1 Millionth Steem account scavenger hunt. 300 SBD up for grabs!

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Hey folks. I said it was a big deal that we have 1M accounts and then I said it's important we all run around and post this news around the internet. So, here's the deal. I'm gonna run a scavenger hunt. It's worth 10 SBD. The first 30 people to complete it will get the money.

What do you do?

  1. Resteem this post.
  2. Write a post sharing that Steem hit 1M users. Explain the benefits of the platform-

Earn from posting
Make friends
Share a story while blogging
Get your creations into the universe
Get paid while gaming
Grow a following
Investing in crypto

I don't care. Have a picture. Make it a few paragraphs. That's the minimum for the post to count.

  1. Share the article to 3 other social media platforms. Take screenshots.

  2. Link your article in the comments below with the 3 screenshots.

  3. Completed entries get 10 SBD. Excellent entries will get Resteems too.

  4. Vote for (or show that you vote for) any witness, show a screenshot of that too.

  5. Limit of 30 complete articles to get paid.

Chance of a followup contest if I think the entries are excellent.

You have until this post expires to complete the hunt.

Any post that gets "Cheetahed" will be disqualified.


I'm closing the contest. I've accepted 40 entries.


Great initiative!
Resteem Done!

Here's my post.

Posted to FB, Minds and Twitter:




I am a witness and vote for many!

witness votes

Fantastic sharing:-

This is amazing. I have re-steemed the post.
This is my entry.
Reposted to Facebook

Voted for my favourite Witnesses

Completed the requirements, thank you for this wonderful contest
Posted to Twitter, Google+ , Tumblr and WhatsApp.
Here is my entry

  1. Screenshot_2018-05-17-06-54-21-458_com.twitter.android.png
  2. Screenshot_2018-05-17-06-56-14-370_com.google.android.apps.plus.png
  3. Screenshot_2018-05-17-06-59-39-342_com.tumblr.png
  4. Screenshot_2018-05-17-07-01-05-247_com.whatsapp.png
  5. Screenshot_2018-05-17-06-51-36-520_com.android.chrome.png

Link to my 1mil accounts Steemit post, I actually made this before I saw your post here... I timed it pretty well as I have been watching for it. Thank you for doing this!

And here are my screen shots showing the promotion of my post on FB, InstaGram, twitter, and screenshots of my witness votes:

Thank you SO much @aggroed! @hempress and I found your post about Steemit approaching 1 million users a few days ago on the trending page, which is how we found this. We realized that you are giving away more than everything you made on that post! You are a very generous person sir, I applaud you & you got my follow for sure! Blessings my friend.

Screenshot-2018-5-16 (1) Twitter.png
Screenshot-2018-5-16 Transactions Ledger.pngScreenshot-2018-5-16 Alexandra Kate.png

Twitter, Minds, & Facebook. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I didn't enjoy going on other social media platforms however. Steemit is pretty much all I use nowadays. :-)

Here's my witness vote. Many thanks to you for your work as a witness.
Screenshot-2018-5-16 Steemit(1).png

Thank you SO much @aggroed
I appreciate you!!

Finally the 1M steemit account! It's great to be in this platform.


I got my post up too:

and shared them on facebook, twitter and instagram:

I have voted for witnesses too:

Resteemed ko lang baka may gusto sumali. Di ako mahilig sumali sali nai-stress ako haha 😁

haha. Thanks!

Sayang to di ako nakahabol.

@aggroed You have blessed My Day, I Am Thankful For Your Reward. This is The first time i will be winning in a contest here on steemit.

10 SDB was received from You to me. THANK YOU.

Here is my entry


Posted to facebook, whatsapp and instagram Screenshot_2018-05-17-02-19-30.pngScreenshot_2018-05-17-02-23-58.pngScreenshot_2018-05-17-02-27-54.pngScreenshot_2018-05-17-01-54-53.png


Captura de pantalla (3).png

Captura de pantalla (33).png

Im new here i had no idea what a witness is, there's my vote

Captura de pantalla (2).png

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