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Dear friends, I would like to introduce you to our Stable Rebirth Coin ( This is my general vision of the future world of cryptogaming and cryptocurrencies. Currently we are developing our "Bunker: Rebirth" game (@rb-game.eng). As it develops, it will be introducing new ideas to the world, as well. Its audience will also include those players who are not yet related to blockchain and are still afraid to join our ranks. By saying this, I mean those people who still don't believe in crypto world.

The main essence of SRC is to create a unique coin with a stable exchange rate to fiat money. There will be no mining. SRC exchange rate based on Steemit will be equal to STEEM before going global. In future, new coins will be emitted only when needed, according to the demand or in case of a sharp rate jump. This will be done with the aim of stabilization.

Therefore, the primary rule of our company is stable price. Half of the coin’s value is sent to redemption pool. This pool is created to make people sure our coin doesn’t collapse like many other tokens. In future, a part of the company's profits will go to the redemption pool as well, increasing thereby the value of our cryptocurrency. Thus, we get a completely new token.

The first batch of the token is designed to run a working version of the game. It will be launched on Steem platform. Everyone who buys a certain amount of tokens can expect gifts and bonuses when the game is launched. From this, the second rule of our company follows: remember those who believed in you. This means every investor who made a worthy contribution will receive his due rewards.

Our lead programmer is @semasping, the creator of Accusta ( He has already proved his skills of working with blockchain. Some of you are using his software. From this, the third rule of our company follows: show people what you can do.

Modern online games are against trading, be it trading your character or game items. As a consequence, people were forced to create black markets, at the risk of losing everything. Blockchain, on the contrary, offers players the freedom of trade. This is why we chose blockchain - because of its freedom. Moreover, we are ready not just to make profit, but also to share it - this comes evident from our first rule. In addition, we will also arrange competitions for you and we will create a world which will be interesting to play in. This means, we will create a market for those who are good at games and know how to make money on it. And that's the fourth rule of the company: respect your customers.

And the last rule, the fifth one, is: respect the place where you were accepted. Of course, we will further expand beyond Steemit market, but we will forever stick to its payment system. We will also try to support Steem economy by showing our interest in entering the cryptoworld through it. But for this, we need your help. Spread the word. Support and buy our token.

The future of the cryptoworld is in our hands.

Additional information for our customers and investors

You have an investment token in front of you. Each contributor has a certain voting power to solve certain tasks. For example, the batch of the next token: which will be the minimum price for it to be sold, that means, we won’t bring down the price for the sake of our own pocket. With the funds received, we create a product which sales increase the redemption pool, thus raising the minimum exchange rate. The first emission of the token counts 150K coins. The second one will happen after the game is released or at the request of the majority of our investors. This also means that after the game is released, we will be buying STEEM to replenish the redemption pool.


@broncnutz You asked to call you if there is something interesting. Since we had some financial problems in the company, here is my suggestion.

Good luck with the project. I’ll be watching to see how things progress.

Hope the text is easy to understand? I paid for a translator. By the way, in our Russian community, people accept steem as payment well.

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