Here Comes BRO-Rando! The Fun Way to Bot, Bro!

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Introducing @bro-rando, the first official Steem business and funding mechanism of BROSGN – the Blockchain Rewards Optimized Sports and Gaming Network!

What is BRO-Rando?

The @bro-rando account is a random-voting “bid” bot. The voting bot has the standard ten rounds of bids and voting per day. But instead of voting based on the size of the bid paid in a given voting round, @bro-rando will issue randomly generated vote percentages to users who will only pay a flat fee.

Why BRO-Rando?

The popularity and fun of @randowhale, the original random-voting bid bot, inspired the creation of @bro-rando!

We wanted to make bot voting fun again, so we decided to create a bot with all of the fun of randomized lottery-like voting, but limit downtime to only occasional maintenance, if necessary. This can be accomplished with the standard design of the bid bot voting rounds which keeps the voting account within the daily allotted vote target (10) dictated by Steem blockchain protocols.

We also created @bro-rando to be our first official revenue-generating Steem account for BROSGN so that we can continue to build and expand the website and network. Having this revenue stream will expedite the development and launch of our website and provide funding for game development, marketing, and other related start-up expenses.

Who is BRO-Rando?

The BRO Sports and Gaming Network and @bro-rando is managed and operated by the team of @ats-david (also @ats-witness) and @guiltyparties. Both of us have been involved with the Steem blockchain since 2016, we have extensive knowledge of and experience with Steem, and we can be found interacting in a variety of Steem-based communities every day. You can reach either one of us on both and Discord.

How does the BRO-Rando voter work?

As stated above, the @bro-rando voting bot accepts a flat-rate “bid” from each of its users in a given voting round. Once a voting round closes, @bro-rando will send out its votes in random percentages to all posts in the given round.

Because the vote percentages are randomized, we want to be very clear that some votes may return less value than the fee paid by users.

But keep in mind that, on the other hand, some votes may return a higher value than the fee paid by users.

That’s the fun of @bro-rando! You never know what you’re going to get!

To help understand the process and what users can expect from @bro-rando, here are some policies and bot parameters to remember:

1. There is a limit of 50 post submissions per round. This will help limit any loss of value for the average user of the bot while simultaneously provide a better chance of receiving higher-value returns.

2. There will be a low voting percentage limit in place. This will also mitigate losses for the average user. The current lower limit is 1%.

3. Users are limited to three (3) submitted posts per day. Any links submitted for the same account beyond the three daily posts will result in rejection and a refund of the submission fee.

4. The voting bot will use the universal blacklist. Any user on that list who submits a link will have their submission rejected and they will be refunded. If any user on that list has one of their posts submitted by another account, it will be rejected and the submitting user will be refunded.

5. Only parent posts can be submitted and they must be submitted within 72 hours of posting. The voting bot will not vote on comments or any posts that are more than three (3) days old. Submitted comments and old posts will be rejected and the user will be refunded.

6. The flat fee for submissions will be based on the value of the maximum 50 votes per round. The current fee will be published on the @bro-rando profile. Please check the current fee before sending your submission. Submission fees will be adjusted as the account grows and STEEM prices fluctuate.

7. The @bro-rando voting bot will occasionally lease delegation to boost its vote value! Please be sure to read any updates on account Steem Power values and associated fee changes.

8. The voting bot will never confiscate funds in the event of a rejected submission. However, once votes have been made, refunds will not be granted unless a vote from @bro-rando has been removed.

ONE MORE THING! We will be monitoring votes over the next few days to ensure that the bot is functioning properly with a higher rate of use. Please make sure that BRO-Rando is operational before sending your submissions and fees! Check the @bro-rando profile for fees and operational status!

How to use BRO-Rando

  1. Check current submission fees on the @bro-rando profile page.
  2. Copy a link to a parent post that you want to promote. (Check the guidelines above to ensure submission compliance.)
  3. Send the current submission fee to @bro-rando via your Steem wallet and paste your link to the compliant parent post in the memo field.
  4. Sit back and enjoy the anticipation of receiving your BRO-Rando vote!

