Every day, there are more and more imaginative uses for SMTs.

Thank you for this vlog it led me to reading the whitepaper now.

feeling so sad because I can't earn from steemit & nobody upvote my post

Just like anything in life with great rewards, you must put in the time and effort. Keep with it, keep on doing you, stay positive and success will find you.

Hey I just saw this and don't like to hear that people are sad from this platform.

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Nice of you!

I feel you @aashik. I also feel the same. Maybe we need to put more effort to reach our goals =)

@aashik... people up-voting your posts is only one way to earn. Just keep posting about something that means a lot to you and you will find a following. But also read posts from others that interest you and try to add something to the conversation. We like to engage with people that are interested in what we're doing - not bullshit but real interest. To show you what I mean I'll upvote this comment but next time you'll have to earn it ! Ha!

Looking forward seeing what use cases SMC will provide! Thanks for this.

Love your picture! Ha! Watch my blogs starting with (TOOTTC). These blogs are behind the scenes stuff on a short film we are funding with the rewards from Steemit posts. Watch along. We'll be filming Feb 9-12 in Montreal

Will check it out! :D

Brian I knew you looked familiar!! Classic scene here... hilarious!!

We should create a screenplay in regards to this surge in cryptocurrency curiosity ... you have a new follower and fan: Shot 2018-01-24 at 4.49.01 PM.png

YOU are interesting. I like how you title ALL of your posts with the word "global." It's really..... interesting.

commenting on stupid comments

The idea is to add to the conversation. That's how you earn up-votes on comments. How is the post interesting? Did you read it?

That was a fun scene! Thanks for the memories! Ha!

Excellent. That's what I want to hear! Stay tuned.

reading the whitepapers now
Screenshot (36).png

Now tell me what you found out in 20 words or less.

What the most important Thing you've learned from it?

You're welcome. Now tell me what you learned. Engage and add to the conversation and we up-vote your comments!

yes, it really helped me a lot, thanks for the post friend @brian-rhodes

No, thank YOU, because YOU are a friend. Your version of "coco" is so good, it's almost like a bot wrote it!

commenting on stupid comments

Ha ha ha! Cute.

hahahaha thanks friend @littlescribe

How did it help you?

looks ok i guess.

Interesting concept

What's interesting about it?

Crypto-currency has become an appropriate metaphor for evolving human interaction. Monetizing the actual media is where the future is at.

We want our content Fast, Free, Cloud based and Confidential. Instead of driving web traffic to media in the hopes to sell ads, SMT monetized media, and its influence, is what will drive traffic to the site.

Shared Token Rewards allow entrepreneurs to set up business structures for, let's say, larger operations of content production involving more than one person.

One thing SMT doesn't account for is Click Bait(?) other than the initial $1 investment.

Digging the Rewards Pool... "which encourage[s ...] members to add value to the community through the built in rewards structure."

Sharing primed-user pools among affiliated networks will allow content authors more access to more sites and more eyes without having to branch out and create account profiles for each independent cluster on the network. Effectively, a built in digital networking agency. (Hopefully this will reduce Internet load by removing several copies of the same digital content from myriad websites.)

SMT in my opinion is a great step forward out of Commercialism back towards Humanism, in a round about fashion, albeit.

Nicely said. Now add well defined communities built on humanistic and artistic principles and we could be getting close to Thoreau's dream!

It's great to see more options being made available for indie filmmakers. In my opinion, it will lead to more innovation, more creativity and more diversity. In the past, I've been a big fan of crowfunding sites like Kickstarter as a way to involve "the crowd" in choosing what they want to see. Will have to give Smart Media Tokens a closer look... This is a brave new world for film.

Yes. SMT is kickstarter on steroids and it is a 'Brave new world! Are you an Aldous Huxley fan?

Definitely a fan of Huxley. "Brave New World" is a dystopian sci-fi classic. Sort of surprised there has never been a major Hollywood adaptation of the book. At one point, I think Ridley Scott was planning to do a film version. Seems like "dystopian sci-fi" is very marketable these days. Maybe by the 100th anniversary of the book in 2032...

Me too. It would be nice to be around for the 100th! Let's see... 94? A long shot! Ha!

SMC has so much future value. Will be interesting to see how this evolves. Steem price will take off for sure, here's my analysis on it:

STEEM & SBD - Update - Analysis (42% and 54% gains) — Steemit

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 23.25.58.png

Looks good, I've got my fingers crossed, Ben!

Sorry. Not the place for this!

This is interesting !
Few Days ago not as good as this ! So we hope steemit Keep give us a lot big Big bag of Gaining !

