Making headway on Steem by learning the key stakeholder groups

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I worked in the corporate world for nearly a decade doing sales and marketing. One of the key things about learning how to market is understanding who your target audience for your product is. You're on Steem with some idea of wanting to grow your account, get noticed, and have a better life than what the fiat world can offer. To know how to do that it helps to know who is represented on the platform.

Four Stakeholder Groups

Right now I can think of four stakeholder groups and they all have a different footprint and needs on the platform. I think of them as investors, devs, content creators, and merchants. Collectively that covers nearly everyone that's on here.


These guys have a lot of Steem. They are an important and powerful minority. Back when Steem was launched Dan and Ned were trying to figure out how to do an ICO legally without the need for registration etc. They settled on an approach that involved telling people they could mine publicly, but not giving a lot of info on how to do it. The people that knew them spent money mining. Others came too and they all have a lot of stake now. Some have millions of Steem. There aren't many of these accounts. As it stands roughly 93% of the Steem is in the hands of roughly 100 accounts. Most of them mined it, but many bought in as well. The folks that are active non-selfish curators are often looking for what is adding value to the platform. They upvote posts that get eyeballs, dazzle with content, do something cool, or seem to support really good people.


While there's a lot of overlap with the whale catagory there are also a fair number of Steem poor devs too. These are folks that came in after mining was closed and didn't have a chance to mine. They have skills and can make projects for the blockchain. They can code a million apps, but many aren't social creatures. Many prefer linux coding to human interaction. Some have art or music skills and many do not. If you're looking to attract and build a relationship with devs consider ways that you can help them achieve their goals first and then follow up by asking for programming favors later.

Bloggers and content creators

This is the majority of people on the platform everyday. Right now there's about 60k active accounts per day. Most of them are people (and bots) writing content and trying to get noticed by literally anyone. Many come from third world nations that are fairly poor, but they themselves are lucky enough to have food, water, internet, and a phone. These people are the bread and butter from an activity standpoint, but from a wealth standpoint forget it. They basically have no steem. If you're trying to get in with this crowd try to figure out ways to help them grow their account through tools or communities.


This is a nearly non-existent group today, but will eventually form the hardened middle class of the Steem platform. As more people come here to blog more businesses are setup to help them. Programs specific to this platform to take payment, form community, track data, and a million other things are coming. When people show up businesses come too. While this is a minority now figuring out a tool that will help them will help you as well.


There's your target audiences. As you're building and doing things on this platform think to yourself what will Bobby the Blogger need or Danny the Dev. Try to think of things that you have struggled with, find the pain point, come up with a solution, and then start on a small scale implementing it. That's how I think you can grow around these blocks.


interesting ..
Good luck to everyone in his work .. just work
Well done on your search

hey mate,

pardon if this is a bit off topic…

I posted today regarding a large-scale idea to advance Steem’s development, aiming to get this in front of the audience who’d be in the position to do something with/about it, and it was recommended to share with the witnesses:

The $1 Billion Steem Development Fund: How Steemit Inc.'s Stake Could Be Best Allocated To Grow A Thriving Network Of Applications And Users...

would be great if you could have a read, and IF you feel it’d be a great idea that’d serve the community, forward to anyone in particular you know who might be in a position of influence to advance the discussion.

either way, your continued service to the community is appreciated. 🙏



I'll check it out.

Need to help for growing achievement, how can stay the challenge as steemians

I've tried a lot of different methods since being on Steem. For people like me who work a day job and can an'tblog 24 7 with quality posts. I feel like if the content machine doesn't pump put quality posts at least onceor twice a day to stay and continued to be noticed, your shot is slim to none unless you get lucky. I love Steemit I always did from the day I found it. Something you mentioned in this post Ii particular got me very excited. It sounded like merchant tools are on the way. Several years ago I used to run a tshirt business. I'm aiming to have it going again this year. Being able to sell and blog on Steemit would be amazing. I feel like that's my bread and butter and would be a wonderful opportunity. I hope this happens. Thanks for your thoughts. Have a good one!

Hello @gre3n, I think I share a similar situation as you do although I am younger than you on steemit. The number of followers is one thing, but how well these followers might see your posts is a problem. The feed, or the overall game rules of steemit, is very different from other social media. I have been running a business page on facebook selling products for quite some time. It used to be an effective platform but now only the rich can survive. I also thought of how to make use of steemit from a merchant point of view. Maybe it is still considered as the stage of first mover. Hopefully to see more idea come up in the community soon.

Yea it be really great to post a "sell" post. Maybe this post can last longer then a week and give a chance for people to sell there products,l for Steem and sbd. That be really cool. Best of luck to you on Steemit, thanks for your reply.

I'm among the "merchants" category, in addition to being an artist. I greatly anticipate a Steemit-based vehicle wherein I can link to my website or post goods for sale in exchange for SBD or STEEM. This will change everything and I look forward to it. Thanks!

I wonder what percentage curators make up. This is an area that needs major growth otherwise we are all just talking to bots that are only voting for curration rewards. If a post falls in the steemit forest and nobody is there to read it, does it make a pound. I dont mean to be glib but that seems to be the state of the network at present.
Selfvoted for visibility

This indeed is a complete summary analysis of the users on steemit. I admit I fall in the merchant class after less than three weeks on steemit. But soon making the bloggers class. This shows I've got to work harder to please the Investors class with good content to build and widen my audience.

