Down voting : A Motivational Killer or A Strategic Use of Power?

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We all have seen the importance of up voting a post or comment on Steemit and the negative effects of down voting - which can be seen sometimes as a good thing especially when it involves scammers , plagiarists and spammers.


Note: This post is to lift our steemit community spirit: All for One-One For All and not to take sides.

I am 1+ month here ,  but  have seen how steemit community has come together to help a steemian in need through sending in SBD or simply upvoting the persons post. This is very motivational and helps us to sign up new members to this great community. Conversely, however, I have also seen how down voting a member post to zero resulted to  big division in the community. For instance, @fulltimegeek  down voted  @craig-grant post to zero accusing him and his wife @yuliana of a crime  -which was escalated by @matrixdweller here however @yuliana explained about the issue excellently here:  during her  introduction post.  This issue led to division of our community and people throwing verbal blows - resulting to @craig-grant quitting  steemit for a while (the great news is that he came back stronger and currently posting daily). 

Moreover, I also noticed that the community holiday favorite blogger  @sweetsssj posts were down voted by  @dan  and recently, what surprised me was to see 2 posts by @officialfuzzy  being down voted by @ned  even though the posts were about project information’s that support steemians via the BeyondBit and Whaleshares  hangout. This caused some steemians examples, @joseph , @walterz , @patelincho@anritco , @eirik and @siddartha (to mention few)  to post about the issue (rightfully) demanding explanation from @ned and for the action to stop. 

Even though , I support the issue to stop because I respect and support @officialfuzzy  plans in supporting projects on steemit, plus  his use of whaleshares tokens  to help steemians in need -we should , however , not come to a premature conclusion without knowing the underlying issues / facts. Hopefully, @ned and @dan will send an official explanations for their actions and this down voting will be resolved (The explanation will help other members to avoid such mistakes -if any).

On the other hand, a clear and undisputed use of down voting and steem power was executed by  @ausbitbank down voting  a scammer  whose thread  had about 60 comments, all with ~3400 votes from the same voting trail that seems to be lead by @ecoworld .

See link here  and judge for yourself. This is a clear advantage of downvoting and thus @ausbitbank should be praised and supported for his action. 

In conclusion, steemit  is great when we work together as one community , up vote fellow members in order to motivate them  to continue posting great contents  and yes down vote those that want to take advantage of our community and not those that disagree with our point of view. Importantly, down voting members posts just to punish or intimidate them will surely cause harm to our steemit community because it is a clear abuse of power.

Do you agree? Send in your comment, Please resteem this for others to join and upvote to send your support.

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nice post...
i think those who downvotes should be able to give concrete reasons for their actions...i posted in chinese blog and was immediately flagged and downvoted to zero by someone who uses other blogs too
for @sweetsssj i wonder why she would be downvoted as her blog exposes steemit travels in good light and very entertaining...
lets always ensure we make this community friendly for all and also give good reasons for any actions...
thanks for this great posts

I'm with you...a reason should be required when down voting.

As for @sweetssj, liking the content on her posts is subjective...but not sure why it deserves a downvote.

very correct...
some say she is draining the reward pull alone while she works soo hard for it...
nice reply

well said, i agree.

Good point, I agree.

i also concur
such posts which triggers discussions like this is good for the community...good post to share


Great post ! Way to go @ausbitbank , great job ! Never liked flagging , never will like flagging! I lived through a few flag wars myself back in the day when it went on frequently for stupid reasons ! Haha ! Im glad that's over ! I heard about this other stuff going on as well with @ned and @dan etc. And until we know exactly what the cause is im staying on the fence ! Love them both ! some of these others though are posting on a daily basis and making hundreds if not thousands of dollars a day , plus their constantly trending and draining the rewards pool of money , like @sweetsssj for one , so the rest of us make 5.00 dollars a post if were lucky !! Especially after being here for a year !! Im sick of it myself , have over 1700 followers too but get maybe 50 up votes !! Its B S !! End Of Rant ! Have a great day , falling asleep now , good night !👍👍👍

You made your point beautifully and with a sence of humor...
but dont you think @sweetsssj works soo hard for her upvotes? that lady spends soo much raveling to get her materials... she needs our support.... if such happens, then great contents will not be encauraged in steemit
I for one work so hard to post and get little or nothing...but still it encourages me to work harder...
am interested in your area of blogging... guess my comments will give you some few hrs delayed sleep... ;)

I don't think sweetsssj is underpaid, quiet contrary. 1/10 of that would already be much.

