Steem Spirit Dress... Revealed!

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Yesterday I shared some embarrassing photos of drawings scribbles I did in a feeble attempt to create a steem dress in Hoi An, Vietnam.

The combination of language barriers and my professional scribble skills meant that there was a huge chance that this dress-making attempt would be an epic fail.

I wanted the dress to be a conversation starter about steem and steemit.

And let me tell you...

The results are in (@starthere I hope you're happy)!

And, it got messed up SO badly, that it's a conversation starter, alright.

Are you ready?!?


Here it is.

The big reveal.

Here's a random drumroll just to make you wait a little longer.



More crickets.

We need some bug spray up in here.



At least I didn't say cockroaches.

Okay, I'm done.

For the first time ever, I present to you the steem spirit dress, designed on the back of a Vietnamese supermarket receipt...

Not so bad for a dress prototype drawn on a little receipt, eh?

I totally made up the part about it being a complete disaster.


I couldn't resist the tempation. I know, I know.

Bad steemian, bad!

If you notice, there's a little "floofy" thing on the left side of the dress, but other than that, I'd say she did a perfect job!

It fits pretty well!

Here's the full dress from a side angle:

I was all squinty mcsquinterson in that photo, so thankfully there are apps for doing things like putting a bag over your head. I did it as a favor, to you.

The dress was too big at first, and I felt kind of bad because I had to have her make adjustments to it 3 different times.

She kept saying "it will shrink when you do laundry."

Well, the joke's on her, 'cause I never do laundry. I ain't about that life.

I felt super high maintenance for making her adjust it...

...but I think it's okay to do that. They expect to make some revisions. So, if you ever go to get some clothing made in Vietnam, just know that you'll be able to make adjustments afterward.

The only bad thing I can say is, the part where the adjustments were made is not sewn nicely like the rest of the dress. You can tell that the adjustments were made on it.

But the fact that she understood what I wanted was a huge win in my book! I can't believe she even understood what I was saying.

Considering I just had the crappy scribble and a screen shot of the steem logo...

I thought it turned out pretty good!

Here are some more angles of the dress

Sorry about the angry looking face. It's 'cause I was squinting again. I added some seashells for you to make up for my seemingly angry glare.

Tryin' to write steemit on the sand with my toe super fast before the waves came and destroyed everything in their anti-crypto tirade. The waves won 😢

Awkward poses included for free, no extra charge:

I mean, who even stands like that unless they're singing the "lean back" song in their head?

Oh yay, a sort of normal one!

I’m thinking about starting a website called

Have you ever seen the people of Walmart website where it just makes fun of people in Walmart (sorry, Walmart people)?

It’ll be like that, except for people who can’t avoid looking weird in front of the camera for the life of them. That way, awkward people can be models, too.

Just the funny kind that people laugh at.

Anyways, thanks for sticking around and reading the entirety of the most narcissistic post I've ever done (WAY too many pictures of me on here).

I hope you enjoyed my narcissism steem dress!

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OMG. This is so lovely, I can't believe I missed out on the party when this was launched.

Errm, ( Scrwtching my head), You look very BEAUTIFUL on that.



You're too sweet ❤️❤️


🙈😁🙈. You are AWESOME :)

AWESOME, I AM happy! It turned out so great!! (not that there was any doubt at all with those sketches) :)

You should totally wear this in Bangkok when you come to visit, although I doubt anyone would give you a second look - anything goes in the fashion world in BKK!

Speaking of, when are you coming to town to show off the dress, eat like a queen, and have @suitcasemama examine you for any lingering post-concussion side effects? :) There's lots of Steemit-ers in Bangkok, maybe we could all get together and dance dance dance until at least 8pm (if we're lucky - we have a toddler).


Hahahaha I LOVE dancing until only 8 pm! I was thinking 3-4 months I'll be back in Thailand. I'm still exploring Vietnam, and then the stupid Bali bug got me. It was super unexpected. But Bangkok is on my radar simply BECAUSE you, @suitcasemama , concussions, steemit a. I basically wanna come just for you guys lol.

I don't have a toddler, but could blame my invisible child for why I need to get to bed early!


We'd absolutely love to show you around! And host if you need a place to crash, we love having people over, just sign our guestbook with one of your sweet sketches! :)

Ah Bali. We love it too, specifically down in the Bukit area. Have you considered Lombok? Way less crowded. @suitcasemama and I honeymooned there :)


Lol I'll do a special sketch for you!! That's awesome! I've heard good things about Lombok!

Look at this @nomadicsoul.
You are a good designer here.
Though people have their own choices, some may like, some not :)
But you are on your way!

Hahaha :) that was the funniest post that I have read here! I like the dress and your postures are not awkward at all.. ok, ok, maybe a few of them are :D


hahaha don't tempt me to post the MOST awkward ones! These are the least awkward ones I could find. Haha how sad is that? lol


Oh, you haven't seen my pictures yet! I would easily beat you in awkwardness :D lol

Just one question. How are you so gorgeous?!

And crazy creative. Someone get this girl her own clothing line! Haha


haha it's this thing called photoshop! And bag over the head haha.

Awww thanks <3! Glad you like the dress!

Wow, it looks so cool, honestly, I'm pretty impressed! 😊👌


Yay, thanks!

Shittttttt best one ever and you're so cute in it. Now I want one I want one! hahaha but damn! this is so pretty and hard to beat. I will make sure I get my own style one before we team up someday somehow and wow it's gonna be a steemy girl night out ! or just a beach photoshoot hahaha I can't waitttt! :D ❤


OMG YES THAT WOULD BE SO MUCH FUN!!!! The all caps felt necessary. Hahaha"steemy" night out sounds so dirty lol


Oh also if you want the same style you can have the same style, I don't care. But you do you

This is one dress Steemit is definitely going to say yes to! Looks awesome!

It looks great! Now you can do more narcissistic posts.


haha the camera might break if I try to do that

Nice design and creativity. This is a step further from the prints we have on shirt, this is embedded. In the design.
Love the dress and so many other things i see


Thanks, glad you like it @onyima! :)

You are beautiful with that outfit. in fact, I see it becoming a code to promote steemit. I see your baju is a beautiful work of art. add to your beauty.


Thanks! Glad you like it!


Of course im like your post, i love your photo and im happy to know it.

It turned out great! Congrats :)


Yay, thanks!! Glad you like it! :)

That's so awesome! The dress looks great! It's hard to believe they were able to make it from the sketches that you drew. You look really cute in it.


daww, thanks!!

@extrospect I don't know if you have steemit notifications, but hopefully you see this! I tried to respond to you on steemit chat and it said "room is read only."

I don't know why it says that, so I'm sorry for not replying! But, I have an idea that can maybe help with your problem!

Super duper Stunning! You look really pretty in that dress with a Steemit theme on it. :)


aw salamat po!


Walang anuman!