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One of the issues people have is that the reputation score, as it stands now, can be manipulated. The currency system designed by Steemit counts upvotes as the means which increases one's score. This can be gamed by purchased upvoted from voting bots. While this operates within the confines of what was established, this is starting to be a problem since some applications are using reputation score in their voter worth.

Like many things on the STEEM blockchain, if there is a problem, someone will figure out a solution.

@holger80 and @scipio created a solution. Now we have @steem-ua and UserAuthority.

Here is how they put it what UserAuthority is:

In essence, UA can be seen as a new Reputation metric: it looks at the entire Steemit Follower Graph and carefully tracks who follows who. It doesn't directly care about how "rich" an account is, or how old it is, or how much an account has posted, but please keep in mind that those factors do indeed indirectly influence any account's UA score.

There was a post that provided a more basic, detailed explanation written at the end of last year.

Everyone can check their own UA scores. The site is


The site opens to the list of the top 100 UA scores. Using steemconnect, you can access the site to find out what your own personal score is.

So how are these determined? From their post, this is what they wrote:

All UA scores are computed daily by first updating the Follower Matrix; we do that by continuously tracking every "follow operation" (= an account following or unfollowing another account) using @holger80's own Beem API for the Steem blockchain. With every new block produced (every 3 seconds), so is the UA Follower Matrix. And all those "follow operations" (~ 150 million currently) for all accounts on the Steem blockchain form a gigantic data cluster of ~ 1.2 trillion EigenValues. We then look at Trusted Accounts to initiate our sub-algorithm "WitnessRank" with: each day, we check all witnesses for being -a- active and -b- up to date, and -c- their Witness Stake; we use that Witness Stake to propagate "Trust" from each witness to the accounts it follows, and who they follow, and who they follow, etc. etc. etc. And after heavy-heavy HEAVY number crunching, as a result, the UA score for each account comes out.

This is really big news. We now are looking at a new way to use the reputation score that is not simply based upon upvotes. As was cited in the first article, this is also a way to combat spam. Only those accounts which are actually adding something to the blockchain are going to score higher. Those that seek to take from here are going to have a lower reputation score.

One of the biggest challenges with the present system is that since it can be gamed, dapps could be affected. There are a couple that are implementing user reputation to try and determine the value of upvotes. Since many are using the account based system, they seek different ways to weigh each vote. Reputation makes a great deal of sense, if it is a true score.

It seems that UA is going to provide that for the blockchain. They even ask dapp developers to contact them on discord if they are interested in implementing this into their applications. This could be something that could spread to many of the newer applications that are built upon here.

I find it interesting how they decided to award the upvotes. By submitting quality content through their app, there is an upvote from the @steem-ua account. This is based upon delegation and some other things they are willing to work out with individuals. To me, this, once again, shows the creativity of some of the people on here.


Which brings me to a bigger issue. Many complain about certain things which are not right about STEEM and how Steemit needs to fix this or that. This project is showing exactly what the STEEM blockchain is all about. We do NOT need Steemit to fix stuff like this. There are plenty of talented people on here who have the ability to create a solution to most of the problems we discuss. This is a prime example of two people who took matters into their own hands and created a different system.

This is the beauty of blockchain. It is ours. Everyone one here can take a situation and look to resolve it. Of course, that requires some technical expertise but if the idea is there, the technical ones can be found. Nevertheless, there are many (who are unfairly attacked by the way) who are working behind the scenes to develop solutions to problems they see.

2018 is shaping up to be a sensational year for the STEEM blockchain. The development that was are seeing is absolutely amazing. The Steemit team is upgrading the system. Applications are appearing on almost a daily basis. Existing apps are receiving updates regularly which are providing more features and functions for the users.

Overall, STEEM is looking to be in very good shape.

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Images from the introduction post that is linked.


Interesting, but how do you use it to filter out spam if the only way of knowing that score is by logging in with your SteemConnect? This makes the scores private except for the 100 top scores.

I believe they are working on adding the rest of the scores just like the top 100.

It would be nice to have a follow button to create lists of authoritative users built into apps like eSteem Surfer, Busy, etc... Is there any chance would add this feature next to the rep score?

I mostly ignore the hot, trending and promoted pages these days and focus on my customized news lists.

I am wondering how the Hivemind plays into it. From what I understand, that tied with communities will allow for groups to basically go from app to app together.

It will also be interesting to see how the apps tie the blacklists in and who creates them.

Steemit should not be manipulated.
But like everything in life is manipulated not just crypto.
I hope this will make Steemit fair for us minnows :)

Oh man great news !! I am supporting the project by a delegation of 100SP and I am looking forward for more integration my friend !

Keep on going the good work and informations!

Thanks for participating! Much appreciated!

It's an excellent initiative, and about time. :) I threw 50 steempower behind it. I'm just outside the top 1000. #goals.

Thanks for participating! And good luck on entering that Top 1K region! :-)

That is a great Idea! I'll certainly be going after this reply to delegate something in support of this project :)

Great! Thx!

Some of the biggest challenges to blockchain technology are certainly 'identity' and 'reputation'.

The reputation system on Steem is clearly flawed. There is no doubt about that.

I encourage alternative solutions like this one!

"Let a thousand flowers bloom"

Keep the great articles coming, @taskmaster4450! My favorite steem writer on the steem blockchain, at this moment.

Awesome work guys, I've been interested in this from day one.

However it has not been added to the STEEM blockchain in any way, it's very misleading to phrase it that way. I think you should change that, obviously up to you, just my opinion.

Thank you for your input @personz. Corrected it in the title.

Overall looks a great project, I immediately searched for my score!

Something like this will have a lot of use, especially because they base "your reputation" in parameters that people consider more important.

100% correct!

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Off topic, but I read an older post of yours in which you discuss voting power. I'm really having a problem understanding the votes and mine being worth none and probably have pissed them away at some point, but haven't voted at all in days, and still I see on steem now that my votes are worth nothing. I thought after a few days of no action my power would rebuild? Am I missing something? Have been asking around and had some helpful comments back about how the value of steem has decreased my vote, etc, but still feeling like I'm not fully grasping the concept.
Thanks for any input you can offer, Kimberly

You voting power replenishes but with 84 SP, the vote isnt worth much. It isnt worth zero but it is only worth .001 or so.

Voting power goes from 0-100 based upon how much voting is done. It replenished 20% every 24 hours. But how much that vote is worth is dependent upon SP owned.

Thank you for your feedback. Many have responded and I think I've finally got a grasp of how it all works even thought it took me an embarrassing amount of time and reading to get it!

Hi, two questions:

1) Is there a scale somewhere as to what these scores mean? I have "3.307 and you have a ua rank of 7466" but have no idea what the 3.307 means or how to interpret it.

2) Could you, @taskmaster4450, or someone for the love of God please tell me/us why the VIEWCOUNT (eyeball) was removed from our posting data several months ago?

This was the only real metric that showed us how many people were viewing our posts. And I am struggling to fathom why the heck somebody on the Steemit development team had the bright idea (sarcasm intended) to REMOVE this imperative feature. Who? Who? Who? and Why? Why? Why? (and is there anyone with enough clout to contact them to RE-INSTATE it?)


I was given two number
5.9 and 300
what does it mean?

It means your reputation score according to UA is 5.9 as determined by their algorithm and you rank #300 on all of STEEM with that score.

is that good or bad?

So the upvote bots simply change to selling 'followers' instead?

New business opportunity-

will follow for a price a follower