What can we learn from this as bitcoin crosses 7800$

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It is a good news for our cryptocurrency investers that bitcoin crosses 7800$ today on 24 july 2018.

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As we can see in the 4 hour chart of bitcoin and usd it did cross 7800$ which was very important because we had a resistance at 7800$ the next resistance is at almost 8500


if bitcoin crosses 8500 in this month it will be very good for our crypto market as we all know altcoins follows botcoin
if bitcoin will grow so does the altcoins.

What can we learn from this as bitcoin crosses 7800$

The only thing i had learn from this is hold and hold it tight when bitcoins was 5800$ everybody and newbies thinking that it is the end of cryptocurrency and they sell their cryptocurrency in loss but if they study little bit about cryptos and technical analysis they would have gain at 50% on each trade and made money so always remember one thing never believe on fud research yourself if you think it will go down more and you cannot bear loss then only sell.

One thing i had learnt from this market which is very important always invest that much amount which you are ready to loose and another word always invest that amount which you will not need for long tern at least for one year why this is important because we do not know when market will recover nobody knows we can play safe .

that's all what is your views on that commet


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Really hope altcoins will follow the leader.
Depressing to see some of the writings that altcoins are dying

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