Managing the Voting Power of Multiple Staked Tokens

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Not investment advice or likely the most desired method for some, but I think this might work for the time being.

best with red wine source

The 'issue'

I follow a number of people who are now producing content picked up by the Steem front-ends,,,, etc, but using one account to vote (abh12345) means that there is 'spare' voting power available when a post that I vote on doesn't use the likes of #palnet, #steemleo, #spt (for splintertalk).

Often over the past couple of weeks, my Steem VP has been as low as 80%, but my PAL VP is in the 90's and it's likely that for the foreseeable future, my LEO and SPT VP are going to be sat on 100% quite a lot of the time.

Say you vote on 30 posts a day, 20 of those use the palnet tag, and only 5 use the steemleo and spt tags, the VP of the latter is going to be sat idle at 100%.

With no option on these interfaces as yet to 'idle' the Steem VP and only vote with the 'local' VP, I've gone for the following approach for now.

You will need:

  • A Steem account for each tribe/token
  • A little SP to delegate to said account/s
  • To know your way around @holger80's
  • To delegate (some of?) your PAL (or other token if/when the option is added) to this account

Steem Account

Today I created @abh12345.pal here:

I did almost give up but was asked by the develper, @reazuliqbal, to try Steem Keychain with Firefox instead of Chrome, and it worked like a charm.

Next, I delegated a small amount of Steem Power to @abh12345.pal using this link:

If the account does nothing but vote, I think 25 SP will be plenty and I'll be keeping an eye on the Resource Credits for the pal account via Steemworld.

To make @abh12345.pal vote on the same content as my main account, I added a 'New Trail Vote Rule' on

The interface looks a bit scary with so many options, but the ones I changed are:

  • vote to follow = abh12345
  • only main post = unchecked
  • vote weight scaler = 350
  • min VP = 75%
  • include tags = palnet

vote to follow should be pretty obvious :)

only main post unchecked - because I want the abh12345.pal to vote on comments also (when appropriate)

vote weight scaler - This is the cool one. The reason for this whole exercise is that there are less palnet posts than Steem posts, and so I've told @abh12345.pal to vote with 3.5x the weight than my main account. This is the setting I'm most likely to be playing around with in the coming days.

min VP - A limit of 75% VP for @abh12345.pal, although ideally the above setting should help with number not be breached.

include tags - palnet. Do I need this setting? Not sure but it's in there for now

Delegating PAL (Or a n other token)

This is done on and those with staked PAL will see an icon in their wallet that looks like this

Click, chose your alt, choose the amount to delegate and off the stake goes.

Whilst writing this post, I received unofficial confirmation that delegation options will be coming for LEO in the next week or so. So basically, I'll be repeating the above to target #steemleo posts with extra LEO VP :)

Test Case

A 50% vote from the main account puts me pretty low down the pecking order here:

But the pal alt account landed just after my initial vote and is sitting pretty at the top!

Result - Spare PAL VP is used on the content I like, and @meesterboom loves me more :)

Bonus feature

With an additional account, you are free to logon to the the appropriate interface ( in the example above) and bring out some potential reward management via downvotes. Currently there is a free one for palnet and not on Steem, and soon there will be 2.5 free ones on Steem, but will follow right away, if at all?

Anyway, this is what I'm doing for the time being, feel free to critique and/or share your approach.




I am doing the same because I wanted to see how much VP I have for each Token and individual accounts are the easiest way and I stopped wasting precious VP.

I just need to make a leo account and link it again.

Du erhieltest aufgrund deiner LanaCharleenToken ein Upvote von @sebescen81 und von @lanacharleen alt-Text
Vielen lieben Dank für euren Support. Der Account meiner Tochter wächst und gedeiht.

Good luck :D


Just write spammy posts about the steemmonsters card market every day. And don't forget to include your actfit in there also--apparently that's the new thing to do. I saw one guy write a post about a house he wondered why was priced so high when on a walk for his actfit in the steemleo hash tag. You can't flag that kind of creativity. But if he starts doing that with every house on his walk every day there be a point where the novelty and creativity wears off a bit with me, lol.

Does the amount of distance your elven cutthroat travels to sneak another monster count towards an actifit post?

Haha, maybe. I think it depends on if your elven hits its' target or misses, the velocity of the object you throw or punch after your elven does his job or not, haha.

