Help Us Move Away From Dog Killers!

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Hey, Steemers. As many of you know, my husband @expatlove and I are living in the Philippines and we're currently expecting a baby. I'm 26 weeks pregnant now and the pregnancy is going well. Baby is kicking a lot. :-)

For the past few months, we've been living in a nice, peaceful, gated neighborhood just a couple of blocks away from my sister. Filipinos love being close to family and, incidentally, so do Cubans. Hence, @expatlove has had no problems living so closely to family members of mine, having them be a part of our daily life.

Generally, we're happy, but now, we want to move to another province, close to other family members of mine. Why? Well, we're having some major problems with the people who stay out back in a makeshift shack. After seeing the pictures below, hopefully you'll have a problem with them as well. If you love dogs as I do, take this as a warning: maybe you don't want to see the pictures.

Before I show them to you, let me say that these people don't pay to live in our subdivision; they just say that they own the land behind our place. We feel bad for them due to their obvious poverty, but they constantly build fires behind our place even though the armed guard out front has told them to stop. Also, as said above, they kill dogs (in violation of Republic Act 8485), and a lady associated with them has publicly yelled and intimidated me over our complaints about the constant fires.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures that @expatlove took yesterday from a window out back.

With the way things work out here, there's not a whole lot that we can do. Even if a report is filed against them (we're going to file one), things aren't bound to change a whole lot. Apparently, these people have been here for years, doing what they now do, and others have had problems with them in the past.

While @expatlove and I like our current place and neighborhood in general, we can no longer live here. And with medical bills, daily expenses, a baby on the way, etc., it will probably be a little while before we can pick up and go. A move wasn't in our plans for the immediate future.

This is where you come in! All proceeds from this post will go directly to a moving fund. The aggressive, fire-making, dog-killing people out back aren't going anywhere anytime soon, but we are, and the sooner, the better. If any whales can help support us in this, it will be greatly appreciated!

Salamat po (thank you)!

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Absolutely fucking disgusting. Does your Country allow for the Private use of firearms? If so, I would go over there and shut their shit down with about four armed men. If the Government won't enforce the law it becomes the moral obligation of the citizens to take up arms and stop this kind of crap.

Somebody needs to put people like this out of their misery. It is disgusting.

Over here, you can be shot or jailed for a long time for smoking some weed, but this? Pffff...People get away with this sort of thing all the time.


Hang those bottom of the barrel fucks with razorwire


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