But I will not downvote because I do not like the amount.

Spammers can get a full downvote from me though if they are too blatant.

some spammers are too annoying and guess they have auto programs that says...welcome to steemit at new members page
well...i trust we are here on the long run...we wait and see how things unfolds
will wish you find time to read some of my new blog posts

Completely agree with you. She works hard for her posts, but since when did working hard mean anything. Obviously it's subjective, so if some people want to upvote her, let them.

I have a really hard time for that stance though when I see a 90% generic post about a Bitcoin chart that is basically a screenshot of something a program made and a text that could be (or even is) computer-generized like the weather forecast, and such a 5-10 minute thing getting 100$+

Majority of that money is probably coming from friends or alternative accounts upvoting her. It's their Steem power, so up to them. But, then you're creates the hype and the post ends up on trending/hot and then all these other people upvote. If dollar value didn't impact the "hot" or "trending" pages...then maybe we can get to a more level playing field where there is still a reason to buy Steem.

Thanks for your awesome comment !! I was just using her as an example because she makes a ton of money on a daily basis and apparently she was flagged by someone , not by me , I don't flag people ! I was just saying that maybe this is why she was flagged , ! I stay away from the trending page myself , because its too lopsided ! I seen some people get hundreds of dollars for a crappy post , just because of their name ! Meanwhile After all the work I put into building up the platform I cant even get one whale up vote , but I see tons of newbies and like one photo posts with no content get up voted by blocktrades all the time ! Go see the trending memes ! Only trending because block trades up voted them all ! LOL! Its laughable really ! Anyway I was just giving my opinion or an idea as to why she may have been flagged , really I have no idea ! Have a nice day !👍👍👍

you are right
seems some people here built contacts with whales or related to them and as such, gets big upvotes but that wouldn't deter day i see you as a whale and do not forget your buddy when you get there soon...
so which area do you blog on... find time to check my blog...stories which i wanna update soon...

Thanks for your kind reply !! Best of luck to you ! You will one day be a whale too ! Steem on !!👍👍👍

thanks ma'am for the inspiring lines
i appreciate!

Your welcome!👍👍👍

Thanks for your comment. Hahaha what a funny pic , sleep well and wake up stronger. Bless you.

Your welcome ! Thanks and good night !😴😴😴

sleep well 😴😴😴 and wake up with more steem power

I replied to them and flagged their post. Let people know and provide them with the consequences to their actions. Real rules like plagiarism, spam, and good reasons to prevent someone from earning money by doing those bad things. "Over-rewarded" is a bullshit reason to flag someone, as I've had it used on me just because a few rich people want to decide who gets to keep their rewards, and who gets their rewards taken away since they don't like my content and don't want me to get rewarded for it. The flag is way too easily abused. I used to be a #1 top author for rewards. But all the flagging killed my steem spirit, and I left. Now I'm back to being an average user with $10 payouts in average :P

I feel the same way ! You know how I was also flagged by smooth anytime a whale up voted one of my posts ! It was so discouraging , after waiting forever for a whale up vote to begin with so the whales stopped up voting , and now that they can up vote again without being down voted , they don't anymore . 👍

Yeah, it sucks big time.

Thank You , It really does suck LOL! !!! 👍👍👍

Saw you in action, thanks a lot. Having been reading your posts for a while now, am sure you will be a great success here. Keep steeming and more success to you

@blueorgy your comment is also needed here, thanks

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Great @blueorgy looking forward to hearing from real you and not bog haha

is this allowed here? see this person copied and pasted the same post I posted

If it is allowed only you can answer since you are the author of th post, right?
If reposting is encouraged I highly doubt, since for re-sharing you have the resteem button.

