Steem price is 10 times higher !

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I'm surpriced to see some steemians supporting the swap idea !

After reading some comments from dedicated steemians who suppose to support the original steem because they invested enough time and money in it, that they would like to see steem moving to tron an becaming a simple token there, I started think about how to explain why I support the original steem more. I mean the recent steem blockchain that we have. I want to exlplain also why I would like to see our original steem forked from the other stake that will more likely swaped in the future.

I don't think that the price of steem token that will be built on tron will grow. There are a lot of reasons behind that.

  • First of all it will be a simple token, but not a blockchain.
  • More likely SMT's will be created on tron, but not on that steem.
  • Our apps and tribes lose that credibility.
  • Our community will be splitted.
  • Tron will be promoted more than steem by our own members.

I can mention more reasons to not support that, but it seems if someone put an idea in his head, it will be there foreever. I hope of course that they will change their minds after reading this post.

Let's talk about the price now.

Do you think that investors are not aware of what's going on ? Do you think that an investor will prefer to invest in a token created on a blockchain that can be removed anytime or delisted, or the investor will prefer to invest in a blockchain that will just grow and improve and where so many things are created and will be created on the future ?

The thing is that steem is now competing with ethereum, eos and even tron. That's why they are afraid to see it grow because it's more decentralized. Of course maybe about 30% or less of the stake is now controled by Justin, but it doesn't mean that the other 70% or more of stake has no chance to survive. If all steemians will work together on that, the original steem will exist forever.

Let me show you something I noticed just today. If we take a look at the chart of tron in coinmarketcap, we see it growing and growing after the event :


If we take a look at the chart of steem, it's dropping fast :


But still the price of steem is 10 times higher than tron. Steem is $0.2 and tron $0.02.

You may say that the market cap of tron is 20 times higher than the market cap of steem. But, just think about this. Steem is owned by steemians, witnesses and whales. And if we work all together we can make it ours. Then we can fork it the way we want and letting it desentized and keep promoting it to the world. But, tron is mostly controled by one person and you can check that yourself. It's way less decentralized. Or you trust that guy to the level where you're ready to give him all the control of your stake ?

We are fighting for steem to keep our power. Our features. Our best dapps that are now the top dapps in the world. We are fighting for the money we spent here. We are fighting for the time that we put in this. We are fighting for our strong community to make it even stronger.

I don't mind of collaborating with other blockchains. That's even very cool if we work together. That's why I created @dcooperation , to make steemians collaborate with the world. But, when an other blockchain leader tell us that he will convert the blockchain we fighted for, for so long time and I put our energy in it to a simple token on his blockchain. That's like caring about a baby for years and someone else take it from you.

Even with all this steem price is still higher in the price than tron !

Do you know why ? Because it's more valuable. It's undervalued by people who didn't understand yet what's steem.

I hope this post will educate you about our blockchain and show you what I meant by forking the chain !

After all I'm just a creator in steem and I can't make that change myself, but at least I can show people the truth.

Don't let anyone with money make you blind ! Open your eyes and mind !


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You are correct. I am not going to switch to some fake token. Also, Tron is a nightmare to use because you need to pay more money to “refuel” it. Here, our resource credit regenerate over time.

I am not powering down. My Keys = my Steem. Justin didn’t buy that.

For sure. I'm proud of you. I'm also not powering down @dcooperation and I will never do. I think steem will survive everything no matter what. Steem is unbreakable !

You could be right cause Steem is becoming a competition.

However, I really do not want the token swapping or governance being left in the hands of one person.

Remedy is that we all vote for witness

Yeah, we still have a big chance to survive. I think we can do it with our witnesses !

Let's visualize better future for steem. That's powerful !

Well if Mister Sun wants to war with Steem, he'll get war, and likely no one will win :)

We can win. We alway did. Remember how many things we surpassed together. One man can't destroy a community. A strong community can stand all this !

Of course maybe about 50% or the stake is now controled by Justin, but it doesn't mean that the other 50% of stake has no chance to survive.

Its only around 20%!

I'll change that. But, still not sure how much is that exactly. Some are saying 1/3 as well.

Edited for the better !

The number that is mentioned is somewhere around 75M STEEM.... although on chain visible is around 65M ... some maybe on exchanges etc ...

Yeah, that's possible. Thanks for the link. I didn't know about that.

Do you know how to make a clickable text ? Can you try please with that link and put the title of the post between [] and the link between (). And you will have something like this : If Censor....

I agree with yours

maybe in some point you're correct but let's just continue on hoping of the future in steem