Pollux' mentorship #3 feat. @themonkeyzuelans

in steem-mentors •  4 months ago

Helping new talents on the STEEM blockchain.


Again much too little time for so much to do. More than two months ago I started this project and it should have been every week. See here only the third episode... Sorry for the delay.
Last time I featured @segunreus and I am sending him today half of the rewards of the post about him, while investing the other half into boosting this post.

Reminder of my plan:

More or less every week, I will choose one person that ...

... has to meet following stats:

  • Reputation between 30 and 55
  • Beeing active for more than a month
  • Content that I like
  • Expertise in English / French or German language
  • struggeling getting a followership
  • having some kind of talent

What this person will get:

  • I will promote them through this series.
  • I will upvote at 100% one of their posts each day (at least for a week or longer if I see progress and effort)
  • I will help through discord and answer their questions as good as I am able to.
  • I will provide help concerning how to get better / more successful.

This time I chose @themonkeyzuelans

Lucky me, I found them by chance (and the help of @derangedvisions) while I was searching for someone able to design a new logo for the steemmonster part of steembay. @themonkeyzuelans are a couple from Venezuela.

this pic is stolen from their blog withour their knowledge, I hope they don't mind

Their names are Vic and Will (Victoria and William). Vic is a professional graphics designer, poledance instructor and an amateur model. Will is an architect and also a graphics desinger with a big love for photography. Both are enthusiasts for the slackline. I really believe these two deserve much more attention with what they do, what they can tell us and what they can provide with their knowledge.

Just lately they illustrated a childrens book
and the post great pictures with a lot of explanation in english and spanish.

I strongly suggest following @themonkeyzuelans and leaving them some votes. They deserve it.
Last but not least:

Check out what they made for me (steembay) in less than 24 hours:

(their first version even was day/night toggle responsive, which unfortunately was not approved by our team)

So if you ever need help in design for your business or yourself, you now know someone to talk to. Real knowledge meets affordable prices!

THX for reading!


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Pretty cool to know about this and many congratulations to @themonkeyzuelans make this opportunity count :) all the best


Of course we will!!! Is going to be a busy week for sure 😁
Thank you very much!

Congrats @themonkeyzuelans , you really deserve the shout out.


Thank you! We hope to be helpful to many more people!

Impressive work you do Sir @pollux.one
Keep it up
Congratulations to @themonkeyzuelans


He does such good labors for the community!
Thank you!

@pollux.one your blog is so helpful
thanks for this blog


You're right, help others is not easy!
Thank you!

This is quite innovative and helpful. Congratulations @themonkeyzuelans


We're always trying to innovate 😁 Thank you!

First of all Congratulations @themonkeyzuelans I'm sure you guys were filled with lots of energy and creativity for @pollux.one to choose you guys. Keep doing what you doing and make sure you keep the fire burning. Cheers!


We're always 200% on Creativity Power haha we just need a trigger and @pollux.one was a really good one with the SteemMonsters-Bay project. Thank you!!!

Neulinge brauchen Förderung. Es ist heutzutage nicht mehr so einfach wie am Anfang, auf Steemit voranzukommen. Sehr schöne Aktion von dir.

Newcomers need support. It is not as easy nowadays as it was at the beginning to move forward on Steemit. Very nice action from you.


Yes it's a very nice labor he's doing for new Steem users. This will help us for sure. We're very thankful 😁

Congratulations sir.All the best


We'll be contacting you on Discord later today with a couple questions

Thank you @pollux.one!!! We say thank @derangedvisions like three times a week but again, thank you Wes!

They sure are lucky to get an mentor like you and and from all those users who you have you been supporting THANKS a lot buddy for the support of yours !

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