Good point, the cheater has been flagged for plagiarism

Wow...over a 1000 followers but less than 50 upvotes. That is no fun!
I, fortunately, haven't been through any flag wars, but have seen lately these things mentioned.
Hope you are doing well, and LOVE the 'I surrender' giffy!!

Haha thanks ! Yes as soon as I seen that gipghy it was perfect ! So funny!😂😂😂

I don't like flagging, but flag those big reward posts so the rest of us can get pennies more... lol. Really?

Lol @krnel haha hope they never flag you because you are a great guy ..

Nope hehe. They are just probably tired of seeing the exact same author on the trending with the same voters all the time pumping them up to get curation rewards. When I was a top author, my votes varied, and not always the same high SP voters, and I was making 4 post per day, while others were top authors with 1 post per day because they had lots more support for one post than I did. I needed to do 3-4 posts to equal one of theirs.

good point however I rather make 1 good post every 2 days than 4 a day because of the contents. Its not easy for me to be writing 3 posts daily and getting pennies out of it haha. However your contents are great and I think 1 post a day or 2 max is great in order to have time to respond to all comments and support other bloggers posts.

Yup it takes up time for sure hehe.

Good point, I agree.

exactly ! I agree with you ! Same thing day after day ! 👍👍👍

Its not really what I was meaning , but can you explain why a lot of us veterans , after working our asses off and helping out the community in many different ways , especially the new members as well , that have been here over a year and worked hard to build up a following as well of over 1700 followers built up , now get 0 whale up votes ! O money !? While its always the same people every day raking in thousands !!! I quit even going to the trending page , it never changes much really ! I just feel like We paid our dues on here and get nothing in return for it which we should after a year . Anyways , the system is flawed ! Good night ! I don't agree with flagging for that reason , im just saying maybe that's why they did it ! 😴😴😴👍

While its always the same people every day raking in thousands !!!

Yes, that is a big problem. I mean even just average posts get hundreds of dollar. If I would post them, I would not even get ten (at the moment more like under 1$ from others)
That is not fair and does not advance steemit.

The thing with her is she has the same big people that up vote all her stuff every time she posts from like author guilds and things like that , so she will always make big money ! . Her same post is also on line on other sites where she's really big and makes money their as well ! She just posts the same travel blog everywhere . 👍

Good point, thanks for your comment.

I've mentioned it before in a few posts, the way downvoting works now is in my opinion flawed.

  • A downvote should not be possible without a clear explanation of the why for this downvote.
  • There should always be a possibility to appeal a downvote. While the downvoter may have his or hers (according to them legal) reasons, that may not be the case.
    A fine case in point is that some downvoters, e.g. steemcleaners, will downvote a post because as they say it may be considered spam.
    Problem is that nowhere in the whitepaper, faq or TOS it is defined what is considered to be spam.

One point people tend to forget is that they potentially open themselves up to legal action when using the downvote functionality.
When I buy an account to market my website, product or service on Steemit, and someone downvotes me, they are actually stealing and censoring me.
Some countries, like Sweden, have very strict rules regarding censorship, which can very well be broken by someone downvoting a post.

In my opinion no-one should have absolute power like @ned and @dan. If they don't agree they can downvote with a power of 1 and if other people agree, they will support them.

If others don't agree the post is apparently not a real problem.

Very good point indeed, thanks for your comment

great point and one should have absolute power of downvotes...
well written... and if such continues..guess it may discourage great contents... and encourage bullying...

No one has absolute power of downvotes. Not more as you have over upvotes that is.

yeah...which area do you blog on... i really love to support good spirited steemians

depends. Sometimes Tech news, politics, fiction (mostly german)

ok great...will check your blog out...

Wow! great content @Charles1

I just hope some people will not abuse their voting power in this community by forming a clique and haunt down people they don't like. This will really not augur well for the future of this platform.

Good point, thanks for your comment

Nice article, the debate is on. My take is that power should be use wisely. Good job. Upvoted .

Good point, I agree.

