The Sounds Of Steem - A Live Music Event On MSP-Waves - This Is Going To Be Epic People!

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Well people are you in for a treat and I mean that with the utmost sincerity possible, the Minnow Support Programs Discord chat Peace Abundance and Liberty is hosting a musical showcase of epic proportions!

As some of you will be aware we have a radio station that calls pal home, lovingly called MSP-Waves - where we have a myriad of shows including several solely dedicated to musicians on steemit, including my own steemit musicians which I co-host with @isaria and @swelker101.

Well this week we have stepped things up a notch, when @aggroed mentioned this idea of hosting a musicians panel with some live performances - I was all in and started messaging and harassing musicians all over steemit.

Before I knew it I had several people interested and messaging me for more details, well I am absolutely stoked to announce it's almost d-day and we have an amazing line up of performers ready to go - these performers are some of my absolute favourites on the platform and I know will put on one hell of a show.

So as were approaching the 2 hours until show starts mark, I figured it is only right to give our brilliant performers an early stage and present to you all with a small example of their phenomenal work - plus how else would ya know why you have to make the show?

These are by far the most amazing voices and players I have heard on the platform, whilst not everyone I reached out to could play and the others I couldn't find in time - these are some outstanding musicians I am really excited to hear playing live.

I have joked with several of them, but it is absolute truth - I have created my own personal concert, one I would kill to get a ticket to in the real world and were letting everyone in for free!

This is going to be an amazing event, a moment in musical history here on steemit and I am sure one we will hope to repeat again in the future - You'd be mad to miss it, but in case you need further convincing....

I give you our live performers for the show:

steemtrain - @soundlegion

@soundlegion - Open Mic Judge, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, hell she has her own Record Label and is there anything she can't do?

What can I say this woman is an endless supply of musical creativity on overload!

She makes an impact in every way possible, she has truly amazing musical abilities - she was probably the first musical artist, who's work I just fell completely in love with on steemit.

She has a seemingly endless supply of her own original music, she can tackle any genre or style with grace and sheer talent, her vocals are always sublime, her range and control are next level - I really just can't fault a single thing she does.

This was one of the first songs I ever heard of her's, she just wrote it and posted it - but it has stayed with me for over a year now and I still love it just as much as I ever did.

With far to much in the way of accomplishments to list them all here, suffice it to say she is a truly gifted musician and she is sure to put on an amazing show!

The Official Steemit Song - @verbal-d

@verbal-d - Open Mic Judge, Emcee, Lyricist, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Pianist and many more talents than I can list, this guy has the skills.

Well this guy knows how I feel about him, he too is another musical legend on steemit - he too was entering open mic way back in the day and he too stuck with me until now (there is a reason we asked these two to be judges lol).

I have been amazed by verbal-d's versatility, he easily performs faultless raps that are often highlighted by his beautiful singing - he really has an amazing voice I just absolutely adore.

Another one of my all time fav's on the platform, he has shown us a tonne of his work over the year + hes been on the platform - as an Open Mic judge he helps guide and inspire the entrants, to take their work to the next level.

An all round amazing guy, lover of great music, passionate supporter of the arts and just really chill dude to call friend - I am stoked to be able to hear him play for us live, it's been to long in the waiting!

Puppets - @meno

@meno - Open Mic Songwriters Judge, Sponsor and Mastermind, Musician, Singer, Songwriters, Guitarist, Double Bassist, Ninja Nugget Warrior and all round awesome guy that lives music

Firstly this song just melts me every time I've heard it, he has possibly the most amazingly soft sweet voice - I just love it so much do yourself a favour and have a listen for yourself.

Since I met meno several months ago now, he has never let me down - not in his music or in his freely given friendship, this dude is all about the love and the music lol.

The music he creates speaks to the soul and sends you on an amazing journey, he get's me in the feels every damn time lol.

His music is amazing, it never ceases to amaze me what he can create with just his voice and a guitar - anyone catching this concert is going to fall in love with this man, his voice and his amazing music!