I've been here a couple days and the insincerity is the first thing that stood out. There are people who share thoughtful comments and you can tell they're just trying to get a vote, but at least they put some time and effort into what they're saying.

The group that bugs me are basically e-beggars with lazy, low-effort "thank you for posting"-type content. It's like chicks fishing for compliments and attention on Insta, but instead of putting SOME work into a cute photo they just snap a pic of themselves laying in bed, messed up hair and face pushed back showing off the double chin.

Use the mute feature. Also, don't respond to them. I like the OP's post, but responding to low-value posts contributes to the problem.

Ooooh! @dunks. Maybe a little too harsh. People are finding their way. Unfortunately Steemit was first marketed as an income generator. It will take time for people to realize that the real success is in more than that. We'll also have the scammers but give people the benefit of the doubt. I'll up-vote you this time because you're new at the game. But next time try to comment on the blog by adding something to the conversation.

Wow, super comprehensive and helpful @brian-rhodes! Excellent video.

@brian-rhodes Wow this is awesome, I am a youtuber aswell, so If you have some tips. also who is atmclips. can you post what you say on the video because I dont know why I cant watch it all :(

@eljuans... Sorry. I have no idea who or what atmclips is. Here is the original url for the video. I did watch it through. There appear to be no glitches.

let me know if this helps? Thanks for watching!

how cool is an old man that you can hear

Hell, I can barely hear myself. What did ya say? Eh?

Thanks for the vlog. Just finished reading the whitepaper

What did you take from reading it?

That SMTs give anyone the power to launch and sell proof-of-Brain. And that by leveraging the concepts of inflation and token allocations by post - based voting, SMTs exit in matter where value must be distributed to users who are participating in their related content networks and applications.
Also that the launch of SMTs can be structured for ICOs with hard, soft, and no caps and can be tailored to receive steem and cryptocurrencies on other blockchains. One thing I love so much about SMTs is their immediate access to function unmanned make against the liquid asset, STEEM.
Also that the bandwidth rate limiting has made it possible for steem DEX to be the first DEX to exist without trading fees to the benefit of SMTs creators and traders alike. It was quite lengthy but I did manage to read through and it was so informative. Thanks a lot @brian-rhodes.

Good stuff. That's how you get up-votes on your comments!

Thanks a lot. More educating post sir.

You're welcome. You'll do well on Steemit!

Awesome to hear and think of for that purpose. I think with time SMT's will be funding a lot of great projects via crowdfunding like KickStarter only at much greater ease and with no middle man.

SMT's is not like kickstarter in my opinion, because the different way it works. But it does gonna help new projects like kickstarter does.

And unlike kickstarter, you and the people you upvote will be rewarded with more than just a t-shirt. If a site is set-up properly, the token could become very valuable.

Well I mean with kickstarter you're not only funded with a t-shirt it depends on what project you're funding and what reward you vouch for. But with films it be great in pre-production to be able to fund better costumes, sets, special fx, etc. in advance and then as a result the users who fund that would get digital access or DVD/Blu-Ray (whatever medium at that time) copies once released. Also, I think a lot of people love seeing the process of how a film or show develops so a behind the scenes look at what you're directly funding potentially with SMT's could be a great avenue for independent filmmakers and fans everywhere. Either way great to see this being discussed more and more.

I understand its content @zacherybinx, but what differences exist between crowdfunding and KickStarter?. And what could that reward be? @brian-rhodes

A real simple example of this not in film-making but in it's neighboring field is music. Fans can fund albums easily and as a result essentially pre-order their copy. This allows the starving artists to make the artistic decisions they want vs. a label having so much control and receiving x percentage, which if you haven't checked out the documentary Artifact I highly suggest it. [] So many of the creative individuals are getting screwed by terrible contracts and such. Blockchain and SMT quite simply will help a lot more individuals profit from their work and create new avenues for others to do so. I think ultimately SMT's are a win for individuals but especially the creative types! Worldwide it'll be easier than ever to get the funding you need for your small project. It makes finding a niche and completing a project from home easier than ever. Great time to be alive in that respect!

The SMTs can really take off soon. We'll see what's gonna happen, I totally agree on the ICOs part however.

Many new possibilities will open up on release. It's understanding the subtleties that will make the difference between success and failure.

When and of course if SMT's do come out they will make a lot of things possible which will be great for Steem and Steemit. Yes, maybe movies also.

It's the addition of the SMT that should open up the gates for Filmmakers.

Yes exactly what im thinking

Very exciting! As a video creator with 400,000 + students I feel now more than ever is the time to create more than ever! Thanks for the video and sharing!

Stay in touch. Lots more around the corner. Than you for your comments!