BRO-Rando’s 10-20-30 Pledge

The goal for BRO-Rando is to provide a means for indefinite development funding of the BRO Sports and Gaming Network™. BROSGN’s ultimate goal is to be a viable, global, blockchain-based business, media, and community network built around sports and gaming. To help achieve these goals, we are establishing a 10-20-30 Pledge for revenue generated from @bro-rando submission fees.

Periodically, @bro-rando revenue will be divided and used as follows:

10% of liquid STEEM will be burned by being sent to @null.
20% of liquid STEEM will be powered up to @bro-rando.
30% of liquid STEEM will be allocated to ongoing BROSGN development.

This 10-20-30- Pledge will continue indefinitely. If any changes to this pledge should become necessary in the future, a 30-day notice will be given to the community. But at this time, we do not anticipate any changes.

The remaining revenue will be divided between the account owners and used at their discretion.

How can you support BRO-Rando and BROSGN?

If you would like to help us hit the ground running, these are some ways that you can be a BRO supporter:

1. Delegate to @bro-rando. We are not distributing any funds to delegators, so please do not delegate if you’re interested in being paid for it.
2. Follow the @bro-rando trail on Following this trail at 100% power will maximize your daily curation efforts by using your entire allotted voting power without depleting it. If you curate other content with the account you attach to this trail, do not follow the votes at 100% power. Whatever the percentage is that you choose, keep in mind that – unlike delegation – you will receive all of the curation rewards from your voting while still adding to the power of the random votes!
3. Upvote @bro-rando posts. The SP received from post payouts will remain powered up and any liquid tokens will be distributed under the 10-20-30 Pledge.
4. Approve @ats-witness and @guiltyparties as Steem witnesses. Some of the rewards from these witness accounts will be used to cover BRO development and maintenance costs and witness servers.
5. Donate directly to @brosgn. Include a memo if you would like your donation to be allocated to any specific BRO project or development and we will do our best to honor your wishes. Donations made without a memo will be put into the general development fund.

Thank you for supporting the BRO Sports and Gaming Network!

Approve @ats-witness | Approve @guiltyparties


Awesome, I dig the project!

Following Bro-rando trail!

Really creative idea, I'm loving it. It puts a nice twist on bid bots. Feels like forever ago since the @randowhale days.

Tested it out and it worked better than hoped since I was the only bidder on the round. Guess things won't stay like this for long when it gets a wider spread here on Steemit.


Sent 2 links to see if the bot manages to make them above 1 $ lol..

Bots are my main source of engagement so support them :P

I am an idiot... I sent 0.25 SBD twice...

Just curious what would happen the bot rejects them of goes ahead ?

I don’t know if you caught this in the post, but the voting rounds are like other bid bots in that they only give a maximum equivalent of one 100% vote per round.

So if there are two submissions and one gets a 65% vote, then the other would get a 35% vote.

If there are three submissions and one gets 50% and another gets 35%, then the third will get the remaining 15%.

So you won’t be able to get two maximum votes in a round...or even one, really - unless you are the only submission in the round.

TBH it didn't occurred to me but it is logic.

I don't really give it much tough to get the most of a bot or other, (If i did I would not have send SBD instead of steem :P I saw a BRO bot and wanted to give it a try)

I was the first to send you the 0.25 steem. Wow!

You've made BRO history.

my bid doesn't seem to have been processed for as far as I can tell, would i be possible to have a look at it? Thanks

Yes, we are looking into the issue now. The bot has been temporarily disabled while we correct the issues.

If we cannot process your transaction in the next available voting round, we will refund you.

Thanks for the notice and for your support. We're sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused.

I refunded you for this failed transaction. The bot is back online now and should be working properly.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.

No problem at all, these things happen. I'll try again :)

why dont you offer a fronting acount service instead of trialing... that will incentive follow votes

What do you mean by that?

I use a double bot system on my trails and bots...

The first is a low SP one that votes and triggers the trail.
120 seconds later the big bot votes.