Ha ha, you made me laugh. :)
I found no more abandoned crazy expensive houses today, so no more reasons for that tag @cryptkeeper17. (check my blog)
In general I'm quite concern about this tag abuse, and will support any active measure against it.
I can live with this the first few, 2-3 days, as such "overtaging" probably was building more good that bad (more awareness, excitement, talks about this new great thing on steemit). But sure not in a long run.

I was suggesting last night on discord, to load @noleo4u with at least 0.5 mln VP, better yet 1 mln LEOs.
Just noticed it has now 250K LEO's.
Will see if this is enough.

Haha I certainly didn't come here to bust anyone's marbles in here @onealfa. Someone really has to mess with me to draw a flag. I am like the sports official who has an engagement scheduled right after the game. Play ball folks, just about anything goes unless you shame me into doing something because there is a superior level of flagrant apathy and ignorance going on. Like I said before-I enjoy the creativity! All the power to them, I actually want to see a vlog of someone legitimately doing a post that incorporates like 10-12 of these new alt chains. It will be like the one man band... like Coldplay here..

haha, genius!

Next week he'll investing in a bottle of water and discussing the extra value saved when buying 5 litres over 500ml.

I've been flagging with my mighty LEO stake this morning - Those 'my twitter feed' posts are annoying as is, even more so when they don't relate to investing at all.

Thank you for introducing me to @holger80’s tool 🙌 dang so wish I knew about this awhile ago 😝

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I've also thought about the same and wanted to create new accounts. In my case, I don't have enough resource credits to claim my own new account. But I have a few concerns/questions on this:

  1. PAL delegation is currently having a bug. People who delegated their PAL already did not receive equivalent LEO for the delegated pal. Even the account which received the delegation also did not receive the LEO. Say, if there is another new token based platform is launched tomorrow based on the PAL stake, we will not be getting the airdrop.

  2. What is the end for these token based platforms? Let's say in one years time there are about 100 such platforms and each for a specific tag, and let's assume all these 100 platforms are popular and usable like spt, pal, leo, sct etc. Should we be creating 100 new accounts then to maintain the voting power? 😂😛

  3. Some of the platforms like spt is not currently providing a delegation option yet.

  4. From the chain perspective, every individual will be holding multiple accounts like bala-pal, bala-sct, bala-leo, bala-spt etc. Will that even be a wise thing to do? It can even get difficult for us to maintain all these alt accounts. 😀

I feel there should definitely be a better way for this. I personally feel that this should not be the way the blockchain should be going. 🙂

  1. This is in the process of being resolved - steemleo discord if you have this problem.
  2. Potentially! Best to focus on the ones that interest you most as it will be impossible to keep up!
  3. I have been told it is on the way very soon - in the mean time I have transferred to abh12345.spt and staked there.
  4. Yes it could - a good way to get used to handling keys. Steem Keychain, available from the firefox and chrome stores, is brilliant :)

I understand where you are coming from, I'm just providing a solution to suite where we are right now :)

That's a sensible reply. I have completed creating my alt accounts for each token. I also wrote a bot that will check for specific tags and vote people whom I wish to curate regularly. :)

Thanks :)

A voting bot that checks tags, pretty smart and I think following the next hardfork, it will be very advantageous to run your own bot.

Is it? Please tell me more details about that. I'm not following the hardfork discussions properly. How is it advantageous to run my own bot. Enlighten me with some post or something to read. 😊

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I think I took all steps now for pal. I had to kick the wolf outside for it but it's worth it.

On to the next (think self-esteem too?).
Know not only @meesterboom loves you more now, me too (and @fitinfun)

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Lol, the love is flowing!!

And the holiday beers too I hope!

Yes it is 💕💗

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A good idea for owners of accounts with enough RC's to obtain a free account. I have two accounts already, and it is a nightmare at times trying to get/keep them separated.

The nice thing about your method is once the account is done it is all automated. I will have to think about it. I still want to keep my last free token for something, I just don't know what yet. But Steem VP dropping and steem price dropping, not a good combo right now, so I will just have to be careful. At least the PAL builds slowly but surely, along with the steem.

Yeah the automation is key, especially if/when more tokens/tribes arrive.

Hit me up on discord when you have some time?

I will need to do a bit more thinking on if I want to do a vote account for the different tribes/communities. I can see this taking off especially if people look at some of the tribes as I do as magazines on a rack, and easy content to find. It will really negate the steemit trending list. If I want to see a financial or a sports report I will have a place to go. I think there is a sports talk one stated already, but not sure, it is going to be hard to keep up at times especially during the rapid growth period.

