Beautiful Baby Bump

in #life6 years ago

My wife @awesomenyl is the most loving, beautiful woman in the universe. Keep up the good work, Babe! You're an awesome wife.

Also, I'd like some of your pork sinigang tonight. (I'll clean up the kitchen - I promise.) :-P

Seriously, Steemers: she's the best, and she's going to be an incredible mom. We haven't gone to find out if our baby is a boy or girl yet, but we'll find out soon.

Any name suggestions (for either sex)? We're having trouble coming up with cool-sounding, not-so-common names to choose from.


Ummm.....Araminta? For a girl's name?

Hmmm...Any other suggestions? :-)

Ara Mina after the local movie star...

I like it, our next bump should be showing soon.


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