Let Me Down - @isaria

@isaria - Open Mic entrant and winner, MSP-Waves host of many shows including Steemit Musicians, The Creative Show and Minnow University, Singer, Pianist, Musician, Songwriter, PAL moderator and many more things than I can list here!

I remember when I first heard @isaria play, I instantly fell in love with her enchanting vocals and haunting melodies and music - she has no idea how wonderful she really is, or the level of talent she displays in all of her music.

She is a legend in her own right, hell she has placed in Open Mic and we all know the skills on display there!

She is a brilliant co-host and friend, I love her music with every fibre of my being - if you haven't heard her music you have to give it a listen to here, or better yet come check her out while she's performing live today and help her realise how awesome she is.

Best of all she is co-hosting this show as well, we always have such a blast on our weekly show - I'm sure this one will be no different and I can't wait to hear her go for gold and wow us all with her amazing performance!

Halo - @addiesworld

@addiesworld - Open Mic entrant and winner, Singer, Guitarist, Pianist, Musician, Songwriter

Well if you have ever read one of my reviews of this girl this will come as no surprise, she is a truly phenomenal talent with the most insane brilliant vocals.

With the cover she performs above, you can catch a glimpse of the sheer talent we are working with here - her soprano range is by the most beautiful thing I've heard in years and her control of it is precise.

I am beyond elated to get to hear this lady sing for us, I was a fan of her music the very instant I heard it - I honestly don't remember how many times she has ended up in my top 5 posts or won Open Mic, but at this stage she is Open Mic royalty in my mind.

If you haven't already clicked above, do it already you won't be let down I assure you (my rep as judge is on the line here people) - if you listen I am sure you would kill to hear this amazing musician killing it live on air!

Me va mejor - @joseacabrerav

@joseacabrerav - Open Mic entrant and winner, Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Guitarist

Again if you have been reading my posts this will come as no surprise, but this guy has just wowed us at every single turn - I believe he may have even one his first week of entering Open Mic, yes he is that fricken talented!

I am in love with this guys music on many levels, there is a deepness to the poetic structure of the lyrics - his music is always catchy and captivating and above all else entertaining to hear and behold.

Since that first week of entering Open Mic he has never skipped a beat, entering our Songwriters Challenge and creating a heap of new amazing songs in the process - in a relatively short time he has become a fast favourite not only of mine but the other judges and entrants alike just can't get enough of his impressive musical capabilities!

Again I am so excited to get to speak with him for the first time ever, better yet getting to hear him perform live will be a highlight for sure - with every performer I get more and more excited about this live event, if your listening to their vid's I'm sure your with me on this.

Time - @mrbloom

@mrbloom - Open Mic entrant, Musician, Singer-Songwriter and Composer

Another musician new to steemit but making an impact, @mrbloom only joined up last month but as an avid musician he of course found his way over to Open Mic - already getting the attention of the judges, I have high hopes for his progress here.

When he sent me this song I just fell in love with it, such a bittersweet song filled to the brim with emotion - with catchy rhythm you find yourself moving too, just a great compelling piece of music with such brilliant lyrics and vocals.

After talking with him for a while, I can see not only is he a super passionate musician - but a rather awesome dude
to boot spending his time working with special needs children, teaching/reaching them through music.

After taking in some of his music it's clear to see he is a talented, passionate and driven musician, I am really looking forward to hearing his performance tonight (my time) - I think he will continue to impress us all, as he continues on his musical steemit journey!

Try Again - @luisferchav

@luisferchav - Open Mic entrant and winner, Songwriters Challenge entrant, Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Guitarist

Another amazing voice that appeared a few months back, what can I say but listen and prepare to be absolutely enthralled by his astounding talents!

He is one of the best musicians I have heard, his vocals are insanely brilliant and always spot on perfection - his playing and composition is just unparalleled, I don't know how he does it to be honest.

