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hype chart

Ummm humm errr sorry for shouting, for new people who have never really traded Bitcoin or just getting into steem, the last 4 years of bitcoin you can see a pattern emerging for new Tech and just as bitcoin has gone through growing pains so will steem, it's a bit of a big dipper ride but hopefully if people keep a cool head and ride the wave, we will see Steem come out the other side, unlike most coins or tokens they don't have a real aim.
Whats different about steem firstly is a social platform secondly others programmers are spinning off new apps so that you quickly convert your steem others are creating a market place. there is possibly more than 25 apps that are now available.
At the end of the day you have choice to support the aims and invest at the same time remember your due diligence as I am not an investment advisor and you should not lay all your investment eggs in one basket is the only advice I feel confident of giving.
I do however feel confident of purposeful platform that does holds a promise that it will be worth spending time on, below is a clear chart of adoption, I have been looking for these charts for awhile thanks to Brave new coin for the charts.


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