Crimmy told me to do something...

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Ok, well, is a thing. It shows you the activity on a dapp. @crimsonclad said that we should be taking action. I would encourage you to a very simple thing. Post once daily. Play one game of Steem Monsters.

These two things will help keep the number of users/players up, which helps keep Steem apps at the top of the list, which helps show they have utility, which hopefully helps investors believe we're a good token to invest in.

So, it's real simple. Use some Steem based apps on the daily if you're looking to help the price rise.

PS this is my post for the day!


I think a comment a day is sufficient to show activity.

Posted ✅
Monsters ✅
Shilled Crimmys post ✅
More to come!

I need to collect the new cards in SteemMonster. This will be a good time to so. :)

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You need to be more active on Steem @chestochi.

You rarely post anything. 😀

This post has been included in today's SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

As long as we keep being active, that's really all that matters.

Hi, @aggroed!

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This is how we should attract investors?

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@aggroed this is for you too.

We are all "investors"! I see you have ~1000 steem invested at this time.

I looked at the information on and after Smiling because I saw at the top of the list I looked at the other cryptos as an INVESTOR to see which ones were being used most, had the most active dapps.

Because I wanted to see which ones would be good investments.

So yes this is one way to attract investors.

Side note:
I'm starting to like this interface.

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Ive checked the rest of the game dapps on that site and i have to say that they suck compared to steemmonsters:D

Daily Steemmonster quest if a perfect incentive to be active every day. If you need to post than Steemhunt and Actifit are good Dapps to use!

Yes I came to the same conclusion and I'm trying to do just that.

Which brings me to this question about the Brave Browser and it blocking Google Analytics.

Where does this usage information come from for services like, how is it collected?

e.g. If i use the "blocking" features in the Brave Browser, does this also stop or interfear with the counting of the "usage statistics" collected by those who are counting?


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Keep it simple people, use the steem blockchain 😬

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Thank you for the amazing game. It would be cool if we could share the results of battles in the form of an article on the STEEM blockchain.

I mean it is almost sacred to me that every day I do a post, game and bet on Steemit, @steemmonsters and @magicdice apps, respectively.

Thanks for the idea, I already knew about Steem being on StateOfTheDApps but never thought I can make it stay at the top by doing something myself:

Post once daily.

Does this include comments? I don't have ideas for new posts every day, I don't want to half-ass something.