I am a massive fan and have been since the first moment I heard him play, since then I don't think there is a single thing I haven't loved from him - and he just keeps getting better and better, didn't realise that was possible but there you go.

I have no idea why he isn't a famous person living it up off his brilliant music already, I'm just stoked I got to hear his music first it was a sheer highlight of the Songwriters Challenge - seriously people listen to his music and prepare to be wowed by his skills!

I have said this is like my own little concert showing the best I have found, this guy is a perfect example as why you should come and listen - I am stoked I get to hear him live soon.

Biggest Lie - @elliotjgardner

@elliotjgardner - Open Mic entrant and winner, Singer, Guitarist and Musician

Now I have lost count how many times I have nominated this guy in my judges top 5 picks, his voice has such a beautiful timber to it - I love his song choices and his playing is always spot on.

For me it is all about his voice, there is just something special almost magical about the texture of it - the way he uses it to brilliant effect in all his music.

He has a trance inducing tonality that just sends me places, I have loved every single entry he has submitted to Open Mic and for the longest time in the contest he dominated my recommendations regularly - he doesn't enter as often these days, so for me live performance from him is a real treat.

With an amazing voice and brilliant playing he really is the complete package, well worth checking out - definitely worth dropping by, to hear him perform for us live!

Dicen - @pechichemena

@pechichemena - Open Mic entrant and winner, Songwriters Challenge entrant, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Producer

Well the first week I heard this man sing, he melted me a little and every week since that he's entered has been the same - he has such a beautiful and sweet voice I just can't get enough of.

He is a brilliant musician with expert composition skills, sublime playing ability and the most amazing vocals - best of all he knows how to combine them altogether to create a masterpiece!

I fell in love with his music well before I realised he was another entrants brother, really I feel dopey not having figured it out on my own much earlier - but its clear musical ability runs in the family, how else did they both get on my lists with me not knowing?

Well I find this an absolute treat that he is able to join us for this show, he is going to great lengths to perform which just shows his epic commitment to music - I just can't wait to hear him live and you shouldn't either.

Don't Sway - @rockchickjen

@rockchickjen - Open Mic entrant, Singer, Songwriter, Lead Singer of Sacrifice The Truth, Guitarist

An old school Open Mic entrant and musician, this lady has been in the music scene on steemit for some time now.

She has strong vocal lead, has composed a brilliant compelling melody and the song is just brilliantly structured and delivered - I'm liken what I'm hearing :D

I really love the melody in this song, I can see myself belting it out along with her - a true testament for any musician in my books.

I am not as familiar with her work as I'd like to be, but so far I am loving what I'm hearing - I am really looking forward to hearing more on the live show today, it's gonna be amazing introduction you should all come a long and catch it!

The Beauty Of Solitude - @trevorpetrie

@trevorpetrie - Open Mic entrant and winner, Musician, Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist

Well the very first entry I heard from this dude had me hooked, I just love the music, the lyric, the melody, the whole bloody thing!

I know he made it in my top 5 post easily, if I'm not mistaken with another rendition of this song - well long story short each time I hear him play I fall a little more in love the music each time.

He has a truly incredible vocal range and control, his choices in executing the melody are just utter perfection to my ears - I just can't get enough of his amazing music and vocals.

You need to listen to his amazingly unique original music, or better yet come and listen to him live on the radio tonight - where I'm sure he is just going to wow and amaze us all!

Saddest City in the USA - @danieldyemusic

@danieldyemusic - Open Mic entrant and winner, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and more

Well here we have another amazing and surprisingly new entrant of Open Mic, seriously people the talent pool just keeps growing and encompassing such great musicians - that just amaze's me week after week.

Here I have another new entrant who's music I instantly fell in love with, I knew we had to have him on this show and I was thrilled when he agreed - with the skills he puts on display in his entries I can only imagine what treats were in for during the live performance!

He has amazing vocal range and control, his music is beautiful and unique in design and delivery - I have fast become a fan, I'm so excited to see what else he has hidden up his sleeves.

