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Cabbage-Dealer is the new bid bot in town

Cabbage-Dealer is a community focused bid bot and is here to help you get the visibility and recognition you deserve.

Promote Your Post With Cabbage-Dealer

Too often have I seen great posts with measly rewards, and too often are they buried deep within the thousands of other posts that are published every minute. Let's change this, let's empower bloggers with the ability to fairly reward themselves and hence bring them much deserving visibility and recognition. Once such mechanism that empowers bloggers are bid bots.

Bid bots enable users to place bids for a larger up-vote on their desired post; the bid entitles the user to a weighted percentage of a 100% up vote from the bid bot. Hence bid bots are used by bloggers to promote their posts, and thus receive the visibility and recognition they deserve.

Therefore allow me to introduce @cabbage-dealer, a bid bot created to aid bloggers in the journey to gain visibility and recognition for the meaningful and quality posts.

How to use Cabbage-Dealer

To promote your post with @cabbage-dealer simply send to @cabbage-dealer a minimum bid of 0.01 SBD and the URL of the post you wish to promote in the memo.

Parameters of Cabbage-Dealer

Minimum bid0.01 SBD
Currency acceptedSBD & Steem
Valid post age20 mins - 3.5 days
Refunds for invalid bidsTrue
Maximum number of bids per round10

Terms and Conditions

  1. Those who promote spam posts will be blacklisted and their bids will be ineligible for an up-vote and will be donated to @steemcleaners.
  2. Posts under the "nsfw" tag are not eligible for up-votes and will be refunded.
  3. All valid bids are entitled to an upvote, and in the case of error they will be refunded.
  4. All invalid bids that do not break the terms and conditions are entitled to a refund.

For investors

@cabbage-dealer is a crowd funded bid bot and is paying all investors who delegate a 100% share of the daily rewards for the first 3 months of the bot's launch ( 1st April to 1st July), afterwards this payout will be reduced to a 95% share of the daily rewards.

To delegate to @cabbage-dealer you may use

All delegations are automatically and immediately registered by the bot, and you will receive a confirmation of your delegation in your memos. Payouts begin from the next withdrawal from the time you delegated.

Thank you to our current investors


Provide us with feedback

We are happy to hear your feedback about where we can improve.

Join us on discord

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You got a 50.00% upvote from @cabbage-dealer courtesy of @crassus!

The name the bot and the image of the man with the cabbage made me click on this post. No wonder, you are very different from others especially in marketing your bot. After many days, I found something different. Thanks to you.

This post which has a payout in excess of $50.00 has utlized one or more bidbots.

minnowbooster payout in the amount of $57.40 USD.

This information is being presented in the interest of transparency on our platform.
Please consider the long term effect on our platform before using bidbots!
You can read more about how bidbots are effecting our platform here.

@cabbage-dealer, The community appeals to you, please help build a great platform by posting quality content and letting the community curate our work.

Please consider supporting @transparencyBot by upvoting this comment.

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