My dude...this is the best UN-BIASED description of the whole thing! Congrats...on actually speaking up about it all in this way, and not supporting one another's views of each situation. I agree with you 100 percent!

Sometimes it does get old, when some bloggers aren't even trying on post anymore, and they make 100 dollars...when good, important, well-articulated post get swept under the rug.

Good point, thanks for your comment. I agree with you.

Ah yes, the downvote. We know that the steemit voting system was created with a checks and balances opportunity built into it. With the freedom to upvote comes the freedom to downvote.

Personally, I have never flagged a single post or comment (unless I did so unintentionally by "fat-fingering" on my phone. Though I have not downvoted others myself, I believe that they serve a purpose and were built in with good reason.

Obviously spammers, scammers, and plagiarists are some great enough reasons for the downvote to exist. Even when a reputation becomes negative, these people can still post and comment, so other than losing some visibility, they have not "lost it all." At least one user has even returned from a negative rep after a while, which is good that a person can learn their lesson and change their ways.

As for post payout disputes, I think that the downvote is a useful tool as well. I have personally received a number of downvotes for a variety of reasons, but most of them fall into this category from back when the abit/smooth experiment went down.

Getting flagged can hurt, and I have felt that pain. When I received my first whale flag my reaction was about like this.

Yes, I got over it and pressed on. (In fact, I even talked to that particular whale about a few things and they removed the downvote!)

Anyway, I think that steemit and the world are both big enough to leave room for differences of opinions. If people want to fight and use them against one another, they are certainly free to do so. But, we know that people do not always exercise their freedom in the most beneficial or wise ways.

wise words, thanks a lot

No, someone did the same thing yesterday, @johnnplayer. That account was flagged into negative rep though.

Haha , that is why I like you my buddy. No nonsense gentle man hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Thanks for this, I am yet to make up my mind on the topic, but I believe so far Steemit has a pretty good self-regulating model. Thanks for the post and have a WONDERFUL day!

You are welcome , and thanks for your comment.

You are also welcome sir!

Well put. I have yet to downvote anything myself. Maybe I will use that feature in the future, but I've seen others become the target of downvotes on their posts for handing out a single downvote to the wrong person.

I agree..hope we never get the need to downvote anyone

Awesome post! Downvoting without a reason is called bullying!

Good point, I agree.

very correct and such acts will kill the spirit of fellow steemians who are eager to work hard creating values... seems we have so many bullies in steemit... which is not good for the community

I am here for a year now and I can honestly say that I do NOT like the flag option when it's seriously used in the wrong way! I do understand that sometimes its needed when someone steals work or takes advantage on things. But I have also seen in the past that good posts, mostly private posts got flagged for no reason at all.
I know what I am talking about because I as well have been flagged and had posts down to zero!

Now don't get me wrong, I am not only here to make money but when you see posts up making 300+ and way way more while other better posts get nothing and my own posts who only make a few bucks ( After using pay4votes mind you) get downvoted because???? No reason....

I am not a big fan of the FLAG but I do understand why its there as long as its used in the good way.

But what is a good way? What is good in my eyes might be very bad in the eyes of others... Conclusion.... The flag will always confuse me!

very good point , I agree with you. Thanks for this great comment.

I saw what you said...I agree with you... @charles1

Thanks a lot, bless you

On YouTube, dislikes is a complete failure, really. Never really used, and when it is, it's either abuse, a massive amount of dislikes or just that one dislike any video gets without a reason. Not only that, the dislikes don't seem to count towards the video's performance (reasonably so). It's hard to interpret the dislikes, which is why comments are way more valuable.

God point, thanks

I agree with you man! Keep going!

I think part of the problem is how downvotes work in relation to your Reputation Level. Specifically this (from the FAQ):

" ... Getting downvoted by someone with a higher reputation can push your reputation down and make your posts less visible.

Users with a lower reputation score are unable to affect your reputation."

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but this means that there is at least one person at any time who is simply "untouchable", and that same person also has effectively a chunk of censorship power over the platform. Furthermore, it's not just "one" but rather an entire echleon of "untouchables" who either purposefully, or simply by use of the platform, have managed to aquire enough rep to put themselves above the reach of most of the platform's users.