Then keeping track of all the passwords for all the accounts. nightmare.

Daaamn son, where there’s a will there’s a way, pretty cool work around! Putting those side stakes to good use!

I think I’ll wait until one of the smart homies give us a local voting option!

I’m now a minnow on PAL, LEO and SPORTS would love to able to curate independently one day

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Local voting is available on dtube and so I don't see why other interfaces won't have that option soon.

I do the occasional football related post and will be using the necessary tags if I remember.

Cheers to multi-minnow :)

Incredible! Two questions, so if the side account votes on a comment for a post with the pal tag it would also receive pal?

And then how many staked token would make this worth? I have some PAL but barely any spt...

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Yes I think so, is my current answer. I see some of the commentators above have posted through steemleo, and my .leo alt has followed my steem account with a vote, and some have used another interface and the .leo account hasn't voted.

How many staked tokens is tough to call. Curation is tiny for small accounts, although the next fork could well improve things.

Hmmm the side account receives normal curation rewards but needs ofc staked PAL to receive them.

huh clever!

Cheers! So clever I forgot to vote my own post - tomorrow maybe :)

:) So if i lease my steemleo, PAL, Sports and 100 other tokens to you what sort of return can i expect? This might be the other option :)

heh :)

I have absolutely no idea, especially with the fluctuating prices at present. Leasing SP is a mugs game (for the buyer) imo, no way to profit without going nuclear and self-voting like a dick.

The above is hassle to set-up but i think will should work quite well for now.

So what, @swelker101 can ruin steem for me, I will try my hardest to ruin it for you! Get them to stop and I will leave all the pieces of shit alone! I'll scare them off prolly'! Fuck ALL You Guys!

So what?

You call me names for my 11th self-vote in 2019 and I find you have done the same over 650 times?

Fucking hypocrite. You will earn nothing here ever again on this account.

I already don't earn a thing - IDK! It is not about you, it is about @swelker101!

You made it about me when you started flagging me for something you have done 650 more times this year.

There is no point discussing matters with you, I hope you find peace in your heart and mind at some point.

Nice Solution Asher! I do feel steem/steemit (which was already quite complicated), just took it to another level with the different front-ends and tokens to upvote with. I can't imagine coming here as a new guy now trying to understand how everything works around here, It's already hard to keep up with all the developments as an everyday user for the past 2 years.

For sure, this is not for the new guys. I'm wondering if in the future, new arrivals will be more likely to be onboarded by these different front-ends and apps, and so maybe they wont desire to be staked-up all over the place.

Those of use who have been here a while and are getting all these drops though - gotta put these tokens to good use!

You are a smart ass. Can't believe you are not working for some shady import export agency doing their books. Boomy will love you anyway as Glaswegians are not that picky.

I'll cook anyone's books for next to nothing right now.

There are some likely doing this, or they have their own bot to upvote (at 40 seconds soon). Nice to be a node owner come next fork I think.

I think the way you are operating is the right way to do it and specialise with separate accounts. Too complicated for me right now as just trying to get as many of everything as possible. Sports is a priority along with Pal and Leo. Steem ticks over in the back ground for now which is the total opposite of what we did 3 months ago.

What about politics @cryptoandcoffee? ...uh yeah, sports, great, much better idea! Who would've ever thought we would see the day where politics are more controversial than international Soccer banter? Haha, good stuff, keep up the good work!

It is a faff but not overly complicated i think.

Sports is a type of content I will occasionally produce, just need to remember the tag :)

The amount of work required just to vote on shit LOL

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But it's MY shit! Oh, you didn't vote :P

Haha... For some weird reason I decided to comment first and vote later😂

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I notice people do that and wonder if they decide to vote depending on if the OP replies to their message or not - might not be the worst idea :)

Sounds like reverse psychology to me😛

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Not the best post to read just before bed and after a few beers. I'll need to look at this again in the morning but I can already feel the "can't be assed" gene kicking in. 😂

Same sentiment here 😅

Fair :) The alternative is to go curate on the desired interface, but then you are burning Steem VP like mad!


