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Being one of the steemers here is just amazing, i met a lot of people here not personally but they are all good and kind. I wouldn't met all those awesome people without steemit. Steemit helps us a lot. I'm thankful to those people who upvoted and upvoting my post, i know some of you read my post about me being pregnant and now my baby is almost here, i'm going to give birth in a couple of weeks.

Some back story on the situation
2 months ago, I posted about the people on our back Dog Killers, but it didn't make money, this people at the back making fire every morning and afternoon. Our baby can't breath this smoke it's bad for the baby.

Help us to relocate and to buy some baby supplies, we are broke right now, our wallets are bleeding. We don't have enough money to move house and we don't have much time to save up bcos i'm going to give birth in a couple of weeks. Please pray for my family and my big day! (hehehe)

A request for help in Steemit Network
I'm asking for your donation to help us move and to buy the rest of baby supplies that we need.
@papa-pepper encourage me make a post about my situation and i did hoping that a lot of fellow steemers will give an upvote and donations. We need atleast around $800-900 all together for the rent money and baby supplies.
@papa-pepper's donation proof.

A big thank you papa-pepper for helping me. I appreciate this 😃

We need the $800 before the end of the month. 25 of January 😢


In case you only had Bitcoin but want to donate:


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Thank you so much!

Come on people upvote and resteem this post!

I'll keep the SBD coming as I earn it!

I hope that others will help.

Upvoted of course and I am going to donate some SD to you now. Good luck and I hope a lot of people will help you out! Can't wait to see the baby shots! :D

Hi sister! Thanks for your donation. Me too so excited to see the baby but i'm also scared at the same time idk how to give a birth hehehe

I have no clue how giving birth works either. I assume the little one will just stick his head out at one moment! Lol. I am glad I could help and I really hope that you can move soon to a better place! I hope many people will jump in and help!

Yeah, we're just worried with the baby. We don't want her to breath in smoke from the people at the back ofour house. :( Thats everyday, everymorning we have to close our windows, door. But you know it still coming in. :(

upvoted and resteemed. will donate $10 within 10 days, promised.
Fellows! I've been following @awesomenyl for quite some time, this is a lovely young couple expecting a new family member that needs our help. let's show how this community can help. sometimes it is actually us that are blessed - because we are lucky enough to be in a position to change others' lives, in a good way.

@deanliu, thank you for helping. :)
and for your re-steemed! God Bless you us all.

Well said @deanliu!

Excellent example on the pledge!

papa's action speaks louder than my words! :)

Here's a little upvote and I sincerely hope the contributions will help you make this dream come true. This Steemit community is outstanding and as it rises becomes even more amazing. All for one and one for all!!! Namaste :)

upvoted and just sent some BTC, Godspeed.

awww. Thank you i saw it! God Bless you! This will help us. 😊

Upvoted and sent some SBD, it's in your wallet now. Good luck :)

Thank you so much @dragosroua! Apprecited it. :)

Up'd, Resteemd and I will make a donation soon. :)

Thank you so much for helping, and for your re-steemed! God Bless :)

It's the least that I could do. :)

I don't have much, my posts don't seem to make much, but I'm glad to help.

Thanks @richq11, re-steeming it is already a big help. :)

I just hope everything turns out ok...I know what you're going through. I'm a father, grandfather & great-grandfather...I've been through the tough times too. Things will get better!

Yes, things will get better!
Thank you so much for your donations. That's a big help. :) I wish i have this person called "father". I grew up only seeing my mom.

@anotherjoe, Thank for the donation and re-steemed . God Bless! :)

@gringalious Thanks, for your re-steemed! :) God Bless you. :*

Keep posting regularly I think it can definitely be done through upvoting - as more people find out the earnings should go up and hopefully you can get your situation sorted!

donated and resteemed :)

Salamaaaaaat ng marami. :)

Upvoted and re-steemed...dont worry humanity is not dead will get your help....if you want to see a video to get hope see my blog @awesomenyl

Yes! Thanks for helping. :)

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@awesomenyl I upvoted your post but I havent sent your wallet anything, yet.

I find the $800 pretty big to ask the community. It's a lot of money - that would be an estimate of 40, 000 peso and I wonder why you need that much.

Are you going to be CS? Why the urgency? Sorry if I ask you many questions but it's quite a huge amount to ask although its a request. How much is the rent going to cost and where are you going to move? I used to live in Makati in a condo and I was paying 5k back then. I understand that there is a baby on the way, I just couldn't believe the huge amount you need. Don't get me wrong these are all honest questions.

Hi, For 1 month advance and deposit, and dito kame sa laguna, wala na ngayong 5k na upa, i meron pero parang room typ lang sya. Nag hahanap kame ng maayos na malilipatan dahil ayoko mag kasakit ung baby dahil sa usok na malalanghap nya dito. We're not renting a condo, renting condo now a days is lessthan 20,000. we can't afford that. we are just renting in a small house rn. I'm asking for help to steemit community bcos we are broke rn, there no enough time to save up cos im almost due. At saka, for baby supplies nadin meron na ko nabili nung una kaya lang kulang. kasi may pinag gamitan kMe ng pera. Kelan ka po ba huling tumira sa pilipinas?

@awesomenyl A friend took over the unit and just paying 6500. I understand that you will be needing 1 month advanced and 1 month deposit.
As for renting a condo unit in laguna it'll cost you more.
Thank you for answering the questions though I find it pretty straightforward to ask other people $800, I'm not going to be giving it to you so no biggie. I can only give you a small help am sorry.

You dont have to say sorry, thanks for your help. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Hello @awesomenyl, we donated all the liquid steem we had available and resteemed your post.

Best of luck to you!

Hello! Thank you so much for the donation and re steemed. A big big thanks!

Congratulations on that the baby is soon her. Its the biggest thing in the world, to become a parent.

Thank you. Yes she's our biggest blessing. :)

Upvoted, followed and re-steemed. Good luck!

thank you so much for the support! God Bless! :)

Great commitment, all the best! Upvoted and resteemed

I'm new here so I don't have any steem or BTC to give you, but I upvoted & resteemed.

No, thank you. Thats already a big help