I think that what you are describing is a clash between such untouchables, but that it speaks of weaknesses in the system itself. I personally don't see anything wrong with people exercising their power in whatever way their want, if it causes trouble, it is the system that is broken, not the people. They spent money, time and effort garnering their reputation, and as such they should be allowed to use it in anyway they want, even if it's censorship or just malice.

Again, if this is not meant to happen, then the problem may be the system itself.

Thanks for your comment @aguayojoshua good point. However it is not about reputation rather steem power in action. People with very large steem power can downvote your posts to zero and you an not do anything about it unless you have higher steem power

Yeah. That's the way Steem works. If you think about it, that is the entire premise of the platform. The more Steem POWER you have, the more power you have. That means power to censor, and power to be an ass**** too. In fact, I'd say that to many, that Power to Censor, is a motivation for garnering more SP and rep.

I don't particularly like that premise, and I think it's a critical flaw that may keep interested parties away from the platform, but documentation and users are pretty open about that dynamic of SP = Power. And so I think that if the community wants to change it, they should be talking to devs and coders, rather than to the people who are simply playing the game by the flawed rules.

very on point... your comment is truly on point

Good point indeed.

This post has received a 7.20 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @charles1.

Point, more power haha

Flags are great, oh yeah... Get flagged on all your posts by some abusive whale. Freedom to abuse whoever you want because you got the money. That's what happened to me for months. No one really cared. So two people get flagged once, and there is a big broohaha because they are popular and liked? Will the flag issue ever be resolved? Do flags only matter when it's popular people getting flagged?

Very good point. I agree with you. These guys were flagged and a lot of whinning here . Lets hope that the issue is resolved soon. Why will someone flag you @krnel you are very loved here...(or is it only me that love you? ) keep steeming to more success and am sure no one will ever downvote you again.

you are very loved here...(or is it only me that love you? )

LOL, yeah, maybe just you :P

The more success you have, the more likely you are to be flagged. That's why I was flagged. Some whales didn't like posts on morality and consciousness being popular and getting rewarded. That's "bad for steemit" they say.

Lol, not good at all. Then time to feed our fish to grow into killer whale hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

What i want to add is , i really will like to have answer on ned and fuzzy issue . I clear dont see such a big issue in sweetsssj case because the downvote is 1% ......! I personal chose to only mute spam , but not any longer . From now on i will flag any worthles coment as Good job ... etc spam ! Steem must start learn some moral in behavior and if this is the way so be it !

Lets hope for the best. Hopefully we will not start a flagging war here because some people did. We have to remain prudent and civil even against all odds.

This isnt a flag war , just teaching people this isnt the way to behave in mine or my friends posts :)

Good point, I agree. Thanks and bless you for all your support

NO is not .... this go out of control ... report to steemcleaners :)

Thanks, I actually have not seen this type of thing before...great that I found out and reported the thief ..thanks a lot

Whoa, I had no idea that Sweetsssj got shut down by Dan. That makes me wonder what the backstory is...

For smaller users like me, I think it's simplest to stick to only downvoting obvious spam comments. Anything else other than that and its too risky, I dont have enough SP to defend myself against any dolphins or whales to decide to start flagging me.

Hahaha good point indeed. Never start a fight you cant handle especially here lol

Great post.

Would be helpful if people could leave a comment when downvoting (although I can see why they may not want to :) ) - otherwise we have speculate / think up conspiracy theories instead ;). Perhaps there could be an optional comment box present for a down vote in the UI (actually I haven't tried downvoting yet so I don't know the exact details about it...)😀

Anyway, well worth an upvote!

wow, thanks a lot for your comment my buddy @xaero1 glad to hear fro m you 😀. I agree, people should indicate reasons why they downvote however some use bots haha to do the job. Sometimes, howevr, in case of extreme scam or plagiarism, then downvoting will be the solution

Well, I have read about the whole issue and I support @offizialfuzzy work too much. He's a good man and trying his best to provide steemit the actual support it needs.
When it comes to @ausbitbank, that man is just pure gem. I have learned a lot from him and he's just great when it comes to helping people. I have a huge respect for him and I support all his notable decisions.
I hope all the issues on steemit get resolved soon enough . Thanks @charles1 to raise this issue and making aware everyone about this chaos.

welcome and thanks a lot for your comment..keep steeming

This deserves some attention. Upvoted and resteemed...