I would think crowd-sourced funding would be a more effective way of raising funds for a film project where most anyone contributing would not expect a ROI, but would contribute for love of the project. I agree that ICO's must have a potential long-term ROI to attract capital.

No. Crowd sourcing expects a donation from your pocket. That's asking a lot these days and doesn't do a damn bit of good for the poor in Africa, Venezuela etc. On the other hand, with an SMT one can earn from the platform by posting original content and build not only a better financial circumstance for themselves but the freedom to support what ever cause they choose. It's about freedom. ICO's aren't even a part of it . Watch the blogs I do that start with (TOOTTC). It's a film we are doing funding it as we go along through rewards.

I completely understand that while there is NO ROI with crowd-sourced funding, any income generated for a project on a SMT platform is short-lived... unless that algorithm changes. Otherwise, I believe you lost me in this discussion.

The token is an instrument designed to have a forever life. The platform is the steem platform. The site that is enabled with an SMT is built on the Steem platform. You earn SMT tokens for the posts of original content you make on the site. Keep posting and people will up-vote your post if they like what you're saying and you earn rewards. You can leave the tokens on your site in the hope they will grow in value or you can turn them into cash. You can continue ding that until the day you die. It is not short-lived at all. Does this help?

Are you talking about Steemit? Or another site built on the Steem blockchain? Unless things change, "one post" is not going to raise much past 7 days. I guess you are loosing me when you are claiming to be "raising funds for a project." How do you raise funds for a project that is already completed and posted (enabled) to earn revenues after the fact?

Beep! Beep! This humvee will be patrolling by and assisting new veterans, retirees, and military members here on Steem. @shadow3scalpel will help by upvoting posts from a list of members maintained by @chairborne and responding to any questions replied to this comment.

More and more and more avenues for supporting independent film, yes, yes, yes, please. Cheers!

Keep watching. We're using rewards to fund the short film The order of things to come, Watch for (TOOTTC) in the title of my blogs to get the behind the scenes,

Power to you guys!

Wow Brian, that was a very valuable video here. I am thinking a lot about very similar ways to fund smaller communities like you suggest here for filmmakers. I just got a big upvote from @thejohalfiles on my DTube video as well talking about how to create a SMT platform for free with the power of I think you will be very interested in that idea as it creates a solution for you about how to create the actual dedicated website.

Tell me more?

This was surprisingly informational. I agree with your sentiments on ICOs and perspective on the future of SMTs. Social Media has opened the doors for content creators. SMT is the inevitable reaction to that very immediate future

Yes. We have approval to use from the Motion Picture Academy Registry. It will be for Persons, Associations and Companies involved in the process of making film. The SMT will be the steemfilm token. The purpose of the site - film funding, collaboration and service providers. There will be more announced shortly. In the meantime watch for my blogs that start wit (TOOTTC). The are blogs through which we will fund the shost film - the dry run for

That's for sure! SMTs are going to be huge for STEEM

Just got my domain for the new film site "" for the Motion Picture Industry Domain registry! Cool!

Now THAT sounds likes a promising domain to hold on to!

Congrats @brian-rhodes!

wow, good news. We are in Aceh, Indonesia. We work on a foundation engaged in film education. Each year we have 4 programs, including film training for students, general, screening and film discussions, and Aceh Film Festival. This post is good news for us who work independently.

Here is a documentary I made about the steemit community in Banda Aceh, the provincial capital of Aceh, Indonesia

Interesting. It's an interesting testament to the power of the blockchain and steemit's ability to distribute wealth wherever there's the internet and a smart phone. Wow!

True Brian, we are also working on a program called Steemit Village. Where villagers can create creative content for their wellbeing as well.

Maybe you have a suggestion or something? we work entirely in video and film fields

It really seems like SMTs are going to be a massive boon for the Steem blockchain. Fingers crossed we'll see a solid $10 USD soon!

SMT's are a game changer

Let's hope so. We've gotten approval from the Motion Pictures Industry Registry to use the domain It will be a film site built on the steem platform using the SMT -steemfilm!

Hi @brian-rhodes!
I am Mawardi from Indonesia.
I've been following you and Upvote you also.

Thank you so much for your information, that's so useful.
would you please give me an upvote, like, and follow @mawardisteemit?

Hi @mawardissteemit. I appreciate the upvote. But, the way to receive up-votes on comments is to add to conversation of the blog - your opinion, how it affects you. It's not just following and up-voting. I appreciate your opinion. If film interests you then by all means follow me. But if film does not interest you I suggest you follow someone you talks about the things you what to talk about. I'll upvote you this time but I do not up-vote comments like this. Sorry.

