35000 Words is Too Much - Pitch Me Your Project V2

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Three days ago, I decided that I wanted to sponsor new projects with my votes. I wrote the Pitch Me Your Project and the response was overwhelming! Almost 300 comments.

As I was reading it, after 20minutes of reading I realized that I wasn't even through 5% of the content. After putting that page into a word counter, I realized that there was the equivalent of almost 70 pages of content (or 34566 words).

That was a little too much to process and I didn't know how to order everything appropriately...it's amazing to see all of those projects happening simultaneously on the steem blockchain!!!

Since the sheer volume of information was too large, I decided to run a Version 2, be more specific and organized.

Fill this Form to Participate


Curation Trails or Fanbase - Requires STEEMAUTO

For me to help you I need to know if you want a vote based on your curation trail OR an autovote on your account (fanbase).


Thanks for participating in the document, I will take the time to review this and sponsor the projects that I believe can bring the most value to the ecosystem.

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Unsplash


This is a great initiative, and many thanks to @techslut for pointing it out to us as well as all the many other ways she's jumped in to help in our efforts to bring Steemit Creative Writers to the greater reading world beyond!

Isle of Write Curation to Publication!

I support this participant! <3 The @isleofwrite is an amazing group of people doing some awesome things with writers on steemit, including bringing abord some serious names in literature and publishing an anthology of works from steemit. Also, they have the friendliest Discord channel around.

Totally worth your votes.

Wow! Thank you! All proceeds from this comment will go to @isleofwrite. 🎉

Isle of Write is home to a community of dedicated, talented writers, producing work which quite frankly blows my mind on a daily basis. This group is so supportive, friendly, and hardworking... it's far and away my favorite Discord channel, and whenever I see posts with the Isle of Write tag I know it's going to be something genuinely great. They have my loyalty and are worthy of your support.

We couldn't be happier to hear Islanders feel this way, and we're grateful every day for the wide range of talent like yours that finds its way to our shores!

Absolutely supported!

The @isleofwrite is a secret paradise of creative energy full of wonderful people. Grow, little isle!


Thank you, so much. We are overwhelmed by the number of wonderful and creative folks who traverse our shores. You all make the Isle great!

I figured it would be a lot for you to read , I really want to start on my project on helping the poor in Pakistan but I’ll need your help, I don’t think people really will help the month I have left to go or the time I’ll be there .

It’s great it’s sse that you’re helping out the community and creating awareness of different projects

Added my project idea, but not yet initiated! If you need further details I will provide you!


I wrote a post about my project two days ago, can I copy paste the whole post? I guess it would be difficult for you to read the whole post but to understand my project and why I am an advocate of gift economy, I would be needing your precious time to understand my little weird philosophy :)

Infact, I just had to paste the link, ignore my copy paste thing above. But I actually don't know the difference between fanbase and curation trail. Writing Fanbase for now!

Curation Trail is when other people sign up to have their account vote on the posts that you vote on, whereas a fan base is for people to vote specifically on what you post. So a curation trail would be more about seeking out other content to promote and reward, while a Fanbase would be best utilized for things like raising money for charities where the direct vote on your post helps some cause or other.

Hope this helps!

wow thanks for doing this @cryptoctupos you're the best. i would try to put this now. thanyoy for helping minnows like us. :')

I also wrote my post about my project, I'm recruiting A whole lot of newbies to the steemit blockchain, I recruit them from churches, campuses and so on, and I would like to do contest for newbies every week, I will fill my form, thanks

That sounds like a great project, @rejoiceavl!

Its really amazing, over 70 pages of project written down.

It shows that a lot of people are really showing interest and trying to better every aspect of life with steemit.

I really hope different projects get the greenlight.

Ilet me just pitch my tent here as well. This account is a project account, used to help africans get better, stronger and use cryptos to better their lives.

We have over the past 4 months done incredible things, of which can be seen in our 2018 projections on our main page.
We move via entertainment, advertisement and politics


Other projects i would suggest is the @steemcamp initiative, and @steem-lagos movement.