Yeah I will be surprised if anyone follows, especially after a few beers. It works though :P

I have introduced by your another informative post
Thanks Asher

Great, it's my pleasure and good luck :)

Smart :D

And messy :D

This will be hell with a few more communities coming up that are interesting enough. I hope SMT's will have a smart/technical solution for this, or maybe Steem-Engine themselves come up with someting. Maybe a SCOT Dashboard where you can set up how to handle your VP per SCOT. And have 'fictional' accounts manage that VP/DV if needed, instead of us all each creating accounts?

Lots to think about, and lots of interesting discussions are flowing on Steem. All in all it's pretty epic what's happening right now :-)

Thanks, and a little :)

A SCOT dashboard, sounds interesting. There are a few approaches but none are perfect and the main resource i feel is time. I guess we will have to focus on our main areas of interest as the tribes appear.

I agree these are fascinating times, now all we need is the bull to arrive for STEEM :)

Thanks, and a little :)

A SCOT dashboard, sounds interesting. There are a few approaches but none are perfect and the main resource i feel is time. I guess we will have to focus on our main areas of interest as the tribes appear.

I agree these are fascinating times, now all we need is the bull to arrive for STEEM :)

I think I've picked the right time to spend a bit less time here - I'm so diversified now it's beginning to do my head in - I just logged on to find an airdrop of MOTs....

WTFs might have been more appropriate. Mind you the site looks pretty professional, much much better than any of the Steem front ends. Not sure what the tokens are doing on steem-engine mind!

MOTs are new to me, but yeah, the site does look quite nice.

I think this route and taking is messing with my sleep - need to try to switch everything off long before bedtime.

I can imagine!

Don't spread yourself too thin is my advice.

I'm having a few days off and I feel great!

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Perfect timing on this guide! Having trouble juggling Steemleo and Palnet already.

p.s. I saw your message on the steem.leo post and setup the delegation option. You can now delegate your LEO tokens. We'll put up an announcement for that soon 🧡

Awesome! I've already created my @abh12345.leo account and was just waiting for the delegation option to arrive.

Great stuff, I think the investing angle will prove to be pretty popular and wish you the best for steemleo!

Nice!! I also took your advice and made sure to scoop up that noleo4u account right away ;)

You're too nice of a person... you easily could've picked it up and tried to extort me 👀

Thanks! I think we're onto something special here and I'm glad that there are awesome peeps out there like you to help make the dream a reality!

You know after i mentioned noleo4u on the post, I hoped that someone didn't then go to snap the account up like a douche. (I wonder if there is a nospt4u account going spare? :P)

Good luck, I'm just happy to be on board with Steem right now and am more hopeful than I have been in a while that good things are on there way.

Interesting... but I'll need to reread and go through it step by step if I want to be able to figure it out, lol. Definitely worth a try!

Good luck :D

It was a bit of a faff with steemconnect and steemrewarding - you need to give posting authority to steemrewarding for your second account and the new steemconnect was bugging me.

I managed to get it set up already. But if I may ask... what % of your PAL tokens did you delegate to your new account?

Sweet :)

90% or so. Was thinking about doing the lot and for those with less PAL staked this might be the better option. The main account also votes, and prior to abh12345.pal so I don't think it matters too much.

The main thing is to up the vote % using the vote_weight_scaler option - I think mine is at 250 for .pal and 350 for .leo right now - will be checking in on VP to see how that is going.

I thought I had managed go set it up, only to find out today I delegated the wrong coin to the wrong accounts. I had delegated PAL go the account that has less SP than the account I delegated LEO to. 🙄
So now I'm waiting impatiently to receive my delegations back and start over.
Why am I not surprised that I managed to mess things up again?! 😂

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Does this happens when you aren't so much rock? ;) LOL

A huge hug, @simplymike!

exactly! But this is just a minor thing, lol.
You don't want to be someone who's not playing it fair towards newcomers... Most of those people think differently about me, 😅

😍 I love you, darling! 😅

So clever... Might need to do something similar. Just delegated to steemninja so I can create some accounts. Stuff is getting a bit complex for me!

I delegated to Steem Ninja, too. I figure it's a way for us minnows to still earn account tokens while we can't purchase one with RCs outright. Though I really wish they would let people delegate RCs in addition to SP!

RC delegation has to be on the list, but SMT first please! :)

I can deal with that. ;D

That's a good way to get those extra accounts. I had thought about offering a few on the post - maybe a little contest for tomorrow for the account name of your choice for free :)

Was thinking of doing this too at some point but haven't bothered yet.

