SBD Price Be Like (Comic)

Took a break from working on [my comic] to... doodle this other comic LMAO

sbd price be like.png
(I was using to check the value of it)

I had the sense to not turn ALL of my SBD into Steem... but... I did convert about half of it XD;;;

I'm just glad I didn't turn it into Bitcoin right away lol, because apparently the value of it dropped a lot overnight. Which means now might be a good time to buy some, since it's a bit cheaper?? >:3c Huhuhu LOL

((Oh, hey, btw, I'm accepting art trades right now, anybody interested??? [link]))

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Hahaha..Yeah, same here, i also have no idea what is happennig...hahaha


CRAYYYYzy stuff, man, craaazy stuff! :0
Looks like SBD's gone back down to $5, tho. Who knows what's gonna happen tho?? LOL

Haha, that last expression - so good! Great work :D


AAAA THank you! And sorry for the late reply ; w ;)
Ffljlsjfks the fourth panel tends to be my favorite to do, just from it being really great at being a "reaction panel" LOL

I have to figure this currency thing out. It's making me crazy. Following because Toons!


Ah, hey! @deimus has a series called Decentralized in 5 that explains a lot about crypto stuff.
I... Think this is the first post he made about it?? [link]

Also, thanks :3c I'll try not to dissappoint! <3


Cool. Watching -

Hahaha... the value went crazy... have no idea what is happening...


FFFFFFFFFF Neither do I omg--

This is actually the second time I know of that it did this?? But it never went THAT high before!! x_x)

The fact that it's able to get that high to begin with is CRAZY, because it's somehow supposed to be pegged to $1?? It's weird;;; 😂