Thanks @cryptoctopus, will fill up the form with more specific details as required. Thanks for considering any of the project. All the projects that were pitched to you have shown each unique contributions and will definitely bring value to the steemit ecosystem. I am happy reading the pitch list. So awesome. 😊

Hi @cryptoctopus, I have done my introduction post, here it is and hope you will be so kind to have a look at it https://steemit.com/milestone/@ainie.kashif/yay-to-my-2000-followers-giving-away-sbd-hello-hello-steemit-1

@cryptoctopus - Sir this is a nice way to capture ideas... A format is a wise idea Sir... Sometimes my concept is not very powerful, but I hope you will look at it too Sir...


resteem bot is the concept of mine. my next concept is upvote bot. all process will handle manually. will vote for certain amount of group. thank you @cryptoctopus


I filled out the doc. I also filled out the form @lukebrn provided.

Now onto a matter that really pisses me off...

@cryptoctopus is so generous with all of us. The very idea that some greedy people are erasing this form in an effort to make sure their project is seen instead of others is really sad. I mean how dare you?

Whoever is doing this, you suck.

And to the spammers -- just quit. Copying someones comment in an effort to get an upvote is pretty low.

I'm honestly surprised that @cryptoctopus even tries to help people here. It seems like a lot of trouble to deal with all the bad apples in the bunch and I don't know if I would have the patience.

that's nuts! Have you really seen this happening? Deleting what other people are contributing?

Good thing Google Docs is the next best thing to a blockchain where the revision history can be reviewed, so that information is not truly deleted if Octo goes looking. Should be able to tell in "real time" what projects have been added by the same person deleting stuff too with the different animal tags... If Anonymous Bear deletes something and then puts something in, I would say that is cause for their project to be dismissed.

And your last statement is something I couldn't agree more about. Generosity only goes so far before people throw their hands up and say "To hell with this". I'm very thankful to @cryptoctopus for being willing to look past the garbage to try to reward good content!

I didn't. @lukebrn caught it. I just had to express my disgust.

Oh yes, it turned out a very unexpected result, my friend and as I understand to determine the direction of your support is still difficult, but still your idea and the contribution that you want to make for the prosperity of our ecosystem deserves attention and great respect, tell us next time about the progress on this topic, that we all could also help in the promotion of young and new projects! Thank you @cryptoctopus

Ok then.. i Will put my pitch there.

35K words to plough through! Sweet heavens you need to build team Cryptoctopus!

Again... Otstanding crypto :)

Well you asked for it.
I prefer the whole "actions speak louder than words" approach, so I'll just let you know when Hots or Shots launches (1 week, 2 max).
I appreciate that you showed some love to #pixelartweekly though, every bit helps, so thanks for that.
Have a great day and here's my upvote just for being an awesome steemian.

Personally, I tried reading some of the entries, they are amazingly much, I imaging how you will be able to read it. I think the part 2 is great as it offers us a way to be straight to point and also seek your support too.

This is really nice and the stress of having to read all through will be reduced. Thanks for your support.

My project is sport and my mission is to get to know more people who practice the sport of different styles join the community of Steemit, I'm putting together my roadmap to make it solid in time

Is 70 pages worth of text too much to read on a computer screen? LOL

When you yell out "free money" people are going to come running.

This is a great idea and I am sure you will get a ton of wonderful idea. The community is very creative. I just forwarded this post to one who has a project I know needs funding.

Thanks for all you do on here....I am trying to follow the model set down and help others along.

I've filled out line 22 for @thefreshfive.

Thanks for always being the #1 contributer and supporter of the Fresh Five Adam! I might have missed this post if you hadn't pinged me with the mention! My feed is too long... I really need a favorite follows tab so I see important posts like this!

I did make a slight edit to your entry on the form. While we do have a Fanbase set up for anyone who wants to help the Fresh Five account grow, I believe @cryptoctopus would have the most positive impact by joining the Curation Trail and giving upvotes to the brand new Steemians that we are promoting, so I changed the form from Fanbase to Curation Trail. ;-)

Rock on!

