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Human being = bird that asked it self... How can I fly?, then fell out of the sky and devolved to invent a plane.

Society calls people in mental institutions crazy, but reality being that anything and everything imaginary is possible, then crazy would be the only thing that is impossible.

Needing to prove something to someone else is a mode of being separated, and I am one... Craig :)

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Great tutorial Craig!
Interesting to think about how being powered up protects you from someone trying to forcibly take your money from you in a violent situation.
I'm inspired to finish and publish my tutorial on how to send and receive private encrypted messages on steemit!

That's some good information there

Great video guide #craig-grant. I was looking to learn more about how Steem Power works. Nice Steem stash by the way. is the #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange!

Wow.. Big vote.

Well said! One thing I also tell people is putting your crypto into STEEM Power eliminates the emotional rollercoaster that comes with trading...just hold in STEEM which is more likely than any other coin to shoot to the moon & be able to earn more in the meantime...

What I love about Steempower is that the power down time gives you time to fix the situation in case you get hacked, unlike liquid crypto that is gone instantly.

Yes this is great! Like a time locked smart contract.

Never realized this before, mind blown :)

Well as a minnow or should I say newbie, who cares! actually fuck all these tags.
As a steemian, I have not enough SP to power down. May be you can send me some for few days and I can delegate that back you after making a lot of money with that. That's how steem should Work. But jokes apart, I really like your mindset about making money. I am also trying to adapt this. Within few months, I'll be a WHALE for sure. That's determination talking ! @craig-grant is a money making machine.

Woah. You are getting nearer the 75 mark. Respect!!! :)

Great information @craig-grant !
Thank you so much !!

Very true, Steemit is very secure with lightning fast transactions and more importantly it locks the crypto in steem power.

Powering up is a great way to keep te money secure but Also to make sure you will not panic sell when prices drop. Keep the faith, powering up helps!

Crypto currency world is taking over every other markets capitalization in no distant future.
The power is overwhelming and that the trend now!

Dope video... too the moon with steem!
Followed you, feel free to check out my posts too :)

Because of all of you guys I am getting more insights of cryptocurrency...I wish my government was in favor of it then I would have known about these much earlier!! Keep enlightening people @craig-grant!

Excellent tutorial and you explain it in a very straight forward easy to understand way. Every member who has questions about the importance and ins and outs of Steem Power should watch this. Re-Steemed

If Steem is ever worth more than $ 1,000 per Steem I will shit myself.

Great Tutorial Craig!
Upvoted and resteemed!

You the man Craig!

Informative post :D

@craig-grant , would you please clear up the issue of whether we get paid "interest" for simply having SP or not too? I've seen it said that interest is no longer paid, and I've seen it said that it is paid out behind the scenes.

Your wisdom on the topic would be greatly appreciated!

If we really do get interest, in any way, by simply having SP in our account, that would be yet another very good reason to keep a lot of SP.

Thanks in advance!

I did read once that interest on SP is around 1.3 to 1.5 % a year. But I'm not sure 100%.

That's a pretty low amount, but storing wealth in SP is wise for other reasons. It would be very difficult to steal a person's SP for example.

It depends. Craig said steem will go over $1000. If you have 1000 steem that is 13 steem x 1000. Not bad, what do you think, ha? Joke aside; the most valuable property of steem power is that protect the owner from quick and stupid decisions.

It's a buy and hold crypto for me, and I honestly do not care what the future price ends up being. I know it will be more than what I'm paying. I'm 99% sure that will be true.

Informative post keep sharing :)

Great video bro, love that you not only benefit greatly from Steemit but you give back and show others how to get rolling IN THE FLOW! haha

Great video and post, love all your mysterious insight on how you see and feel out the world, love it brother. Enjoy all your posts.

Imagination for sure paves your future path! Much love to you and the fam. RESTEEMED!

Roy why do you always get downvoted by the cheetha bot? This has happened on the last few posts you have done?

Because it thinks all my shares of crypto articles I am "plagiarizing" yet I share the links, credit and authors. SteemIt's flagging and bots are all screwed up, they need to adjust it because its ridiculous.

Yes totally understand. Thats shit. Is there nothing you can do?

Working on it, but the steemit chat moderators just patronize, mock and try and punish people. Its a joke.

So does this mean you are on the blacklist? Thats why u get downvoted everypost. Surley that is victimisation!

Thats what I am saying, I am seeing a lot of the newbies I am following get flagged or steemcleaned for no reason, its crazy.

Hey craig i have listened to you for a long time. Im a big fan, love your work.

thanks u so much for giving us all necessary information.

please follow me.

thank for information.. god job

Thanks for sharing information

Not everyday you see tutorials made while being high, still appreciated.

Hey Craig can you please explain how do I convert steem dollars into steem power? Got the quote from blocktrades but dont know how to send them sbd

BTW when you spend steem dollars to promote a post, what will that get you in terms of promotion?

Dang, you made it clear; I've never heard of Steem Power as a safe investment. Brilliant!

Thank you for the idea, especially that now hardware wallets are out stock!

Thank you for this good information. I will resteem and look closely at the links.

Can you give the top reasons why you feel that virtual is more secure than real? I don't know anything about crypto and this is my first experience so I would really like to know your perspective. Thank you for helping the little minnows :).

Commenting so I remember where this video is for later

Thanks for sharing!

Wow, that's awesome! Help steemit take over the world!

Great infos man, thanks for sharing!
Have a great day :)

Thanks for share...good job.

I'm learning every day more and more, thanks for your publication.

I'm very new to steem and this tutorial helped me out a bunch! Thanks for making awesome videos even for the noobies.

I am non the wiser

This is really great! Thanks for the info.

i Think you know, i am your follower :) that's because i like your posts :) @ronaldmcatee

please teach me how to use steemit, im new guy from steemt please

Perfecto, gracias por compartir,

this tutorial was simply amazing in its simplicity. I just resteemed. I think every one should see this.

Good post. Very informative and useful to readers. Got really good information. This is really of great benefit to Steem community. Will continue to follow post.

Good luck you are successful always work

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That was really delayed...

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He creado un tutorial de como usas steemit por primera vez espero les sea de ayuda.

Thanks for this tutorial @craig-grant. I understand what steem power is well now. :)

Craig, you can download OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and just record your screen very easily.
Hope that helps

reat instructional exercise Craig!

Fascinating to consider how being controlled up shields you from somebody endeavoring to persuasively take your cash from you in a savage circumstance.

I'm roused to complete and distribute my instructional exercise on the most proficient method to send and get private scrambled messages on steemit!

wow i didnt know that there is cc for that that a great post thank u so much for the info ..upvote and resteem

I agree! Steemit have fast transactions, are very secure and locks the SP.

I found a new lending program ! 1,5% daily on my investment !

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