One hell of a Show for you tomorrow! SOUNDS OF STEEM- Live Steem Musicians on MSP-Waves!

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I'm really stoked to present to you a fabulous lineup for tomorrow of Steem musicians! I asked @krystle and @isaria for help and boy they did not let me down! We have an international array of singers, songwriters, and world class talent!

Performing Tomorrow!


Like I said we have a ton of talent coming!!!

Here's the thing. If we want the value of Steem to go up we have to get more people on the platform. One of the best ways to do this is to build communities and support those communities. We have a vibrant musical assortment on Steemit and as a witness I can support our homegrown talent by hosting the event. You can support them by showing up and interacting with your favorites! So, please bring a blanket, a swivel chair, a picnic with some food to share, and come hang out with us tomorrow!


Show starts tomorrow, Saturday Feb 10th, at 11am EST (1600 UTC).

You can join us in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord Channel.

You can hear the music best by going to
You can also hear the music in mspwaves-audience channel
You can text to the musicians and hosts here


There are a variety of hosts for the show tomorrow:

@harrisonmir (runs the Steem Musician Discord group)

We'll be checking in with the musicians and talking about their work with them tomorrow! Can't wait to see you there!!!

For much more detail on each artist check out this post by @kyrstle-


Sounds like it was an exciting time. Wish I could be there!

This is exciting! Very thrilled to be there among those talented musicians! :D thanks for the invitation!

Your gonna be awesome mate <3

Im kinda jealous of you @pechichemena can i tag along?? Lol

of course! tag along in the show !

Wow thanks boss.. I didnt know u wer a producer until now. M honored boss, i'd to learn from u,am a few weeks into beat making, perhaps i could get your judgment on some of my work. Is it ok to share some of my work with you boss?

of course , i just dropped by your blog :) . left you a comment

Yeah i just saw your comments so honored boss,thanks a lot. I sent an attchment on one of your comments hope u check it out

Sure this is one of the sure way to increase the value of steem instead if sitting down and just watching the chat and its fluctuations,
Nice one and I'm really encouraged to step up my game in my community

Very very good comment

Hey Sir @aggroed do some more talk show with you as guest-host-owner speaking. Thank you and God Bless you.

very good

Wonderful! I have an event today, but would love to listen to the recording later (will try to join ofcourse).. And would love to perform sometime. Once everyone liked one of our Urdu songs on msp-waves. Would love to see reactions live 😉✨

what event do you have are we invited too

I would love to have you guys come along to the next one (no plans but we have to do this again) and yes the show where we featured your song, was absolutely loved :D

is your photo good?
Please vote me🙏

is your photo good?
Please vote me🙏

SOUNDS OF STEEM Live Steem Musicians on MSP-Waves is going to be awesome! This is an exciting time for Steemit! WOW what an awesome lineup for tomorrow! I had to give this a 100% upvote @daviddivergent You Guys always post awesome information and I really appreciate your contribution to the Steemit community! Have a great weekend @aggroed !

Can't wait for tomorrow's show @aggroed! :) ♥ This will be fun!

Good for u! i wish I could be a love witnez...
Just wishing it was near me.... I'm gonna just listen to the audio record any way. @aggoed please don't fail me. Nice work

This is fun!

This is really fantastic and wonderful music show @aggroed.
It's really great opportunity to meet with steem musicians and enjoy the music. I really appreciate your great work for steemit.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

The Music will always have a morning of novelty, hence its great relevance in our life; The more we are enveloped, ruined or awakened, it will always sustain us with a morning of surprises. Excellent

Lol. Funny aw @aggroed shuttles between various sections. One moment, he's talking about crypto, and just before you realize it, he's already talking about a contest or something that has to do with loosening up (maybe music or something related).

Its a good way to end the week I must say @aggroed.

I would surely be a part. Thanks for sharing.


Several ways to really Enjoy the steem network.

Its weekend, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to unwind and loosen up.

And sitting in your home and listening to some great music from amazing talents, its a big Kudos from me. Bravo @aggroed, I love this great idea and would surely be a part of it

I'm absolutely stoked (and a little nervous) to be a part of this event! Thanks for hosting it @aggroed, champion effort!

Here's the thing. If we want the value of Steem to go up we have to get more people on the platform.

Say no more fam, Nigeria is about to take steemit by storm as we already have lots of projects by Nigerians on ground plus so many Street and campus invations going on at the moment .

Speaking about the singer , I am glad that my lady @soundlegion will be there. I follow her every post and song and I know she's a great singer and will definitely Spice Up the show.good looking out to others. .can't wait .