I am loving the line up we have for tonight, I am so stoked we have such an amazing group gathering together at one time - and most of all I am super excited to hear this amazing musician perform for us live, you all need to hear this!

Burning The Candle - @nathankaye

@nathankaye - Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Didgeridoo, Beat Boxing, Music Producer

Well at the risk of sounding like a stuck record, we have another new steemian that just blew my socks off - seriously this guy has some amazing skills!

When I first heard him I again found myself wondering, why I didn't know him by name already? - well in truth there is no bloody excuse for this package of awesome not to be famous and a well known household name.

When I hear someone with this level of skill, I feel inadequate to find the words to describe what I'm hearing to those reading - so please click that button and give this guy a listen, its worth the minimal effort and you will be ever so grateful you did!

Whilst our performers tonight are mostly live, I decided to give @nathankaye a little bit of leeway - here in Australia it will be 3am for him when we start this even, as a dad with a teething bub I felt it only fair to let him record a live version of what he was planning to perform for us tonight earlier today.

So basically he will be there with us, but his song was recorded for us to use on this special occasion - and I mean it was literally today I am waiting for the file to upload while I write this :D

But it's going to be amazing, you need to check out this guys work already and listen in to get to hear his special treat for us.

Gamble Everything For Love - @benleemusic

@benleemusic - Multiple Aria Award Recipient, Open Mic entrant and winner Musician, Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist,

Well if you haven't caught the gist, I am a super massive fan of Ben Lee - I grew up listening to his music and now I listen and I still love every damn second of it!

I mean his music is always so amazing, lyrically, melodically and musically, every single song hits me in a different way - I love the above song so much, I was thrilled when he suggested it.

Best thing about this song one of our musicians performing tonight, have actually covered this exact Ben Lee song - I loved hearing it covered on Open Mic, I think she really killed it!

I never thought I would be able to have a chat with Ben Lee, but thanks to steemit and this musicians panel I have had a little dream come true - I don't get to go to see live music much these days, so to be able to have a live performance from Ben Lee in my home is insanity and I just can't wait!

Be prepared - @melavie

@melavie - Open Mic entrant and winner, Songwriters Challenge entrant, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Pianist

Well it's not often a song can bring me to tears, but this phenomenally talented woman has brought me to tears on multiple occasions (in the best possible way of course) - its her music and above all else her hauntingly beautiful vocals.

I mean there is no two ways about it, she has some of the most profound original music I have ever heard - her lyrics are the central focus highlighted by her enchanting voice, I could listen to this girl sing all day and never grow board.

She has captured my heart and soul completely with a few of her amazing songs, I love trying to sing along with her - but never seem to be able to capture the essence of her sound, she just has the most amazing voice I love it so much.

I am so thrilled I have the opportunity to hear her live soon, it's going to be amazing I don't think she could do something wrong musically if she tried - you guys have to come along and hear her brilliance for yourself!

Pretty Gorgon - @basilmarples

@basilmarples - Open Mic entrant, Songwriters Challenge entrant, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Pianist.

Well again unless you've been living under a rock, my love for this mans music should come as no surprise to any of you - I mean really what isn't there to love here?

He has amazing vocal skills, the piano is like an extension of his being, his original music is some of the best stuff I have ever heard - I just can't get enough, seriously one of the things I miss most about Songwriters Challenge ending is not seeing more of Basil.

I love his energetic performances, I love his ability to play the role for the character in the song - I love his songs are like stories, man there's just almost too much love here.

But I would be a much sadder and sorrier person, if I have never found the perfect brilliance of the one and only @basilmarples - his music has made me laugh, cry even think at times so that's scary!

I am so thrilled to get to hear him live tonight on air, it's going to be an absolute highlight for me - and anyone listening in I'm sure.

We will also have special guests and co-hosts in @luzcypher and @harrisonmir joining us, this event just keeps on giving!