I've been grumpy about idle VP on tokens other than Steem for a week or two now and so it was time to get my shit together and do something.

Like dtube, the other frontends might give an option in the future to vote only with the local tokens VP, but that still will mean having a load of tabs open and curating like a crazy man :)

I already created a bookmark titled "steem front-ends & tokens"


If STEEM gets its arse into gear, things could get quite busy here :)

and @meesterboom loves me more :)

I don't think this is possible. Boom has a boomer for you.

A what now? :)

So yeah, on your recent post I'm doing much more useful things with my PAL VP and feeling quite happy with the result of this effort.

I bought 4500 PAL, gotta use it, right?

I should do similar as at the moment I am hardly using mine

It's likely to be the case for everyone unless they are going over to the particular interface and curating there. It's extra work even with 3/4 tokens, can you imagine at double figures?

So how are you enjoying having to vote three times for one comment, in some situations? ;) I'm keeping it simple and stupid LOL! I don't have the time to piss around but I do get what you mean now. I'm wasting stake. My steak is getting cold. Cold stake is tough. Getting hungry?

P.S. I beat your high score in LEO... LOL! Have a good one!

Hello there. I was just going to start writing a follow up to my post that came second to yours the other day - trust you to bring that one out against one of mine that was also pretty popular!

Pro's and cons for sure, but I am liking curating with the relevant stake on the relevant platform.

The comments are generally voted with Steem VP unless i'm posting on SPORTS, BATTLE, or SPT. I will go use some PAL or LEO up on them though if that needs to happen.

Much to explain, but my stake is warm on all sides :D

All of this tokenomics is becoming more and more complicated. I am reading, and voting on this post on the steemleo front end where I have zero staked power. But it should still get my pal vote and STEEM vote at 100% so I am voting for you on two of three tokens with one vote, which is good.

I don't think I can bring myself to set up different accounts for each front end as you have, but it is a good solution for the time being.

What comes next? These tribe drops could be fun

It is a pain to set up but working quite well i think. I have my main voting multiple times on people depending what tags they use, but i'm now doing more manual curation, across the other tribe especially.

What comes next? More tribes drops hopefully!

Also, SMT at some point, and those of us that have bought in to these early tribes/communities will be hoping for seamless integration :)

It is a pain to set up but working quite well i think. I have my main voting multiple times on people depending what tags they use, but i'm now doing more manual curation, across the other tribe especially.

What comes next? More tribes drops hopefully!

Also, SMT at some point, and those of us that have bought in to these early tribes/communities will be hoping for seamless integration :)

Greetings, @abh12345

Excelent idea, man. I was thinking in make a think like this, but, it will give me a lots of work..... So, generally, i make upvotes at this front ends, more or less 3 by day in each site... hehehe

thank you for share you idea and have a good night!

#palnet #sct #battle #spt #weedcash #steemleo #aaa

It looks like you are the only person to get 3 votes. Is this due to you adding the tags in the comment? Interesting!

Yes, man!!! I add tags to my related answers..... For example, if i am talking about steemmonsters, i can use #spt #battle #sct #palnet.... thank youu

Clever method I would say. I need to think hard about all the consequences before applying it myself.

By the way, do you use autovote services like Steemdunk?

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Thanks. It's working OK thus far, although I am logged into palnet and leo with the alt accounts manually curating with just that 'local' VP.

As in the text, for this method I'm using because of the greater functionality. I also have a number of people on an autovote via steemauto. It's a long-term habit I've had and some folks don't really like auto-voting, but when you've been supporting people with a small encouraging vote for two years, if they are still producing content you appreciate, why not? :D

And thank you again for the Resteem today!

I know the feeling about autovotes. Some of the people I support this way are from Venezuela, so... My upvotes really make a difference. But on the other hand, some of them could potentially abuse the tokenized tags and I wouldn't want to support that.

:D Works well for posts, still figuring out why it's inconsistent with comments.

On some, abh12345.pal has followed, and on others abh12345.leo - interesting :)

It would be such a chore to create separate accounts for the myriad of new tribes that are coming up now though. Imagine having to create 10 different accounts for the various tribes lol.
We'll need an intrinsic feature to selectively vote soon enough. Your solution is handy for the time being tho.

Yes I agree - but I have time at present and so might as well put the VP of the varying tokens to work.

Hopefully there will be options soon.

