The visualization of the ideal Internet Ecosystem

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I remember when Steemit was new to me - a whole new world; It wasn't even a year a go, but (as many would agree) it now feels like a lifetime had passed since. I remember it being thoroughly explained to me, and the analogies that I had to form in my head to make it stick... 'upvotes' are similar to 'likes', 'resteem' meant 'share'... even broader crypto terms like mining, the blockchain, fork, etc. evoked images of circles, squares and arrows coming together to form some sort of diagram of a functioning entity... However, over time, my understanding had gotten more nuanced, and previously unfamiliar terminologies had now became my everyday vocabulary, stripping the need for analogies and charts. Of course 'upvotes' and 'resteem' are not the same as 'likes' and 'share', everything is now stored in separate jars, labeled and organized atop a nuanced shelf - where I can easily find it. What once fascinated me as a new phenomena is now my daily routine. And yet today, I found myself thinking of new analogies, with circles and arrows, one again.

It often takes someone who is totally green to the idea of Steemit to shed a new light on this world that so many of us take for granted by now - Like a child that utters such a profound observation that you stand in awe at how clearly they perceive the world. Such was my reaction yesterday, when I sat for lunch with an old friend of mine, who I know since my first day in college, and who is now an entrepreneur, and also recently a dad, when @Meno and I told him about Steemit, as we understand it today...

"Yeah, I totally see it"  he said... "it's like you take the 'Social' aspect of the internet and combine it with 'Content Creation' and 'Monitization' and it organically leads to a much better internet ecosystem, that attracts intellectuals and future thinkers."

Gears spinning, circles are forming... That sentence made me see something that I clearly knew before, but had no visual analogy or a chart to illustrate it. So I immediately grabbed a sheet of paper and a crayon (that restaurants carry for kids) and drew a few circles and labels. This was my initial impression of what my friend said:

Social - Content - Money (monetization)

I left our get-together thinking about how this visual can represent Steemit, or more correctly, the Content Platforms built on top of the STEEM Blockchain (that also include sister sites like Dtube, Busy, steepshot, etc), and where do other social media, content and monetization platforms fall...

Take Facebook for example, it scores high on socializing - providing users with a kind of connectivity that they want. Content-wise I'd say Facebook is centered around the user's vanity and rants or the sharing of content sourced from elsewhere. Monetization-wise, Facebook's score is "Sameh" - the letter "S" in Hebrew - ס .

Or take Youtube, for instance. It scores high on Content and Monetization, but has a very poor standard for social interaction among its users. In fact it is know as one of the most toxic platforms for social interaction. Same goes for Twitter on the social arena, not to mention that it scores same as Facebook on Monetization.

I made some Vann Diagrams to illustrate what I mean:

schema 01a.jpg

The lighter circles represent the weaker aspects of each platform

Clearly, when it comes to STEEM based Platforms, all three spheres are present and converge. If you look at the areas where the circles intercept, we can get even more insight:

  • Where Monetization meets Content - you have an incentive for better content.
  • Where Content meets Social - you get an information sharing community.
  • Where Social meets Monetization - you get an incentive for a more respectful and intellectual interaction.

schema 01.jpg

When all three spheres converge, you get an environment that is hospitable to intellectual discussion, investors and creative minds. Does that mean, that all other platforms have to do is work on the sphere they are missing? Sounds too simple... In fact it seemed so simple that I thought that it was missing something... and that's when I went back to my 'nuance shelf' and pulled a huge cookie jar:


Yes, there is another sphere that I have not taken into consideration.
Who is incharge? and how much control do they have over the other spheres? Think about the implications of 'Control' when it comes to Content, Social and Monetization, that is riddled with biases and algorithms that judge users by the key words they use (without understanding the context or intent). There goes every single social media and content platform out there - they have the power to sensor the content you wish to see, to suspend the profits you deserve to make, and monitor, restrict and even terminate your interaction with other users.

schema 02.jpg

Decentralization adds a whole new dimension when layered over Content, Social and Monetization. In fact, it is the main factor that puts platforms like Steemit on a whole other level when compared to other social networks and content platforms - it facilitates the freedom and transparency that makes it impossible for other platforms to run while maintaining their policy of control. On top of that, adding decentralization to the schema produces terms like Cryptocurrency, Freedom, User Control and Merit Based Economy, all leading to the core of this schema - The Ideal Internet Ecosystem, that attracts free thinking and intellectual growth, community oriented investors and creative entrepreneurs.

Of course you know all this, and of course you know that there are no systems without flaws - such is the nature of complexity. With each dimension added, more opportunities and problems arise - just as overlaying colored circles can either make them appear muddier or brighter, and it depends entirely upon your perception. This visual is simply a manifestation of my own ideas and ideals (and it might not even be the first), but I hope it will give you a food for thought or a lasting visual analogy of what makes this platform stand apart from all the rest.

Thank you all for reading.

To my friend who inspired this post:
Chacho, you have the most uncluttered mind of anyone I know.
Stay fascinated by everything!

-A N K A

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I think you are spot on and the reason other platforms have a skewed balance is because they lack decentralization. The only purpose for centralization is control. Either they control the money or the content or both. When we have no central authority dictating what can and cannot be included or hording the value gained from distributing that content for themselves, we see a new paradigm emerging that didn't exist previously.

💯thank you Clay, yes, we got the Decentralization part right! no doubt this experiment will continue to grow and evolve on all arenas. I see room for improvement in most areas, especially the social and monetization aspects.

