Tara's first piece of Crypto-Art from CryptoArt.com!

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CryptoArt.com is offering Steemit exclusive discounts!!!

1) 35% off all orders over $75: Use code "steem35"
2) 55% off a custom framed Patriot: Use code "steempatriot"
Visit: http://cryptoart.com/specials/

What is it?
Crypto-Art is original crypto-themed artwork that functions as a paper wallet. Each print has a QR code wallet address on the front with the private key hidden on the back. The QR code and private key can be switched out without damaging the print. The artwork is absolutely stunning and printed on museum quality paper using archival ink. Each one includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Why did I purchase one?
Over the next decade as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become mass-adopted and influence our society, the art industry will also be influenced. As more artists learn about cryptocurrency, more art will be created with the crypto theme. By the time it goes mainstream, original art pieces like the ones from Cryptoart.com will become very valuable but it will be too late to buy them for reasonable prices.

With the limited number of prints available and the large number of crypto-millionaires that will be made in the near future, I think these technology infused art pieces will become great investments as the newly crypto-wealthy eventually go to collect them.

NOTE- I did purchase my artwork. It was not gifted to me for doing the video. I made this video to spread the word about the possibility of combining paper wallets and beautiful artwork. I think CryptoArt nailed the idea and did it professionally enough to appeal to collectors. I have been wanting "The Patriot" print for almost a year now. As I was going through the process of finally purchasing it, I contacted Troy from CryptoArt.com to let him know that I was planning to do a video about his unique art idea on Steemit. He was already familiar with Steemit and decided to offer an exclusive coupon code to the community!

Video Highlights:
Intro to CryptoArt
Website Tour: 00:41
Framing: 2:26
CryptoArt's Value: 3:27

Special Steemit Coupon Codes:
1) 35% off all orders over $75: Use code "steem35"
2) 55% off a custom framed Patriot: Use code "steempatriot"


Cryptoart founder Troy Fearnow here. Thank you for the review Tara, and a huge thank you for forcing me to spend a few days researching steemit!

I'm glad you are enjoying your Patriot. Aside from creating really cool fine art paper wallets, our larger mission is to use art to bring people into the crypto culture. Steemit has definitely carved out a place in the industry. We're looking into creating Cryptoart for Steem in the near future.

I'm happy to answer any questions.

The concept behind crypto-art is amazing, I am ordering my first piece now!

I like 'Chinese Girl' on your website. Just curious, do you take commissions? How long have you been around?

We launched in Mar of 2014, but I had been working on the first set of images from Alexander since 2013. You can the read progress on our blog. Commissions are available, especially if you are looking for a promotional product for your company. We did one for ChangeTip. Feel free to email me troy at cryptoart.com.

Great art work! Hope to see more of it!

great idea and implementation!

I have just fallen in love two times, of the picture and of you.
hahaha its joke, Thank you very much for the contribution, not wise that existed this type of pictures.

This is a really creative idea for investment. I did not know about CryptoArt. Thanks!

Jeez that's frikken awesome. Cheers Tara :)

What a beautiful print.
Reminds me a little of the bioshock infinite style.

Wow Thanks for this!

Thank you for sharing this . I been looking for a site just like this one. As I was planning in getting my own art collection going!

thank you for the informative article @guerrint. Im an artist and im looking for the way how to sell my art in the crypto world. Now I have found the steemit. Its interesting for me how other artist do, so I can learn something :)

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