Awesome! I actually had Curation Trail in first... and literally changed it 5 times before grudgingly landing on Fanbase... I'm so glad you've rocked in here and made a definitive decision for us!

thanks so much Cryptos 🐙 for this sponsorship initiation, i have been running a project that promotes steem and its platform steemit kindly look into this thanks.
last week we concluded our campaign on twitter with a perfect result and with low sponsorship on the project campaign, and low curation cause i have to make transfer to all minnows who partaked on the Trending steemit on Twitter. @project-atlas




This is a great strategy for using your vote!

Just completed the form. Thank you for the opportunity to get word out about our @myhuntingfishing community and the #myhuntingfishing tag initiative. We have big dreams!

@cryptoctopus awesome initiative! I was wondering if you have heard of the Steem Poker League @spl? It is free to anyone who plays and there are daily freerolls. @tuck-fheman is the account that runs it. He's done an awesome job at creating a fun community for people and you even have a chance to win sbd. Of course, the sbd has to come from somewhere and it's not free for him to keep the site running. The posts from his account fund the freerolls and site. I would greatly appreciate if you looked into it and possibly added him to your list to support. I would fill out the Google sheet but seems like some people are deleting them.

Just wanted to bring this awesome community to your attention and nominate them for your support. Thank you for your consideration!

Upvoted for visibility

I went ahead and added the info to the spreadsheet, I don't have the intro post at the moment but can try to find it if you need it. If you check out his blog it should give you a good idea

Well this shows the power of real humans friend and i wonder how google handle it, i think 70 pages of content is good enough to crash the comment section of the post and friend right now i don't have any clear project in my mind, i hope you find right project to support soon, wish you all the best friend for all of your future endeavors! Stay blessed

@cryptoctopus I'm writing this comment to inform you; my entry has been deleted twice already by someone else on the Google Sheet. I think there is someone or multiple people deleting entries to put in their own!

I'm not sure how to fix this, but I thought that I would bring it to your attention. P.S, I only upvoted this comment myself to make sure that you see it!

EDIT: I think if you make a google form, then it will have to be filled out individually and nobody will have access to other entries. I can make it for you if you would like.

dang it. A google form is a good idea.

I filled out the doc and then I saw this. I went ahead and filled it out too.

Should we use the google form below or the google spreadsheet?

spreadsheet seems to work right now

I made one for you:


I can add you as a collaborator so you can see the answers, or you can just copy it and create your own form. Hope this helps!

You can also set up a maximum amount of words with google docs. That could make the reviewing more doable :P

Yes, Its good idea .. thank you sir ..........

Thanks so much for this...I would be delighted if my project is sponsored... I have just made available the introductory URL on the link you provided above...

How precise one will be while doing good work. 35k words are also not possible to process. As you have good fan base and everyone wants to get his project shared through a proper chennel.
Good people always gather the audience and same happened with you.
Hope next time I will try to be more precise and would like to have my work appreciated too.

Woooww that is an insane amount of words wahahah.
It is really cool to see people with ideas about projects :)

Very cool idea, will you show as some of the better pitches?


Hi, I added my project to the list. I am working on an Artificial Intelligence bot to help the Steemit community with curation: TrufflePig

Nothin' like being popular. ;)


sorry, english is not my native languages, and i cant figure out what is Curation Trails or Fanbase - Requires STEEMAUTO means?

35k words to process is almost impossible. On the other hands this shows that many people have a lot of ideas and projects, but needs some sponsors and help. Your help to others is beyond respect.

I don't have any idea even about my Final year project. My supervisor asked me about what's your idea I said please give me an idea related to steemit which is blockchain social media platform. He said let us figure it out what project should be beneficial for all community. Let's see what happened

project on...
great to share..

That,s Great!Best wish for your Project.
I will take part in your project.

thanks for participating
I will fill out this form
And share with you
And I will call my friends like you
Good luck @cryptoctopus

This is a nice idea. It will make it easy for you to visit everybody's project

Thanks for doing this sir @cryptoctopus... i kinda missed the first post. I'll fill the form now. Thanks again!