That is insane @aggroed, I can't wait to check it out! I am so looking forward to all the great innovation that will be happening in the steemit community

This is a very nice idea. Music is life and it will help the blockchain too

This is really Good. Keep it up! I love music

i love music tooo me be we are likes lol!!!!

Very good initiative, success for all the musicians that will be present

It will dependably have a morning of oddity, subsequently its awesome significance in our life; The more we are encompassed, destroyed or stirred, it will dependably support us with a morning of shocks. Amazing

i love this comment :D

Wow that sounds great! :)

Thanks for having me on the show earlier today! it was so great to speak to you guys on the other side of this wonderful planet! Like I said to @Krystle Music is a universal language that we can all understand and embrace! Long may your wonderfully supportive projects continue!
Kindest as always!

music is my life and passion I won't miss it for anything in this world 😀😀😀😀

I am a new here, but it seems to me you are on the right track to do very well on Steemit.
Everything I have read about how to succeed on Steemit says good, quality, original content is king! Great balance of written and visual presentation here rating 10/10 as far as I am concerned!
Thanks for sharing.

this is very amazing and exciting.It is very thrilled for upcoming singers.

Thanks for sharing...nice

Upvoted n followed..
Thanks so much grow up a friendship...

Omg omg omg omg, thank you @aggroed
I have to tell my buddy Jesse Karakai (Euphorik on iTunes check him out). He’s a new comer and is starting to get a local following rapping, he has a few tracks published and would most likely get hooked on this he’s been interested on my journey so far. Definitely sharing this too all his platforms make sure he gets the point!

Listen too you Then!

Mi apoyo total a su gran aporte, tenemos que hacer crecer a steemit. Saludos-

Woooo whats happening here..m glad i bumbed into this,wouldnt wanna mis thid show. Awww i wish i got an invite though.. I love affairs with music..i gotta say nice one @aggroed and co

Music can give our imagination to grow, a brilliant idea, move on. @edibersah

that show will going to kill it... gradually waiting for that..

...I'm glad you'll be waiting gradually. Otherwise....well, I don't even WANT to know.

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This is really amazing! Such a great way to use creativity to build community and independency at the same time. 🎸🎤🎶

This would be lit 🔥

Thanks really need to be stoked to present a fabulous line-up for Steem's musician. I am your songwriter, songwriter, and worldwide artist

Wow, excelent!

wow that's great!

Music is life! Congrats!

woi really cool, I hope you can vote me and I invite you to come to me to vote have me!! Awesome upvote?

This is a great post thanks for the detail.

I wish I could go :(
anyways have fun

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OH man I hope I can listen in!

Thank you for the notice I am excited!

This will be great party @aggroed i wish i can go with you from @nasimmd #Rahat

I don't think that the link to Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord Channel is working... But now I have seen the @msp3k comment, and there is the working link, I guess :D

It will reliably have a morning of peculiarity, in this manner its amazing essentialness in our life; The more we are included, demolished or mixed, it will constantly bolster us with a morning of stuns. Astonishing

Very nice ,i like it

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Share the food and the scenery, hope you like it, and the,Let's vote for each other

have an exciting concert

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This is awesome, I wish I could be there live, well I'd be sure to listen. Great work guys.

Good job

Thank you for the notification
I am excited!


How to see the show?

love this im new too steem i have not get any steem please help me out

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can't wait anymore for this one..

terrific concept !

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It is simply awesome. In future, maybe these live concerts will happen using some sort of VR platform. It will be a real experience on a virtual stage.

Thank you for motivating me to bring more people in Steemit.

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beutifull nice

extraordinary ,, the important patience, man can only plan

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Wow! What an innovative mind @aggroed . The steemit platform is and always will be proud of stemians like you who think outside of the box in a bid to spice up and expand the community. I am so convinced the show 'SOUND OF STEEM' I'll be a blast.

Vote back and follow me👌

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The best amazing..

lets Rock and Roll baby.

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Hi I am new to steemit follow my blogs and upvote me..☺☺☺


Big joke

I like your post @aggroed 😙

I'm a little confused @aggroed. Is this an online event that is going live on Dlive? Or is it a physical event I can attend..

Holy Fucking Shit. This is the PROBLEM here ... the point to a social platform is not to raise the value of its fucking coins ... This is concentrating elitism, whatever the intentions are.

Many ways to explore Steem, one of them also through music, this is called the power of Steem, steady guys!

This is really going to be great. You need to listen to my new song steemit is life. Really wish I can be there live to perform the song.
The future is steemit

Sounds cool, is it gonna be streamed live? Would love to be one of the audience from my room....smiles

Good improvement for the steem community. I can't miss this wonderful show

it's extraordinary, good luck

thanks for the invitation!

pleas like and follow me thanks