Thanks a lot, keep steeming to more success

And i thought i could see drama in only FB. -_-
But then again, with great power comes great responsibility.
Ne(e)d i say more? ;)

haha..good one indeed..I agree

I steer away from drama and spread good vibes as much as i can! :)

well said. Thanks for your comment.

Always a pleasure... :)

Welcome, following you now in order to stay in touch and send in my support. Success to you.

Followed you up too! More power and more engaging talks to come... :)

Welcome to Steemit! I wish you a good day and inspiration to create in our community! Please follow me :)

Ah yes, the downvote. We know that the steemit voting system was created with a checks and balances opportunity built into it. With the freedom to upvote comes the freedom to downvote.

Personally, I have never flagged a single post or comment (unless I did so unintentionally by "fat-fingering" on my phone. Though I have not downvoted others myself, I believe that they serve a purpose and were built in with good reason.

Obviously spammers, scammers, and plagiarists are some great enough reasons for the downvote to exist. Even when a reputation becomes negative, these people can still post and comment, so other than losing some visibility, they have not "lost it all." At least one user has even returned from a negative rep after a while, which is good that a person can learn their lesson and change their ways.

As for post payout disputes, I think that the downvote is a useful tool as well. I have personally received a number of downvotes for a variety of reasons, but most of them fall into this category from back when the abit/smooth experiment went down.

Getting flagged can hurt, and I have felt that pain. When I received my first whale flag my reaction was about like this.

Yes, I got over it and pressed on. (In fact, I even talked to that particular whale about a few things and they removed the downvote!)

Anyway, I think that steemit and the world are both big enough to leave room for differences of opinions. If people want to fight and use them against one another, they are certainly free to do so. But, we know that people do not always exercise their freedom in the most beneficial or wise ways.

You made very good points, I agree. Thanks for your comment.

Also, I would edit your post to remove #introduceyourself and use another tag instead, perhaps even #steemit since that seems like it would be more applicable.

Great, will do. Thanks

I have only downvvoted once and it was with someone who was expressing a very racist agenda that was scammed on a blog of mine. Looking back I probably should have done it one other time but I am a nice guy. There is a place for downvoting if it is utilized with wisdom and discretion. Scanning and trolling may be two examples. Thanks for sharing. - Troy

Good point
just see a reason to down vote. This blogger copied and pasted the same post I posted

Of course, I totally agree with you.

Thanks, for your comment. Good point.

Ever think it might be a bigger picture than just the content they're posting?

They have been delegated power. If they are miss-using this privilege, I am assuming that regardless of the contents of the posts, the owners will correct this. Of course, this is just theory, and no current fact.

If I were to blame content, I can't find anything wrong with @officialfuzzy or @sweetsssj. They are both posting great content. The situation must be bigger than that. What I don't want to see is people just ranting-on about something they aren't able to base any evidence on.

Further-more, @Ned and @Dan have the right to do this. They created this very platform, giving so many of these people the opportunities they are reaping rewards from, I trust they have a good reason for doing what it is they're doing.

I am not taking any sides in this. I like @officialfuzzy, don't have anything against him! I love @sweetsssj for the person she is! I also respect both @Dan and @Ned for the things they have done.

Let's all just be happy :)

Very good comment indeed. I agree with you hence if you read my post carefully you will see that I advised those screaming to take it cool and dont come into premature conclusion without knowing the reason behind the down voting. Thanks for your comment

Awesome stuff brother. Glad we are on the same page! Congrats on this post. I came accross it in the hot category.

We should engage in each other's content more. I will give you a follow. Talk soon.

