RE: God rage quits while giving away over 50,000 in LIQUID STEEM

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God rage quits while giving away over 50,000 in LIQUID STEEM

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Boss @dimimp, it saddens my heart that the community I just found love with and happy to give in my best for the mission and goal of the community is crashing down.

I am a new member of the tech team and have been working on some projects under @gutzygwin leadership. I have not been given any delegation yet and hope to get one. Below are screenshot of some the jobs I did while working with the team.



Link to the ID card project
I also created the ID card app generation for steemjetters which i didn't get feedback from you and post link is below.

Thank you as I await your response. You have been a source of inspiration to a lot of us and not forgetting your generosity. I still believe in SteemJet and I do hope you do too.

Long Live Steemjet
Long Live Boss Dimimp

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@dimimp.... Before the Armageddon kicks, can @chri5h have an opportunity at his delegation or a liquid steem payout. He has been an inspiration to the team.

@chri5h has been a member of the team for some time now. He was welcomed into the team by @gutzygwin.

@dimimp we will be glad if you welcome him aboard too.

Boss @dimimp even as am not happy with the new situation of the community, I will get the liquid steem as long as I remain a member of the steemjet development team under @gutzygwin. Thanks as a wait your response.