Should we make some Steemit Cryptoart? Call for ideas!

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I'm Troy Fearnow, founder of  I'm now on Steemit!

Ever since Tara blogged about us, I've been pretty excited about Steemit.  It's wonderful to see creators truly rewarded for their efforts.  

This post is a brief introduction to our product, a call for ideas about official Cryptoart for STEEM cryptocurrency, then finally an announcement for our newest Cryptoart piece, "The Halving II - Moon or Bomb."

At Cryptoart, we publish fine art paper wallets.  These are highly elaborate illustrations that comment on the crypto culture and also serves as cold storage.  It's a really fun visual way to enjoy your cryptocurrency.  It also makes a great gift, because it is an easy medium to physically deliver Bitcoin or other currencies.  You can find out specifics on how Cryptoart works here.

Call for STEEM Cryptoart ideas!

We currently have 14 Cryptoart editions published.  This is over a two year time span since our launch. We're extremely picky about the images we publish.  Knowing this, we invite the Steemit community to give us some subject matter ideas for creating the perfect STEEM Cryptoart.  We try to introduce symbolism into each piece, so the more details the better.   If we use your idea, we'll give you a free art piece! Like other Cryptoart editions, it will be a limited edition paper wallet for the STEEM cryptocurrency.  Note:  The private key can be swapped out without damaging the art piece.

New Release:

The Halving II (Moon or Bomb) 



This is the sister edition to the “The Halving” created by artist Christina Hess in celebration of the Bitcoin Halvening.  This piece represents the time period from the 2016 halving to the next halving in 2020 and pays tribute to BTC price speculation.  Some suggest the reduction in Bitcoin inflation will create more scarcity and increase the price.  Others suggest a reduction in block rewards will reduce miner participation and make the network less secure.  The discussion seems ably illustrated as war-time propaganda.

The central element of this art piece is a rendition of the tally stick — an ancient device used to record debts between two parties.  A stick was marked to signify the debt, then broken and given to each party.  The larger half was given to the creditor and the short end given to the debtor.  Similar to the private-key to public-key relationship of cryptography, only one pair could be combined to verify the debt.  In this regard, tally sticks represent sound money by not contributing to fractional reserve banking.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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Hey troy,

First let me congratulate you again for this amazing idea that is crypto-art. After I saw @guerrint post I immediately went over to your site to buy myself a piece of art and I was hoping to hear more from you so I am really glad you posted today.

One of the things I was looking for was a tutorial on how to change the QR code and the private keys, but maybe this will become obvious once I have the painting on my hands.

I liked the description you gave about "The Halving II (Moon or Bomb)", maybe you could create more posts in the future describing each piece. I bought "Chinese Girl" and I really liked Alexander's work.

I think it would be great to create a piece on Steem, we now have more than 70.000 users so I am sure there would be a lot of interest on your art. I am certainly no artist but the way I look at steem is like a greek ecclesia, this is because steem has witnesses that are elected by all users thus the debate is an essential part of the system.

Like you said on one of your interviews the hardest part would be finding the right artist, the most talented designer we have on our community is @cass maybe he could help.

I bought one of your pieces at the Texas Bitcoin Conference. It is rad. You should do a "Cryptoart is Now on SteemIt" post and include all of the art you can jam into it. Make it epic.

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Hi Troy, This is an interesting idea, but I'm afraid that the final product obtained is monopolized. Does this not contradict the ideas of decentralization steemit society?

Not sure I follow. Could you expand on this?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Oh yeah, one last thing.. It would be cool if you started accepting SBD as a form of payment! :)

Amazing art, very professional work.

This is awesome. I'm going to make my next piece crypto related

I would love to see that. Maybe you can contribute with Troy... Good Luck!

Welcome to steemit @cryptoart, love your work, and eager to see some cool steemit-themed art :)


I want a British inspired piece, maybe the Queen and the flag idea, or Sir Winston Churchill? Drinking a cup of tea? I'm off to have a look online but do you do a credit card sized art work wallet?

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