I agree, following you and will certainly stay in touch. Keep steeming to more success

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I think before people start accusing @dan and @ned of misusing some sort of perceived power or authority they should at the very least find out why such actions are being taken. I for one refuse to believe Ned and Dan took those actions out of any kind of malice or power crazed activity and so, therefore, feel there must be an underlying valid reason that I am not aware of.

Personally, I don't have an issue with sweetsssj being downvoted. I'm not sure what value she brings to Steemit other than her own benefit anyway. She's already huge on the Internet and looking at her stuff it was mostly a carbon copy of what she posted on her other sites which I hasten to add she was earning money from as well! Having read a lot of the so called sweetsssj defence posts it would seem the authors were more interested in the girl herself rather than any of her work. o_O

I don't know enough about cryptocurrencies or Steemit for that matter to be qualified to comment on @officialfuzzy from what I've seen of his work I have to say it does look like he tries to help others within the community however maybe there's something dodgy about beyondbits?

These are just my opinions .

your remark...
Personally, I don't have an issue with sweetsssj being downvoted. I'm not sure what value she brings to Steemit other than her own benefit anyway.
I think with all due respect you are wrong... @sweetsssj blog post on travel has brought a lot of people to steemit who google search those locations like Atlantis etc and finds detailed info through her blog and because of that register in steemit. More so, its very entertaining... Her work is always on point as such many steemian love to read, comment plus upvote her posts... So we need a good reason for such downvotes on such a great blogger because to our knowledge she is not breaking any rules and rather bringing value to steemit with her own great content. If she uses same blogs on other sites, it is her business as long as she owns it....I think she needs our support rather than discouraging the young lady.

Anyways, everyone to their own opinion...

Na, if you Google sweetsssj the first results are her Youtube channel. which has been going far longer than Steemit (Joined 7 Oct 2012) I suspect these people you say she has brought were already following her on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I seriously doubt anyone has joined Steemit because they found her on the web.

Nope, you're absolutely correct. She's breaking no rules whatsoever all the stuff she copies and regurgitates from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are her own content which she is perfectly entitled to post on Steemit. I just feel she's making enough money out of those other services without taking steem dollars from here which requires no work per-say on her part other than copy-n-paste from her other sites.

I look at her stuff from time to time but I don't follow her and I certainly don't give her any of my valuable votes, I'll give mine to those who are trying to build up their following on Steemit. :-)

There's a whole raft of 'Travellers' on Steemit. :-)

well... no argument on this but as i pointed out earlier, everyone to their own opinion
to me am 1month plus in steemit and i see the vaue she creates...and how much she makes is entirely because steemians love her work...
i admire your resolve to target your upvotes to steemians who are struggling to come up like me...whose blog posts sometimes struggles to make it over 1$... but never discouraged...
i know in steemit there are lots of travelers and good ones at that...i fo enjoy their posts but this lady is awesome...and her narratives and attention to details is next to none.. but as i reiterated own opinion...
which are do you blog?

I post about everything and anything. my main subject (At the minute) is

checking it out now
do check mine out too... will update

The problem here is that @ned and @dan will not give an explanation why they downvoted. As long as that persists their actions can be considered bullying.

Maybe they feel bullied by the demands?
Seriously, you'd have t be crazy to think that @ned and @dan see Steemit as some kind of fiefdom, and if people do think that then why are they not leaving in droves?

I think it's all a storm in a teacup that'll blow over in a few days and then, possibly, we'll find out the real issue.

Feeling bullied by legitimate request of the community? They should have thought about that before they started this great system ;-)

I hope you're right and it will blow over, but it does demonstrate a flaw in the system we need to address.

As far as people leaving, we may not see that yet, but if this trend continues I'm afraid we'll have a large group of users that no longer, or only marginally, contribute.

Let's wait and see, until than Steem-on.

There's a fair few I 'd like to see leave or at the very least change their behaviour. :-)

I'm not going to get upset about someone who goes on funded holidays by the places they visit to write reviews about their hosted location. And then re-posts that stuff on steemit but sticks the steemit logo on the pictures to give the pretence of exclusivity. I have no issue with sweetsssj personally what I disliked was the fact she brought over a lot of followers from her other sites and then started hoovering up votes that could have gone to less fortunate hard working minnows and from what little I saw rarely if ever rewarded comments thus spreading some of that good fortune around.