You are doing good work
Keep it up
I wish you all the best
Soon you will on the top of the community
God bless you
I wish you also check my blog

You are doing a great job here on Steemit.
I believe that this is going to help lots of people with projects around.
Keep It Up

Thanks for the vol 2 I'm definitely registering, however you didn't come back to my reply to your question on my comment in your last pitching post

I am composing this remark to advise you; my entrance has been erased twice as of now by another person on the Google Sheet. I think there is somebody or numerous individuals erasing sections to put in their own!

I don't know how to settle this, but rather I felt that I would draw it out into the open. P.S, I just upvoted this remark myself to ensure that you see it. @cryptoctopus

You copied this comment from @lukebrn and reworded it enough to make it sound like giberish. Good job. I think I'll notify @cryptoctopus.

Omg.. 70 pages.. It ll be difficult for you to read all of them.. I wonder so many ppl are doing here good work.. You are so kind to sponsor good projects.. Steemit is lucky to have good ppl like yoy

wow very nice excellent post

It was very good. i was waiting for it.This is really nice and the stress of having to read all through will be reduced. Thanks for your support.

I am already doing a project reaching out to indigent children in my community. Would love to have at least 2 yearly on scholarship.

for the diligent blockchain definitely want a more detailed post and long.
but for people who are not working in this post a long tiring to the eyes. thanks

KEEp up going my companion. we require individuals like you who are continually eager to lift others ,me my venture this year is to begin showing individuals about steemit in universties in my nation..

the kindness we especially place above the seventh heaven

Yeh I would say 35K would be a little overwhelming. But the exciting thing is the interest and response you got.

My project is sport and my mission is to get to know more people who practice the sport of different styles join the community of Steemit, I'm putting together my roadmap to make it solid in time.(An error in the signal of my internet that was published twice sorry)

KEEp up going my friend. we need people like you who are always willing to lift others ,me my project this year is to start teaching people about steemit in universties in my country..

Hello sir, it is the season of love and as a result I'm thinking of taking items to Internally Displaced Person's (IDP) camp. I've made a post detailing it out, if you can check it out Here I'm out to fill the form asap. Thanks

your post is very remarkable, your post is very useful for everyone. me is your followers who always want every postinganmu

Thank you for the update @cryptoctopus! I am going to fill out the form now, 35,000 words is definitely too much to read through, especially in the comments section of a post!

this is amazing ...

The Google Form is a much better process, because, quite frankly, people are the worst. Thanks for the opportunity to hear out our projects. ..

Lol if it shows an edit history people who deleted other entries intentionally should be dq'd. That's just rude shit.

Hahaha, agree 100%!

I had put my entry in at line 22 and it's already been moved down to 23.

Thank you for this! Cool move!

This is good to write too much, But sometimes users get bored of reading even i also :) Short highlight content is suitable for me.

Hehehe you usually get loads of comments on your blog! But 300 comments, with the lenght of project proposals i saw... Thats outrageous this is a good option.

Thanks for this good deed sir, God bless you!

This post has received a 100.00 % upvote from @chronocrypto thanks to: @chronocrypto.

I like it very much

Amazing project sir keep it up


Your post is making huge impact already and these are just an ideas. This prove the unlimited ability of steemit.
Great idea!

Oh wow, that's a huge response! I can totally understand why you won't read trough it all. The spreadsheet sounds like a nice way to collect it somewhat fast.

Will definitely picth mine there

That's a great way to give a push to the talent of minnows who have wonderful ideas but didn't recognized due to low SP . I will also submit my project there. Thanks, have a great day.

It,s a good idea go to ahead,it can be done,it is a different thought

I've been here a couple months and the insincerity is the first thing that stood out. There are people who share thoughtful comments and you can tell they're just trying to get a vote, but at least they put some time and effort into what they're saying.

The group that bugs me are basically e-beggars with lazy, low-effort "thank you for posting"-type content. It's like chicks fishing for compliments and attention on Insta, but instead of putting SOME work into a cute photo they just snap a pic of themselves laying in bed, messed up hair and face pushed back showing off the double chin.

Well this is a good and open request to help the people with great project that is going to be helpful to the community as that is one of the aims of steemit, socializing, making money for doing what you have passion for and helping to build the community by helping the privileged ones too. I am very grateful for this great opportunity and my own project is on charity helping the less privileged or orphans here in Nigeria, west Africa. Keep helping as always.