Well people there you have it, that's the list of simply amazing musicians we have lined up for you in this show - it is going to be an absolutely brilliant event.

I haven't been this excited for something in ages, this has me giggling like a school girl - I'm not joking when I say this is my dream concert right here, I'm talking the perfect night of music.

I cannot wait for this thing to begin it's almost midnight here in Australia and it starts at 2 am, so the countdown is officially on - 2 hours until these amazing musician gather in one place to put on one hell of a show!

You should all drop in and have a listen, it's not everyday (most) these guys get to perform to a live audience - or with a musician like Ben Lee, I know a fair few of them are just as excited as I am.

Because this is all about the music and without the musicians there'd be no music, I am going to donate all the funds from this post to all the amazingly talented artists that are going to perform for us!

That's right all of, why - because this is a gig and no musician should ever have to perform for free, especially when they are this bloody good.

Well that's it for me, I have some people I am dying to chat to before we go live - I hope to see you all there, it's going to be epic!

Which performer are you looking forward to hearing the most?

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Krystle you just braught me to tears in the best possible way with your words too! I feel so blessed to be part of this list of amazing musicians! I can't tell you how happy I am about this! Thank you so much!!! ❤️


Thank you lovely, I think were feeling the same here just pure joy :D

It's going to be amazing and you're gonna be awesome <3


Looks that SOUND is the new trend on Steemit


That was epic! I had so much fun listening and sharing! What an honour!
Thanks so much for having me in your esteemed list of talented folk!
And I can't get over how kind and supportive everyone is in this community!

So much talent in one place...We need to reserve an entire do for Steemit musicians, let the Trending page, trend with talent for the day

Thank you for having me @krystle! It was very enjoyable... All of the other performances were great too!
I'd like to play again anytime if you have a slot!
Kindest as always!

Wow this is lovely!

wow excellent sound.

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wow very nice music video

Nice video 😍😍😘😎

wow excellent music sounds

superb music video

all the musicians are great love the videos thanks for sharing.

Wow.... Brilliant performance all through....
Especially liked halo by @addiesworld ....well I've always been partial to the song...
Waiting eagerly for the show

Amazing voice @krystle

interesting writing with a very good video, thank you very useful

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muy buen trabajo!

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wow.....hear some amazing music video.... i am excited and impressed to see your post..... i waiting for your next post....i wish for your best of luck brother

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good post, check my profile and give me some votes, I follow you and I invite you to follow me

The sound of your song is wonderful, and the mind is filled

tantas personas en el mundo creando un estilo musical que lo identifique, que agradable es escuchar el sonido, los ritmos y las letras. todo el poder de la musica en un ser.

I’m aspiring to be a great musician, I hope someday my video will be considered. @ausbitbank told me about the video compilation. All the songs are so inspiring . I have most of my jobs{post} as I call them on my blog @olumideolowoyeye . You guys are doing a great job encouraging singers who have no platform to showcase themselves, this is a great platform for such singer.
Keep steeming and touching lives

oh.. awesome...
great dear..
keep it on

I really liked it,thanks

Haha! Thanks for the mention and the chance to be a part of this amazing show! There were amazing musicians there today! And @krystIe i would love to have you belt it with me! 💚 Sounds like an amazing time! Thank you all again!


Loved it! You were great @rockchickjen


Thanks dude! You rocked too! You and @melavie were two that I had to jump straight to Steemit and follow! ;) Amazing music heard today!

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I am so glad I have found #MSP-Waves radio!!

I listened to about an hour of the show and WOW - such amazing talent!

I've spent a long time trying to find an internet radio station that has a vibrant community like this surrounding it. I even started my own but struggled to get any kind of momentum. Seems like I've found it!!!!

Going to enjoy listening to more shows now and getting to know you all.


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I'm sorry, I'm new in steemit so I don't know really about steemit how, can you help me.I'm sorry for the mistakes I do.

Great post! You probably put a LOT of work into organizing all of this.