Again, that's just how I feel about the subject. Your view may well be different to mine. :-)

It is firstly not our problem. What did we do to think we have the right to demand an explanation? I am doing no such thing. I made my point along-side @dickturpin's point. That is that there has to be a bigger reason for this. None of these people are stupid enough to just mess around with all this power.

You do realize you are ranting-on about the very founders of this platform? They have the right to do whatever they want, quite frankly.

I absolutely love @sweetsssj for the value she brings to this platform. If anyone here knew even the slightest of how hard that young-lady works, you would disregard anything you have said about her. She deserves every bit of success she has made here.

Personally, I believe a person only has a say, once they have paid the price. Try taking 1000 pictures in a day, then trying to sort through all of them, then pick the best ones down to a single few photos, then edit each one.. And that's only like 20% of the whole process. Forget about content as a whole. Try replying, in-depth, to over 250+ comments per post! She doesn't make enough!

Anyways, I literally wrote enough on this thread already to make a full post lol.

Cheers, and let's all be friends :) Instead of worrying about other people's crap, just work on yourself and achieve your own dreams! Talk soon.

I think that Sweetsssj adds value here with her high quality posts and great for steemit...however very good point indeed, thanks for your comment.

indeed its a motivational killer i just hate those who did down-vote on other post without any reason we need to report them ...

Good point, thanks for your comment

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@charles1 I personally think that if someone is going to down vote someone's content it is their right to do so as the functionality exists on the platform but it should be built into the platform that you need to provide an explanation as well. This in my opinion will be one of the main reasons that drive people away from Steemit if those with massive powered up Steem Power are allowed to act without reason as it relates to down voting someone else content.

A lot of good discussion going on here @charles1
If you think your post has been copied do a link drop and explanation here - I'm assuming that page is still being used.

wow, thanks a lot for the tip and your comment. Yes my post was copied and some the plagiarist has been flagged . I will check the link you sent me. Thanks for all your support, bless you.

I've had that happen with my posts, they just copied everything but my name! The community spotted it, helped me report it and the culprit was flagged to oblivion!

Haha good one. The same thing happened to me yesterday . The person copied all plus my initial tags except my name and I was lucky to check my tags and saw the same post (haha). @papa-pepper replied me that the same happened to him too. I think we have many uneducated criminal who do not care about plagiarism . During my Uni days in England, it was like a crime against humanity ..haha .
Always glad to hear from you, bless you.

Just cheeky folks trying their luck to get a few cent!

I agree..and they lose at last. Thanks for your comment.

It is like we are finding/following all the same stuff.
I am familiar with all of the recent examples you gave.
I agree that flag battles are not right!
And while I am not a fan of (at)craig-grant,
I don't think that a flag battle was the answer there (unless he was criminally misleading people or scaming people).
Crazy, just crazy.
Anyway, hope this post has the positive impact you desire!!!
Peace brother!

I agree with you , good point indeed.

Thanks for this very much needed post, I was thinking about some divisions in the steemit community(among the others the attack on people that vote their own comments).

The only experience I had with downvoting was with a bad person that threatened me with legal actions etc.(with 0 reasonable reasons) , an angry scammer that was exposed by my posts aswell. As far as today the only experience I have with downvote is that person who clearly deserved it.

From what I see, the downvotes, as much as autovoting own comments, are free to use. Steemit is not made only by whales and individuals, but by communities too, and this is what people have to understand, power must be used wisely, or it will ruin part of the community, we want it to grow, not to fall!

very good point and comment

very good point indeed, thanks

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page about Flag. Thanks and good luck again!

welcome, thanks a lot

I think you highlighted the issues well.

There is a use for the flag/downvote and it is a good thing that it is part of our Steemit repertoire. However, utilizing that tool in an unjust way is sure to be met with the backlash of the community. It goes to show that the strength of this place is the quality we expect from each other.