Why this works:

The BID Bots usually have the most SP so doesnt matter if people votes for them as they get most of the curation rewards (like OCDB that in my posts gets between 22 and 24 % because no one with SP votes my shit).

So by allowing people to front the BOT that get a better share from the reward pool that if they vote behind, yet the BOT still gets most of the rewards...

Depending on the code you used for this BOT it might be very easy to implement, is it on the git hub or somewhere ?

This bot has only been delegated 50K SP for everyday voting, so if dolphins and larger accounts want to trail it, they won’t be missing out on much curation.

Of course, anyone is free to make a front-running bot for this. We would appreciate the community support and we would all benefit from such a bot, so it’s a win-win.

yeah i guess can be fronted reading the TX in the wallet and voting straight away...
not waiting for the rounds...

I will set my dead bot @thecure as a fronter for it as a proof of concept...

However to make it really interesting, should work i tandem with the bot so the vote % match.

Yeah, that’s the other problem. The voting is randomized, so you won’t know the percentages until the bot sends out the votes.

But if you just wanted to front-run based on transactions, you could just randomize yourself or spread the votes evenly across all posts, to equal the one 100% vote.

that is why a fronter from the inside is much more interesting for followers... Because it will match the bot vote

And that is why i asked if the code was available some where to figure out and apply to hack of dual accounts single bot.

It is a top-secret code that is far too dangerous for the public to know about!

If it were to fall into the wrong hands...


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Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

The voting bot will never confiscate funds in the event of a rejected submission. However, once votes have been made, refunds will not be granted unless a vote from @bro-rando has been removed.

Fair play.

yeah this message needs to be passed on to others :D

Barney is as wise as Batman sometimes!

Anybody that knows me knows I am not a fan of bid bots in general but the way you are doing it seems more responsible so I like that. Kudos. 👍

Posted using Partiko Android

Me neither, but at this point, does it even matter anymore.

Pretty sure Ned's a bot, if not at least an NPC.

i was about to say that, s instead i'll say thank you for saying it.

Everything is allowed now... STMS have brought the new wave of spam comment BOT:P

lawless platform

lawless platform

You're not lying. Perverse would have been my choice word for it. Alignment of incentives. Yada yada

You did not asked me but you ask the OC

Why Bid bots are bad?
Read this So long and thanks for all the fish

Basically all the stake that is supposed to be encouraging content creators is gone to the shitBOTs in a ROI frenzy and they are getting 80 to 90 % of the rewards pool.

Or read this ONE

BTW... are you interested in playing with my sandbox blockchain ?
I need coders testing stuff there... dsteem and steem-python work ;)

ikr, can you believe this !shit ?

Yes, it absolutely matters but it depends on the why. Why are you not a fan of bid bots? If the principles around that matter, then it necessarily follows that it should matter.

So what values or principles are in question and do they matter to you?

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Perhaps the delegators could be thrown into a daily raffle for votes?

Will consider that for the next update, thanks.

You must have noticed that the bot is not working since yesterday (ET).

It seems the Bot has stopped working again.

My bid wasn't processed can you check it out

I'll refund you from my account and give you my vote. Thanks for letting me know.

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I think bro-rando skipped my yesterday's post :)
Or maybe no upvote is possible once in a while? I've been getting good upvotes before that, so maybe that way it equalizes? Or there should be min 1% upvote?
Great idea! Really enjoy using this bot!

Will refund from @guiltyparties account, apologies for the delay.

Hi... i think the bot missed voting on my post from 4 hours ago:

Thanks for your help!

Will refund from my @guiltyparties account. You'll get two refunds since it collided again.

Thanks! Are the votes not going through because I'm on a blacklist?

Posted using Partiko Android

No, it's because of the rpc delay.

To check if you're on any blacklist periodically just go to

Thanks! Great to know.

Posted using Partiko Android

The Bot missed my Vote please take a look

Will refund from @guiltyparties account.

Hello, the bot missed my post from yesterday. Thanks for your help!

Will send you a refund from the @guiltyparties account if you don't mind.

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