Steem Is Done, Dan And Ned Don't Cooperate, This Is What Traders Think

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Hello steemit, 

Steem is loosing value since weeks, from more than 3.00 USD to less than 0.96 USD, is steem going to die, are whales don't care about steem value, will steemit survive if steem loose value, is steem going to be like Qora, is that a trick to make people investing in steem power? A lot of questions need answers.

Steem is done, Dan and Ned Don't Cooperate:

This what traders think about steem due this value lost of steem, is that true? 

No it's not because all coins developers and owners try to save their coins and make it valuable, more value means more money and more respect but most of traders stop buying steem, yesterday the buy wall was more than 200 Bitcoin waiting to buy steem, by the end of the day it hit 50 Bitcoin means people are afraid to buy when they see miners selling steem like crazy and people who have buy steem panic and sell also their coins.

Yesterday I saw also some one buying steem at 178k satoshis with ~ 68 bitcoin, is he a whale trying to save steem, is he a trader is buying at the bottom? I don't know really but I believe he save steem to go under 1 usd yesterday or worst.

Losing value is very bad for the future of steem and specially steemit because people panic easily and they don't loose money so some one need to act to make steem more valuable, there is many solutions to save steem for example:

  • Ask whales to invest more in steem power.
  • Ask whales to not sell coins for the moment.
  • Stop mining steem for couple weeks.
  • Buy more steem and hide it from the market.
  • Make steem difficulty mining more high.

Is steem going to die:

No of course not because even steem loose value, it's bad time for steem right now that's true but it will never die, here is some reasons:

  • Steem meetups: when people heard about coin meetup means there is developers and owners working behind, the coin get more trust and means this coin is growing up.
  • Steemit: there is a lot of people who are trying to make steemit successful and valuable means the coin will be known, popular and get more buyers.
  •  Steem power: people who are invest in steem power can't take back all coins immediately they need 2 years to get back the coins so they can't dump steem, the system is smart
  • After the dump there is always a pump: all coins without any exception has good and bad times, look at this:

There is always up and down it happen to all coins not only to steem and whales will never make steem die because they will loose a lot of money so nothing to afraid it just need time.

Will steemit survive if steem loose value:

Steemit is a social network paying authors for posts in steem and SBD, that true they are related but steemit will never die and it will survive even steem lost value in the market, bloggers care about articles and posts, traders and miners care about prices it's completely different but owners and developers care about both steemit and coins and they are doing what they can to make this project success.

Steem must have more traders:

Steem need more ads, more good news and more work to have the trust of traders, when steem was added to Poloniex the value go up like crazy and most of traders are trading steem on Polo, here is the proof:

more than 75% of volume is only on Poloniex, that why steem must be advertised more with new and innovation ideas, if steem go famous the value will be multiplied of course, I will try to make banners in my next post to advertise steem and steemit for people who want to advertise on their blogs and other social networks.

Hope this post was valuable and thank you so much for reading.

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The mining can't stop - miners are needed to confirm the transactions on the blockchain. eg the transaction from your account ton Poloniex, or when you transfer coins to someone else.

If the mining stopped this coin really would be dead.

This is just a good opportunity for people to invest in Steem, if they believe in its future and potential. What is currently happening is that the price is getting back to the normal levels, but people just think that the huge peak a few weeks ago was representing the real value... no it did not, it was pure speculation that drove the price so high. Things should start setting down now… hopefully.

yep you're right bro :)

"Will steemit survive if steem loose value:"

Lose* not loose.

Lose as in "I lose at tetris!" - NOT Loose as in "I heard your mum was loose!"

This is a bunch of FUD man.. cmon.

It's pretty common for a startup to have drops in their share price on launch.

Look at the volume of money these guys are tossing around and paying daily to pay all the curators, content creators, witnesses and everything else..

Expect the market to drop for a bit. It will.

Where is the floor? I can't say. When I think I have some idea I will be loading up and powering up my account. Long term if steemit is developed correctly we could all be very well off as early adopters here.

The value here long term if you haven't figured it out already is endless peer verified information (mostly) created by humans on an immutable blockchain that cannot be taken down by any government..

Sure some bugs need to be fixed, some problems addressed and a few odds and ends tied up here or there.. But at the end of the day casting gloom, doom and full bear swoon on a platform in which I make an acceptable living and where you obviously spend time and care about as well seems silly.

Edit: really ben99 flag my post? Poor form from you sir... Thought you were a bit better than this. -_-

Steemit mainly needs to attract and motivate new and keep existing users. As big investors were too greedy and didn't change distribution algorithm to more motivational model for majority of users and so they will lose hugely in the end. I've also written about it but I guess it was not heard above. I hope price crash will be huge enough to wake up Dan, Ned and others. My projected estimation is somewhere around 0.1 $ within one month. If they try to reverse it by some big buy wall instead of better distribution model it will take two months.

Yes I think, you are right

This drop in price is completely normal, even "desired", In my opinion a price around 1 Us Dollar is perfect....

I'm not judging the drop, like I said this normal for all coins bro

I've been saying for a while that Steem was going back under $1, just started buying again. Only started with a little, because we could see something like $.30 again. I'm not complaining...moar cheap coinz :D

steem is expected to drop. that's why steem dollars exist. steem has a 103% yearly issuance rate

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