Growth and consistency.

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I have been on here for nearly a year now and nothing has changed from day one in my way of thinking. The aim is to grow as fast as possible and be a solid member of the community who can help others.Everyday is the same 2 posts,comment and vote as much as possible.

I enjoy what I do and see it more like a hobby . At first I was worried I would be swamped with the new users arriving as mass adoption happened. Luckily for me it didn't happen and I managed to get of the bottom of the ladder.

Today I was having a look at some Redfish accounts for the new project with steemcommunity. There are some great accounts and then there are some accounts that have just stopped. They have just stopped posting and have given up.

I can remember those days of trying to grow and pushing yourself to complete whatever needed to be done. It wasn't always fun, but as long as you had an idea and a plan you would always make it through. I never once thought of giving up as I could see the growth. It was small but I could still see the improvements in percentages. This is what spurred me on like someone on a diet and they are using a scale watching the weight drop each day.

With my mindset this doesn't make sense as I start something I will always finish it. It may take me longer than someone else, but I will always complete a task that I have started.I think this place makes more sense to me now knowing why the retention levels are so low.The users leaving can't see the growth as they are not mapping it at all. They have no discipline and have no clue. Educating the new users is key to keeping them on how to work their accounts and educating them on how this place works.

I think the users that are joining now will have a higher chance of success than the wave that came when Steem was at an all time high. Expectations will be lower and a majority of users on here today want to grow and are thinking long term.

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I agree that those starting now will potentially have an easier time in growing their base. If someone started at the high and continue to live in that mindset, I can see where it would be difficult if not impossible to accept the current ramifications of a down market. Let's hope there is continued growth. Thank you @cryptoandcoffee.

Thanks for Sharing this. It encouraged me to be more consistent on Steemit too. Ive been absent for a while. Lol

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Hey @cryptoandcoffee I just sent through 2 sbi shares for you. Keep up the good work!

We all know that starting off can be very hard and intimidating but I do think that it's better now. We have better interfaces, more apps and realistic expectations.

Getting people to minnow status will be massive in terms of committed users who can stay and help the next wave of people coming through. Not easy but worth doing.

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I think once you find your people it gets easier in here and that may take a while. I got lumbered with some giant Springbox eggchaser and a gun loving , snake shooting Texan cowboy but thank god I'm getting to know more people now before the next steemfest.
A Texan, an Irishman and a South African walk into a bar.
Reeks of a drug deal. Would be arrested straight away and then I'd have to share a cell with @janton. 😜.


hahaha! What is "slumbered" sir blanchy and is a "Springbox eggchaser" sir cryptoandcoffee? What in the world is a Springbox eggchaser? lol.


@janton you are normally a week behind posts . You must of had your cereal this morning! Coffee will tell you what it is ! 😂😂


haha! you want me to ask coffee? what if it's something highly offensive? oh well, ok I'll ask him.
I know I keep getting distracted and then I'm showing up late, I need to get my act together.


I agree with you @blanchy, once you find people with similar mindset it's easier. Grapefruit definitely helps :)


[shudders] how can anyone like grapefruit?? Acid tastes nicer 😂😂😂

I am not saying I am one to give up on anything, but there were definitely times when I was that small that I thought about giving up. There have been countless people who can verify that it is harder to grow now that it was a year or more ago and it is going to continue to get harder as things move forward. I for one am glad I persevered, but I can understand why some would give up when this is potentially their sole means of providing for their family. Luckily I see it as a hobby too and I have a real job to get my bills paid every month. I am glad you stuck with it as well!

I am posting a little less myself but keep on reading and commenting... I am part of this community in my mind and is not changing any time soon

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Howdy sir cryptoandcoffee! i couldn't agree more and it's sad to see new accounts drop off, do you think it's because they need to put money into it to have voting and commenting power?

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