First Pool Meeting on Steemit! Initial thoughts and Advice From Someone Who Has Made Money Online Since 2008.

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It is hard for people to break free of mental conditioning.  Everything you have been told says you shouldn't be able to make that much money that "easily."  It is possible that you have always been on a lower rung of the ladder.  Trapped in a system rigged against you.  Welcome to VIP Status! 


I'm not going to lie.  When I first saw the amounts being paid for certain posts I just laughed.  Nothing was telling me it wasn't real.  Everything was transparent and I could see everyone's wallet balances and the transactions they have been making.   

If you are just joining the system you might be weary that it is "Too Good To Be True."  I understand why you feel this way.  Please watch the pool meeting below for a general talk about my thoughts about Steemit.  It was technically filmed yesterday but the site got slow enough and I didn't get it up yesterday so it says 7/23/16 even though it is 7/24/16.  

This situation probably won't last forever.  

I would be lying to you if I thought it was going to.  But the good thing is you are getting in so early that if you play your cards right you will probably catch a ride.  There is a lot of upside in my opinion but markets often balance themselves.

Imagine the countless YouTubers who have spent years building their followings and being unprofitable doing so.  I have seen YouTubers with over 500,000 subscribers ending up homeless and living out of their cars.  It really depends what kind of videos you are making and where the views are coming from.  If views on YouTube are coming from North America then that is one thing.  Other parts of the world might not earn you anything.  You have to think of the advertisers on the other end.  They are able to target who they are marketing to.  When those people find out about the payouts on Steemit they are not just going to run over here.  They are going to sprint!  

Millions of people are going to flood onto this platform. Possibly a billion or more. 

It is hard to keep our mouths shut about it because we want to help out our friends and family.  Who doesn't want to be a super hero for once in their lives?


I have been making money online since 2008 and I can tell you that right now the payouts are unbelievably good / view.  Better than any other platform.  Here is a screenshot of some of my recent payouts into one of my accounts for Google Adsense Revenue and Affiliate Commissions from ShareASale.  

With Steemit you get to have an equity stake in the platform if you put the time into it.  And you are only risking your time.  I'm not recommending that you get on here and try to pump a bunch of your own money into it to try to get to whale status.  You could take the path that I have taken where I just started with the $10 of free Steem Power and have built my account up from there. I really have nothing to lose.    

My goal overtime is to just keep climbing the ladder on here and get to where I'm a whale eventually.  I feel like it is possible to do so if they are on long enough and their content is well enough liked.  

For new people getting on, these should be your main concerns.  

1) Massive amounts of people flooding on to where your post can't be seen and gets buried too fast.  

2) Getting your account hacked.  (Exercise security measures on your account and computer.) 


Your levels of conviction about this platform will probably increase as you find out more about it.  If it turns out to not be for you then that is ok. At least you tried it.  

Just know that you got the rare opportunity to see something before it got really huge!  

We are our own bank, marketing department, accounting department, IT department, payroll department, and an entire economic system.  

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Great post, I've been a YouTube publisher since youtube started, in fact I was uploading videos of my life before youtube ever started, this is the first vlog I ever did in 2001 titled "How I Made My Millions". You inspired me to make a post about earning money on youtube, this is my best month so far at over $1100 on youtube for this youtube channel


Pretty awesome! I like that you have several different income streams like that. I respect the hustle!


Hey thanks for this article! It's interesting and informative.
I agree sort of that it's unsustainable. The megajackpot payouts will probably go away. The TitsNTravel stuff will play out soon and once the redistribution and smoothing is in effect, most folks will probably see a dollar or two a day from 8 to 10 hours a day of working on this.

However! That's still a hell of a lot more than they are making on Facebook and Twitter. Also the cryptocurrency itself is gaining massive adoption and as an ecosystem grows up around it, this will spur mass adoption and growth. We've already got a lot of ideas on "features" that we can do which are not strictly social media. I mean imagine telling an author that they can get paid for LIFE each time someone reads their book!

Anyways thanks for dropping by my thread...

I have another one I'd like you to read and get your thoughts on, over here...


I agree the TitsNTravel stuff will eventually not get what it is right now. You might be right.... some people might put in a full time effort and not be able to have the success we have had. Time will tell.

it was a good read, thank you for leaving the link. perhaps you could give some insight on the affiliate marketing later. good luck to you


Yeah I probably will talk more about it at a later date. Mainly it is from posting links below in YouTube descriptions for products I'm reviewing or talking about.

Hi Brian

I checked out everything you have here and say thanks for a good job. In addition to Steem, I suspect we have Baja Arizona residences in common:)

I am going to research your statistics over at and see what I can learn from your experience.

Looking forward to running into you again here on Steem...



p.s. BTW I am glad you upvoted the tiger video.


Thank you for checking it out!

I LOL'd at your comment about keeping Steem a secret. Only a select few of my frenemies have been gifted with the secret.
Anyway, with SteemIt at such an early age, there are many ways to play the game. Some opt for the "bikini route", others try to keep it bloggy and original. It's always interesting to look at what content is trending and earning the most. Keep it up, mate. You're doing good. Upvote! Become a whale, my friend.!

Awesome post man hoping to see a lot more people coming in to spread the upvote love :D


Thank you! I really appreciate it!

Every body feels the same way. Too good to be true at first glance

Great post!

Great post & loved the video, it gave me great insight! liked where you said 99% of network marketers aren't really making anything..this is fact. lol


Yeah it is sad but true and a lot of people argue with it and say that most of the people are just buying the products. It really isn't true. Almost everyone gets involved because in the back of their mind they think they might get rich somehow. MLM is rigged against people and then those companies kick a lot of people out just to steal their downlines and give it to the distributors they are trying to fabricate.


I agree! I was in MLM for the last 4 years, I finally gave it up realizing it's not getting me anywhere.. And honestly it's probably me, I wasn't putting as much work into it as I could have. But I definitely fed into the whole "I need to get them in my business" I don't resonate or align with it at all, it's not very authentic when you're just trying to get them in to be part of your team or be a distributor. On to new things!

I think you're right, the first big boom may be winding down, but I think we should see steady growth on this for a while!
Great post!

upvoted you