How you doing my man thank you for this post, I have just uploaded a short comedy to my page and wondered if you would have the time to watch it as your an expert. It won best comedy at Aspen film festival. Would love a follow of a fellow film buff. Have a great day Sir. :)

Hey, I just watched it. It was very good. Well written. Well directed. Good techniques - the pair of talking conscious-es ! We acted. What was your role in the film?

Man you are the proof that old people can also get into the blockchain and are open minded! I just subscribed to you and I will be looking forward for more content, SMT's sound extremely interesting especially to fund documentaries that the control freaks would be scared to watch!

I'm actually only 27. It's the make up that makes me look old. :)


I mean that the word "blockchain" instantly adds 50% in your stock value ;)

I wouldn't go as far as writing anything. You're right to be skeptical though. I haven't seen or heard any major reasons these are a good idea. Everything that's listed exists elsewhere in better forms, so some of these ideas aren't solving any new problem, or solving an existing problem better. A good reason to be skeptical.

What is Dtube bro? And how to us the D tube?

D-tube is just like You tube but it is built on the Steem Blockchain. You post videos on D Tube and they appear in your blog on the site. It's still in beta but start using it. It will be the posting tool for Steemit and it will get better. You tube is yesterday. D tube is tomorrow!

wow....An amazing introduction of D tube ......I will use the DTube in future

Film making and film funding are not so easy.

I think SMT's will add a lot of new eco systems around the steem blockchain!

If you mean new sites built on the steem block, you are very right!

excellent post Brian.. OMG so get the credits for it.. amazing..

Getting closer to understanding the SMT potential.

I want to be like you when I grow up.

I want to be like me when I grow up too. Sorry, but you only earn up-vote $$ on your comment by adding to the conversation about the blog topic.

I wasn't looking for your upvote. Just gave you a compliment because that's what crossed my mind at the time.

Austin, we like to hear what people thing about what we're saying. It's gives us direction and helps everyone explore new thoughts. For that we upvote the award. It's original content. We don't look for the upvote we look to contribute to the conversation and if it does we like to thank you with an upvote! Good luck.

let s do @cryptwood and bring 1984, brave new world and fahrenheit 451 back on the screen, with 3D and everything!

That would be cool!

I hope they will pick it up! The SMT must be great, must grow, so that we all benefit !

Are you a Filmmaker or on Film?

what is DTube

D Tube is like You Tube only D Tube is built on the Steem Blockchain. When you post a video you should use D Tube. There is a small fee charged unlike You Tube but when you post on D Tube your post is automatically posted on your page and everyone in the community can see it. D Tube is new so there will be a lot more to come I'm sure. Google it. Good luck!

Oh I can't know about that because I am new here. Thanks to tell me....

im New here !
I learning something everyday ! Great post Brian

Just accumulate STEEM and you will amaze yourself. The real party hasn't even begun yet!

I think your Post is for a big group of people very helpful!
Thx for making this Website for us!
Upvote when your in my opinion @alokkamboj

Having been on numerous student film festivals I'd love to view those entries online some day... and support those students!

Makes me want to brush up on my film making skills I just learned in college.

You should. This should have as much impact on filmmaking as did digital.

I am waiting for it as well - but how long do we have to wait?

Thanks Brian

You're welcome.

Oh its grrat post

Thanks. But what was great about it, Are you a filmmaker?

I'm surprised I have not looked at it this way before. Thanks for the information ;)

I'm surprised too. We are all surprised. So surprised, in fact, we would like to surprise you with a commenting on stupid comments flag.

Thanks. What way were you looking at it?

superb dear @brian-rhodes

Sorry, but you only earn up-vote $$ on your comment by adding to the conversation about the blog topic.


I think a lot of things are nice. Butter is nice because I can put it on my pancakes and stuff it in my face. Is that the kind of nice you are thinking of too?

commenting on stupid comments

Thanks. There's a lot more to come. What did you find nice about it?

LOL man you are dedicated

Sorry, but you only earn up-vote $$ on your comment by adding to the conversation about the blog topic.

that's fine i'll take the hit on this one.

do what you want, but you don't need to waste your time replying to low-effort comments like "nice"

Who is thejohalfiles and how he have so big SteemPower? Aliens?

No idea. He may hold a lot invested in steem power as do many many more. I guess if you post something they like they look to support you with an upvote. Their upvote is worth more because of the steem power held. But it's rare they would upvote more than 5 or 10%, same as you and me.

nice bro

Thanks. But what's nice about it? Are you interested in film?

smart media token is the upcoming future token

The could be thousands of SMT's representing a specific community or idea. Even you can set up and SMT!

Wish I had your knowledge.....take care :)