Thanks for explaining voting trails with steem rewarding. I plam to take advantage in a similar way. It makes a lot of sense.

I would deginitely include and exclude tags while doing this. If it's your palnet friend you want it to only vote on palnet posts.


Yeah it was getting late last night and I couldn't work out if i needed to add the tag or not - pretty sure it is required this morning :)

Worked like a charm! Thanks for this, I was already trying to figure this out. You know, 1UP would bring this to the next level...


@smartbee in the house :)

Glad someone could follow along and get it working, cheers man!

I'm a bit out of the loop with 1UP, good to hear it's still progressing.

It is still a bit buggy and needs to get reactivated but the software is ready. You can follow the #palnet tag and automatically use X% of your voting power to front-run the voting trail from the ranking system. This should bring curation to a maximum for every single token we have and it hopefully goes to really good content.

What a coincidence, I did the exact same today with my PAL stake. Created a claimed account and delegated all my PAL to it. I had to add the new account to my own bot so I can curate with both accounts (Steem and Pal). It was a fun day today.

TO DO: add a filter for the #palnet tag.

It seems a few people have been troubled by this lazy stake issue. Using your own bot should give even more flexibility, a good time to be a dev I think :)

Indeed, it's highly flexible and cross-platform, wrote it in NodeJS. I'm thinking about releasing it to the public. I'll need to clean it up and make it more user friendly though. We'll see.

That would be extremely generous of you if you were to let us play. I would for sure give it a run!

Hey Mr. How have you been?

This is a really helpful post. I was thinking about a curation alt for each tribe, but using the steemrewarding setup you outlined should make it much easier to manage. Resteemed for future reference.

Thank you!

You know I had doubts about submitting this one, but the feedback has been good and I'm glad it's given people ideas :)

wow this seems so easy for the lamen to do. I think we are forgetting people are just used to a 'like' button.

Seems like the technical jargon and know how is going out the window. This makes me pessimistic. At first I was pumped with all these new front ends/Steem coins.. but now I am seeing that without a massive amount of reading and understanding no lamen could join here.

Yes to manage voting power is to difficult.

Hi @abh12345

I just bumped into your publication a seconds ago and I've read both parts.

Thanks for sharing. Initially I found it very confusing how to deal with this issue and creating new accounts just to delegate my STAKE seem to be the only possible solution.

This is indeed the biggest weakness of current tribes. Would I bother to have 3 accounts separate? With SP, with LEO, with PAL? I don't know. I don't think so :(


Dear @abh12345

Thx for your comment and for sharing this link with me.

Since you're so responsive, I thought that perhaps I could share with you my latest publication and ask about your own opinion on discussed subject:

I would appreciate it greately.


I'm not so much interested in politics or things I can have no influence over. Thanks.

so many front ends so little voting power hahah

Time to rectify that zing!

"With an additional account, you are free to logon to the the appropriate interface ( in the example above) and bring out some potential reward management via downvotes."
Could you please explain how downvotes could bring out potential reward management?

upvotes and downvotes are 'potential rewards' management - The reward is only crystallized after 7 days.

At present, you have a 'free' downvote on palnet. If you are using 1 account with Steem Power and PAL power, if you downvote on PAL you will be using SP also.

I hope that makes sense.

Good idea, I'll copy this strategy when I've got a spare evening at some point, bit too much ATM.

Yep, you'll need 30 mins or so, and multiply that by the number of accounts you want to roll with.

Many Thanks.
Good idea, I'll give it a try and share my experiences.

Interesting and smart approach - it gets a bit complicated currently - what is steemleo? Never heard!

It's complicated for sure! or #steemleo - for investment / trading type posts :)

I have to read more on #steemleo - to me the least known yet.

Thanks Asher for the details. This is certainly a solution at the moment. I will just do this to the new tribes I am involved in or else I will go schizophrenic trying to keep up with multiple accounts. So with the new alt accounts, they just vote and not post, is that right?

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We spoke but for completeness, I'll reply here too and say to

So with the new alt accounts, they just vote and not post, is that right?

That's up to the owner - I'm posting with some and not others :)

This breakdown was super useful .... since picking up a pile of PAL and getting the subsequent 1:1 LEO drop I’ve been marinating on something similar to an “idle” feature as well. Thanks for saving us the time of doing the maths. Now off to spend some of this mass of token power haha.

Thanks man. I hope you got it sorted out and can unless the token power accordingly!