) glad you dropped by.

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Thanks for promoting steem my friend..i wish my voting power was high

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Is this a strategy in some way?

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Holy cow! What the heck???
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hehe, i sent more to minnowpond then I should have ;P


I'm glad you think it's funny.

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