Don't compare full time with part time steemians !

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I've been on steem almost 2 years and 4 months and I've seen here so many type of people. I saw those who were posting here even before I joined and those who kept posting till now. I saw those who left and gave up. I saw hatters who did their best to destroy steem, but they couldn't. I saw even full time trolls here. lol

In this post I want to share my opinion about full time and part time steemians. I think we shouldn't compare between them.

First of all. I'm sure that there are a lot of full time steemians here, even with such price. Situations differ. Some people are retired and they just enjoy spend time here. Some people are from poor countries and for them it's a good money earned here. Some of them are mothers sitting with their kids and earning some money to support the family. Some steemians are building here, like developers, translators and others. Even some witnesses are full time steemians. I'm almost a full time steemian as well.

There are also part time steemians and maybe most of them are. They may don't understand the full time ones. They can say that we are milking steem, or faking content or spamming and anything if we are so active here. Usually full time steemians never spam, because they are doing their best to bring the best content to the community and to bring value to steem.

We really don't have to compare full time steemians with part time steemians or those who are here just for fun.

We may have as well some students that are helping themselves and much more people.

The same when we talk about those who are not that active in the community and should they be supported or not. Maybe they are full time steemians and they don't have time to comment a lot and all they do is spend their time to create the best content and that's important for everyone here.

When we create content, we help ourselves, we help steem to be active, we help curators and we bring value. The more various topics we will have here, the better is for all of us.

When we talk about youtube for example, we can find there almost anything we want. It will be good if people in all around the world, when they look for something they will find it on steem.

So, I think we need more full time steemians and that's just awesome.

We should respect and support full time steemians instead of looking for something to put them down.

Steem on !

Enjoy what I was listening while writing this :


It is difficult to be Steeming on a full-time basis and hoping to get enough income for daily needs. I think Steem is a nice way to build a small little side income but a separate full-time job is still needed

Yeah of course, we always need more than a work to protect our future. But, we have to understand those who are trying to steem full time. Maybe they feel that's a good investment and it maybe true. If steem will grow in the price, we will be all just happy people. :)

I think we are still a ways from any serious income. At least for the average(below whale and dolphin) steemian.

I'm not talking about big money, but as money to survive or for pocket it maybe very good. Maybe we should target more students to invite here, they will be sure very interested to create content here and earn something from that istead of wasting their time in instagram.

I appreciate the work full timers do. We need you!!! I delegate SP to some great people and projects. Admiring from afar and feeling a little guilty about it!

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I'm glad you appreciate that. Thanks for supporting them.

It will be good if people in all around the world, when they look for something they will find it on steem.

This is what I am advocating for. I see a future where steem will become a one-stop platform where any information about anything could be found.

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Yeah, that will be great. That's why we should let all type of creators enjoy creating here.

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