VIDEO : STEEM curation rewards : How to play the curation game on Steemit

in steem •  2 years ago

voting power @
voting bot @

The two cycles of the Sun being day and night is a reflection of binary code.

Death is something I can see or hear about, but never experience.

The idea of something called 'The Universe' can only exist in my imagination, so it's nothing, while this keyboard I'm typing on is something... Craig :)

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I like playing the curation game. I do it like this :)


i also like to this game, getting more opportunities.

You finally did it, yay!
Been waiting for this day to come, and now my life is complete, lol


Like your style and vision! Cheers to you :)

Awesome video bro. After all of the curation blogs i have read u make it so much easier to understand jah love bra



i cant even lie I was doing affirmations to find this type of info. ..Thanks @craig-grant

5votes✋✅✓✔ ☑ ✔ √✍LOL..handsome job Sir


Woop woop. @craig-grant is an amazing dude. He has taught me alot.

I admire you and inspired by you !!
I just dedicated a post for you on my blog.

I hope you like it.

God bless you sir


Thank you so much for having a look on my post !
I feel so lucky now !
It means a lot to me.

I am really grateful you did this video to explain Curation Rewards. I did not know how these worked until you explained it.

I'm getting the hang of curation rewards but the way you explained this makes it much more understandable thanks Craig. I will be seeing you on SWC!!!!!!...

Craig, do you know why i like watching your videos? It's not about content, it's about how cool and relaxed you are. As if you know the future, knowing you'll be in it 200 years from now. Eternal like tortoise :)


made me laugh :)


Great video,, thx!!

what voting bot do you use?
have you got a video or something on how it works?

love your vidoes. please check out my blog and follow if you like it!

Another solid post my friend!

followed you from youtube and am doing my best to move up here

finally the video that explaint me how this upvote and curation works
great Thank You very Much.

Feeling This After Reading Your Post :

Great Post Bro :)


Thanks for sharing super helpful...@craig-grant how much steem power do I need before I can be able to adjust my voting weight?




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This is awesome Craig! You done killed it again!

Very good video about curation award...this video is just for me too, leant a lot. Thanks

Esto se necesita para entender mejor

Thanks so much for posting this. I have read a couple of blogs before on how to curate. However, your video is much easier to understand.

I will have better results in this game when my STEEM POWER goes up :)

Thank you for the very useful info in the video. Keep steeming

good info here, trying to learn more about curation so thanks

Damn, you chatting with my cousin on Facebook Messenger...WOW!!! I feel like he was lucky caller number 9 to call into C. Grant's radio station and won a free Steemit Curation Tutorial!!

I wish it could be played within steemit

This post will be hot. Let's celebrate!

giphy (2).gif


second time to got this right.. hmmm :)


And you are answering in the end! Thanks and Good luck

Nice, something helpful!

Doing great things with the power of steem. Thanks for sharing

@craig-grant, as I understand, curation works well when you have substantial SP. Any SP below say 1000 or so virtually don't stand to gain much as their upvote don't count much.

So do you think it is better for newbies to stop bothering much about the curation and concentrate on writing quality contents first and get some SP accumulated?


newbies can buy 1000 SP

Thanks for the great advice! It will help this newbie out!

Its Funny how things happen i was actually going through your videos looking for a video where you talked about how you earn steem explaining the same as in this post and today you have this video up......... : )

Thank you for taking the time to show us. Thanks for sharing

Your use of the word fuck makes me lol


when it comes out naturally, it's usually perfect comedy timing :)

Thanks for the video bro.. Thanks for helping the guy... Thanks for helping us with regards to curation. Craig, is it OK to use bots


bots are great if you don't have time to curate manually


Omg ☺️thanks for replying bro... Pls suggest me a bot for upvoting.. I am a newbie.. Thank you ☺️


bot is pointless if you don't have at least 1000 steem power


oh...ok buddy... Thanks for replying :-)

Great advice. Still learning my way around here so highly appreciated. Thanks Craig.

Thanks Craig, helped a lot.

A very good post master @craig-grant is very helpful, thanks for the information, it really helps my understanding of steemit, this is what I am looking for.

Craig, you're a ninja! Thanks for the valuable info. It's better to give than receive and even more when we time it right. haha

Nice video...

You have made it easy to understand and it will help me and many of the others. Keep them coming to community.

Thanks for this video to explain how curation rewards work! It was really useful for me!

Thanks for helping break this down. I understand it just a little bit better....Just a little. lol

Thanks for posting. Im really tryin to learn steemit fast. I like it and I like your post

nice video. thank U .craig

@craig-grant Technically the keyboard doesn't exist :D

was patiently waiting for this ..Thanx!!

Great post, learned a lot of information regarding Steemit.

Hi there ✌🏻 I'm Vikky and I'm a new steemer! I'm not flooding, just sharing the funny stories with photos about my golden retriever puppy Mr. Oliver 🐶🐶🐶 Please follow me back and vote for my first posts) I'm really thankfull to you 😻

Great info on curation especially for newbies like myself I'm happy I followed you

Excellent post, Craig! Resteemed!

Beautifully explained Craig!!! Thanks.

Very informative,thank you. I wish i have more SP to play this game right though.

That was awesome! I finally understand how it all works :) thank you very much!

Great content, really appreciate the information.

Hey, I am just getting started on steemit, if you see this comment please help me reach my very firts steem-dollar, that would be so awesome, thanks in advance ^^

Very informative video thanks. How do I check my voting power. Cheers mike


Thank you cheers mate

Must needed one video I am really grateful you did this video to explain Curation Rewards.i was confused alot

Great post

what happens if you upvote after 30 minutes 1 second ?
Do you receive 100% or nothing of the curation reward ?

Great information about curation live long and prosper

thank you for your info.

Love the quotes today. Never put that perspective on. Is it really worth using the bot or is it better to manually vote? Also, I dont think I have voting power yet as a newbie? Thanks Craig!

So much food for thought pours out, from your mind. Thanks for feed us minnows, keeping me alive.

Now I get it. Thanks Craig!

excellent video. explains a lot. thanks craig!

I'm looking for great content, not what I am going to profit off.

Your video is really great to understand the real way of upvoting @craig-grant. I want to know whether bot is allowed on Steemit or not?


there were more bots voting on steemit than real users in 2016, but i think that has changed allot recently, here is a bot for steemit users

Thank you for this interisting video. Many things to learn from it. I will follow you to see more.

Keep it up
Upvoted your hard work
Much love

@craig-grant i have some SIGNATURE DESIGNS i am doing for you and @jerrybanfield. Please check my Blog as well and maybe leave some up votes, i will appreciate.

Since I am probably able to make my own steem bot I am wondering if it hurts our steem power by voting too much in a day.


yes, that's why i stopped using it


That's good to know. So it looks like from your video being one of the first to post a comment is a better way to go. So maybe I can work on making a bot for that then.

very informative video my friend , i was wondering the same but now i got my questions answered , thanks !

Great video. Quick question. Maybe you already made a video on this. How does the steempower get charged to the upvoter. For example. I am new here and my rewards are set by default to 50%-50% whats does that mean and what happens if I change the default to 100%

I was waiting for this info, today i got it. thanx for sharing

Yus, keep this kind of info coming!

Being new to the Steem community, I found this video very informative. Thank you :)

@craig-grant My article Curation rewards explained in great detail explains everything. It might clear up any confusion you might still have.

i think you watch the movie Matrix .......


i like this game :)

I think i'm playing the curation game just by being here :)

best game ever lol