Commun: Born out of love for Steemit to become a decentralized Reddit

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Hello, Steemit!

Today we'd love to share the big news with you. We’ve launched Commun ( - a social network built on Steemit's ideology.

But who are we?

Commun is a community-based social network comprised of Decentralized Autonomous Communities (DAC), which serves as a web, Android, and iOS portal where users can form interest-based groups to share, read, watch, rank, and discuss content with like-minded people.

We are in love with Steemit, love it for its warm community and coziness. We took the main ideas of it and tried to bring new methods in the development of decentralized social networks, reevaluating several aspects.

  • We built a decentralized network of autonomous communities, where each community has its own Points. Community Points, in turn, can be converted to Commun tokens (using the bonding curve), which is available for other cryptocurrencies.

  • Communities are in the hands of users, and are governed by leaders who are elected by users;

  • The most successful posts/comments are rewarded with the Community Points within each community.

In contrast to Steemit, which is more of a blogging platform, Commun is similar to Reddit. So any Steemian could find it interesting and easy to share content from Steemit to Commun.

We’d love to invite you to join us! Especially for you, we’ve set up a Steemit community on Commun.
Claim your first Community Points now, share content, like, engage, capitalize your community, feel comfortable and enjoy the party :)

How to claim Steemit Points?

1. Sign up to
Steemit 1.png

2. Join the first 3 Communities with Points you’d like to get first, ensuring one of them is Steemit:
Steemit 2.png

3. Post content to get additional Points:
Steemit 3 copy.png

4. Or convert Commun tokens to Steemit Points:
Steemit 5 copy.png

Steemit 4 copy.png

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!
See you all in here and on Commun!


This looks like a promising project. I like that community points can convert into the main token. That is an interesting model. I'll check it out.

Sounds interesting. I'll check it out.

I just sign up commun. Like to see a new social community on blockchain.

Just write a post to chinese steemian.

Welcome commun!
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I just posted an introductory article in Chinese one hour after this post
Did not know this one before I submit...
Seems fun to explore possibilities on Commun...

BTW, I have this err msg when I try to join communities there: "GateError bandwidth.provide: Failed to transact: [object Object]"


Hi Dean!
Thank you for your post! It's a pleasure knowing that you have fun exploring Commun :)

We've fixed the problem you mentioned. Now everything works alright!

Oh, definitely will check it out :) but is it connected with steem blockchain in any way?
@tipu curate 2

Thank you for your interest, we are waiting for you on Commun :)
Regarding the blockchain no, we are built on top of CyberWay blockchain (@cyberwaydev). It's impossible to tokenize communities on Steem blockchain.

It's impossible to tokenize communities on Steem blockchain.

It is - steem-engine tribes. Soon we'll have SMTs too :)

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1 commun token is worth how much at the moment?

At the moment 1 Commun token worths 0,3$.

Thank you. How and where to exchange commun token?
1 commun token= ?? points

Can I cross-post my articles of Steemit in Commun?

You can exchange your Commun tokens to Community Points right in your wallet. The cost of the Points of each community is different. You can see their value in the wallet as well.
Of course, you can cross-post your articles of Steemit in Commun!

Sounds interesting.... But it's not built on the Steem blockchain?

Definitely not! Steem blockchain is rigid in terms of development. CyberWay (, a EOS-like protocol, gives more and better opportunities as it provides smart contracts infrastructure and has several technical advantages like DBMS, event engine, etc that allow to build proper microservices.

Good luck with it!

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