Thanks for resteeming Clayboyn

This was definitely a really novel way to break it down.
Seriously, first of all who doesn't like a good Venn diagram?
Secondly: I really like how this diagram illustrated the effect of the the dimension of decentralization.
It's something I've personally felt, and I think many others have too; there's something about this community that truly differentiates it from other platforms and other social media networks.
And I really think that very clearly and beautifully illustrated the whole thing.

Thanks for a wonderful post @ankapolo
This was entertaining (post looks really good), and very insightful

hey @imp.unity (love the name)! Thank you so much for reading my post and for giving me the term that i was looking for - Venn Diagram. I'm really glad you found my illustration insightful.

Hehe! You have a cool name too though!
And I'm glad I could provide the term! ^^

I think the idea that somebody by the name of Mr. Venn invented the idea of conjoining circles is a little bit laughable, but since you made such good use of the mathematics and logic used in Venn diagrams and showed us how all this information came together, I thought to myself!

"Damn! That's a really good Venn Diagram!"

Keep em' coming, your friend may have the creative insight, but you've defo got the reason and logic to make it all make sense! Must be thrilling to have the conversations you two are having :)

How many of us in this post-modern age feel inspired to make Venn diagrams following our exciting exchanges of ideas? That's what I call "blessed!" ;')

LOL, thank you so much! That's actually what graphic designers and visual people like Mr. Venn do - all our conversations lead to some infographic yet to be made :) There a very accurate diagrams that address the silliest most trivial things with the utmost importance - like the most polarizing issue in the world of whether toilet paper roll should be facing in or out (definitely in)... Trust me, nothing escapes a graphic designer :)

You hit the nail on the head with this analogy!!

aww thank you @breezin!! Thank you for your support! ❤️
i want to make another post, but this time focus on the 'social aspect', I think there is more to say about it's role on this platform.

This is a great explanation and one conten creates/bloggers/bloggers would grasp a lot easier. I was talking to a friend about it and when I showed her the website her next click was the new and trending page.

Our platform may be decentralized, but the monetization portion of our Steemit world makes showing off the quality of our platform difficult.

Great post!

Thank you so much Kubbsters!
Yes its a complicated platform over all for new people... Explaining how things work is really tough.
Also there are definite issues with the UX and UI on the platform - that dont really support organic social interaction... and that's why so many people feel like they are in the middle of the desert, while being part of the biggest blockchain.

Anyway, i'm still learning myself - there are important aspects of STEEM that I don't have enough insight to comment, so its an never-ending learning experience.


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Did you make that last venn diagram? I wanted to say that I think it's really important, and I'd love to share it as a method of informing people of what platforms like this have to offer. Good writeup!

Thank you! Yes, all the graphics here were made by me. Please feel free to use it; and if you do, please send me a link so I can check out the content and also show support.

Love this platform. I wish every vote was worth 1 cent and .01 for every view. So u were here when steem was $10?

Hi Joy

A very interesting comment. Would you mind me asking you a question?

Out of curiosity; what would that change?
Do you not think there would be some around us who would still find a way to get all the monies without putting out nearly as much work as all the others?

I'm just curious because most votes are worth (roughly) between 1 cent and .01 cent...
What is it about some votes being worth more that you feel isn't quite right?

I just can't really imagine how each vote could be worth 1 cent for more than a second before it either went to 0 or 2, especially in a decentralized system! ^^

Is it just wishful thinking for more equality in the world/on the internet?

I really like your response @imp.unity, I been thinking in the same direction too... what would it change...? the question is indeed interesting...

If views were to get monetizied, I can see so many problems that would create... like click-baiting for the sake of views, also should there be 'viewing awards'? are people going to increase spam and also asking for views? Ultimately I think this would hurt the quality of the content.

Also if the value of 1 vote is a set price, what will keep people powering their accounts and keeping STEEM on the platform? There are so many things to consider... I dont see a way to fulfill your wish...

And no, I was not here when steem was $10.

Great question. There was a post today with 358 votes bit only made .57 cents. If each vote was at least worth a penny. It is not encouraging to the minnows or quality content providers.


@ankapolo You definitely see where I was going with this. :)
Yup, Steemit is not a utopian project. It's just another cool new facet of reality for all of us to interact on, build consensus, share thoughts, memes, ideas, creations... It's a place for us to congregate, convene, discuss, explore, support each other...

The Steem blockchain is frickin' awesome.
And Steemit is great.
Not perfect...

Great question. There was a post today with 358 votes bit only made .57 cents. If each vote was at least worth a penny. It is not encouraging to the minnows or quality content providers.

well, take YT for example, 'thumbs up' - the real indicator of content appreciation, is worth 0. While you need thousands of views and over 2000 followers to even start making any money. Yet everyday new users join and jump through all the necessary hoops to succeed (with less freedom to express themselves and greater competition)... and yet they don't need any encouragement or incentives. So why should people expect that here?

I never bought my way to the platform (i would if i could), but i started from 15 steem and (25) rep like most users here. Whatever I made so far, for better or worse, is from my own effort. I've helped other people too, who I felt could use some help, advice, etc. But this is all a user can do here... we support each other, but have different capacities to do so...

Also content is not everything, social interaction is currency - just as my diagrams points. It's important to reach out, and not only from a position of scarcity ('what is missing'), but from a position of abundance -('I can contribute'). Hopefully this will be the philosophy that dominates this platform... but since we come from a world of scarcity, we also bring scarcity to where we go.

Still, your question and the desire for everyone to do better is very valid, and i often think about 'what ifs' myself...

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