@aggroed thank you for the explanation of all of the groups that make UP STEEMIT. Since I have been here for a year an a half I do know a little bit about how things work. There is still so much for me to Learn. STEEM will be Very Big in 2018 !

I appreciate this short, to the point article, now how do we get the whales attention ;)

"As it stands roughly 93% of the Steem is in the hands of roughly 100 accounts"


Bearish as hell

It's funny because this is the exact reason steemit never got big among the general crypto public who knew about it after the fact, and the steem concentration still looms over the community and potential investors like a large pending shadow of maybewe'llcashoutwhenenoughpeopletakethebait.

I agree it's important to understand and respect the stakeholder groups. I did a Stakeholder Analysis a couple of weeks back with 7 groups if you're interested.

Hom.jpgportrait of life now ,,

Dear it is right you mentioned in the blog but question is same how we get the whale attention......

good post my steemit frineds wish you good luk

I think another stakeholders group should be added.

These ones come to learn and add to their already knowledge. They might not have the gift of blogging, developing, cryptomarketing or even just being there!

They choose to come online, read other people's post, learn one or two, ask questions and go offline happy.

Nice post, keep steeming.

yup, if you could get 8 companies to pay you $1000 a month to do their Steemit posting then you could make $100,000 a year plus the steem generated from the posts.

good block...

very informative posts. great job.

Very good post

I'm having some success with getting a following, but I guess everyone is brook as my posts don't get such big steem pay outs :(

If anything can bring down steem, it's the shady premine shenanigans. Might end up ruining everything. Hopefully not.

I think this is a sound analysis. I'm sure you can break each of those groups down into sub-groups. Depending on what group you want to break into there will be groups inside groups inside groups. It might take a bit to find the right crowd but persistence and patience always pays off! Thanks for the article

As it stands roughly 93% of the Steem is in the hands of roughly 100 accounts.

So it's just like real life then eh?

Thanks for the info - really helpful for newbies like myself.

As it stands roughly 93% of the Steem is in the hands of roughly 100 accounts.

That doesn't sound very decentralized to me. I think the Steemit account holds approximately 41% of all Steem.

Actually right now it's about 20% (55 out of 266 million). The high centralization of the stake is not news (it was worse a year ago), however it's unlikely that we can find an example of a coin that doesn't follow a Pareto or similar distribution of wealth (every coin has whales) it's just easier to spot in the Steem world because of the public nature of the interactions and the human readable addresses.

Note: the 20% refers to the steemit account.

"Decentralization" is a meaningless buzzword thrown around the crypto community, but everyone knows it's about getting in early with a few buddies and cashing out big.

From my perspective (which is way on the outer ring of the pie chart) it's the coming merchant class that offers the most help. The API work being done will help enormously. I really do look forward to a time when merchants can interact directly with customers and potential customers without the agony of FB style throttles that go through their advertisers.

It'll get there, I just hope I live long enough :)

I sometimes wish I knew a bit more about programming/developing but, I'm just a painter trying to share my art lol I have written a few articles that I hope can help other artists learn how to market their art. So I guess in some small way hopefully I'm helping Amy the Artist

I am one of the blogger and content creator belongs to the third world country. I am happy to be a part of steemit. Those investors are just rich but every one is special on their own way.

Very good blog dear
Thank you for share
All the best
I wait you next post

very nice learning system.

Thanks for the breakdown of the different target audiences @aggroed. This has made me stop to think who I am posting for.

So how do we get investors more involved to spread more of that 93%?

This is a very helpful breakdown and mining history, which was new to me.
I suppose I don't quite fit into the content creator category as thus far I have only commented and encouraged. I also try to create links between people not yet on each other's radar. In this vein, it would be great if you could take a look at the latest post of Hae-Joo, who has wonderful ideas for steemit, you can find him @imp.unity

Well thought out post.

Can I toss in one more idea?

  • collective vs individual content creators. Think wiki...
    • Aggregate a bit of knowledge from a lot of people and you create a defacto authority on nearly any subject.

Great post about marketing here @aggroed. I've been thinking on how to get more eyes on my blog and why it isn't gaining as much traction as I want it to have.

Marketing is definitely something I need to work on.

Thank you.

I think with this 4 stakeholder groups you cover every single person on steemit... Me personally, being so small, I always decide to post recent news, interesting and that can grab some attention.

Most of the times, when I start to research for something that happened in the world (normally more connected with economics), I look for something that is appealing to me, because if I don´t like the job I´m doing it will reflect into my post. Less quality, zero upvote potencial

It's helpful. Thanks.

Hi @aggroed
Thank you, I think this post you bring clarity to people's heads, and it's always useful!
At the first stage it is really important to use marketing knowledge and to show persistence of the seller. But even if the blogger is doing well with marketing, this isn't a guarantee of "success", because the quality of content that depends on the worldview is crucial. If a person wants to make the world better, if he brings value to the community, then nothing will prevent him)
As a matter of fact this service. And how best can we serve the world? Through our talent and the sooner a person understands what his talent is, the more benefits he can bring to the community.

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Thanks @aggroed. That's really an insightful assessment of the Composition of the participaters with Steem and Steemit right now.

Try to think of things that you have struggled with, find the pain point, come up with a solution, and then start on a small scale implementing it. That's how I think you can grow around these blocks.

Funny you should mention this as I just literally published a new Blog Post about 10 minutes go. And in it addressed some of the concerns with Payout disparity among comparable Content here at Steemit.

P.S. I hope you don't mind me mentioning this here. If so let me know and I will delete it, np. Just thought it may be a little relevant to last part of your Post.

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