The docs.google approach is amazing im keeping it as bookmarks too so i can also follow amazing projects. Thanks @cryptoctopus

35000 words is way to much. I could never read that much in less then a few days or a week.

sorry to say that i have no any project on steemit like you and any other in computer field,,and really happy to know that there are 70 pages content and hope every one participate with thier best
whats idea or project which was you like much and choosed to work on that idea from last list @cryptoctopus


Sorry. I think about 68 of those pages were written by me hehehe.
I'm just quite excited to get my project up and running (no pun intended. Although on second thoughts... hehe)

And now I'm working on another variant, with the goal to have a bunch of games that requite a bit of user interaction and participation and fun.

So far so good ;-)

Very good Project, keep up my friend <3

I hope you will be always post due to your post is fantastic

A great information that mostly people do not know
You shared a new thing that is very interesting and informative
Thanks for sharing [email protected]

Even though the results were difficult to get through, I can't help but be amazed by your community of followers. There were a lot of cool projects, and I hope those the worthy ones reach your attention. Prepare for 35000 words V2!

My mission is helping the poor people and i want to know more knowledge ..

This is really nice and the stress of having to read all through will be reduced. Thanks for your support.


Well and thanx @cryptoctopus for give your reviews and share analysis and your always helpfull photo on stock is great work

This is a great idea and I am sure you will get a ton of wonderful idea. The community is very creative. I just forwarded this post to one who has a project I know needs funding.

Much more organised! Must have been crazy trying to sift through them all! Put my name in the hat, thanks again for doing something like this dude!

good and useful information

I thought so too when I saw the response on the previous post. But like you said its fantastic to see so many innovative people in place, and its also really super that you take the time and your money to see how their projects could become a reality, because sadly sometimes really good ideas go unnoticed.

very nice calculation and this is so deep, sounds such a great project.

Hello my friend! As I got so busy with my bistro lately, I again missed that post of yours!
I will explain briefly my project which is running for more than 5 months now! It is the Steemit iron chef contest that I launched to help all the original food content authors on the steemit platform!
This year the contest is exploding with so many users joining in and we can see that we do have great authors here!
With this contest, i am in fact supporting more than 30 authors on a weekly basis, despite that my vote is little...but means a lot to these foodies!
On top of my votes, I also share more than 30SBDs to winners each week which comes straight from my wallet!

I have also set up another account : @steemit-ironchef whose role is to collect/save SBD/Steems until the end of each season. All the savings are shared to all participants of the contest!

If we manage to create communities like I did for the foodies, we will surely see steemit/steem grow healthy in the close future!

I hope to get some support from you to keep going with this awesome project!
The support I get is always shared with so many foodies!

Thanks so much for always caring for the community!

Thanks @cryptoctopus for sharing the post with all of us.

 the response was overwhelming! Almost 300 comments. 

Wow that's something great in terms of Engagement ratio with your follower very lucky to have such fans and followers who are there for you whenever you need them its like a friends like family.

 After putting that page into a word counter, I realized that there was the equivalent of almost 70 pages of content (or 34566 words). 

Speechless ... right now i am wonderful stat's must be an awesome time you had while reading all this it was worth of the time you spent there for sure content is the king and as always its there no doubt.

You are really helping the people along the way of your journey and holding others hand and taking them to a new level with your hard work so big thanks to you man for helping all the new people out here.

 Curation Trails or Fanbase - Requires STEEMAUTO

Well i just added you back again as i think at the first attempt there was some kind of issues i followed you there let's hope that it is all good there anyways thanks for sharing and helping the new projects here on steemit :) 

Have a great day ahead.


Good luck to you if you have to read 200 project of 10 pages each.....

Ok I will go now and fill in my project, it's better this way, now more organised.

I'm not really a project person however I have a friend who wants to start up a steemit school, and well teach subjects like mathematics and chemistry to people on the blockchain,

However I would love to start up a poetry project where, poets can write with a tag and get upvoted I mean the best of poems because on steemit here poetry lacks a curation body that helps the category.

I'm @josediccus

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