making Skaar "the Breaker"!

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Greetings Steemians, todays post feature the second of our brave heroes, Skaar "the Breaker"!Skaar2.10.jpg
I began with sketching the figure in Autodesk Sketchbook, with my Huion graphics tablet, I went through a few sketches before settling on the one I would use for the line art.
At this point I decided that "less is more" and came up with this.
Something still wasn't clicking, so I tweaked the original sketch into something a little more "cartoony".
Skaar2.3.jpgWhich led to my final sketch. From here, It's onto the penciling, Autodesk Sketchbook has several tools that provide the exact look of traditional wood and mechanical pencils.
With the pencils finished, It's time for colors! I begin by opening a new layer in Sketchbook, and set it to "Multiply", this way the colors do not overlap the line art. From here, I start the "base coat"
From here I begin to utilize other colors for highlight and shading, still keeping things somewhat simple. At the same time, I also erase the excess colors, cleaning up the image.
Finally, I decided to try something new and add another layer in back of the character to create a color background. I am quiet pleased with the end result.
See you next time, and remember. "Keep Steemin"!


Awesome artwork @maggie51 Thanks for sharing the step by step..^^

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

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Thanks, I didn't expect such a warm welcome.

Haha amazing, I'm telling you. :D Nice to see you thrive and be successful! I will follow both your account and your work, and try to learn from and keep up with you! (And I am only 30 xD)

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Thank you for the vote

Your post has been very nice .... Like it :)

I am trully amazed by these kinds of works and honestly im quite frustrated with digital art. ive been practicing painting for quite some time now and still havnt learned enough. thanks to these kinds of post i really learned a lot. thanks man and hoping to see more of your works :)
by d way heres one of my works and hope it would help everyone as well. thanks and kudos!

Hey, thanks for the support, and don't let digital art get you down. I'm still very new to it myself, and have just begun to scratch the surface. I'll be posting more images soon with more details on the steps I use.

haha nice to see I am not alone; let us learn together! :D

que bien quedo me gusto mucho el diseño de tu personaje tienes un seguidor mas :)

excellent post! I like the way you give all of us the explanation about your process! I am learning to paint in digital as well. Regards

I highly recommend Autodesk Sketchbook. I've tried other programs, but find Autodesk to be the most user friendly.

Ha-Ha!! I have always liked Hulk, glad you liked it.

Looks great Maggie! Is the Skaar The Breaker part of a story you are making?

Yes actually, I run Dungeons and Dragons games for my family, Skaar is my son's character.

OMG you are such a cool person! I can barely believe you are a grandmother! The fact that you made this work made me think you were in your twenties or thirties! And you even run D&D games! My God such a blessing to be so energetic, keep going, keep Steeming, and a thousand blessings for you.


Hello Maggie,

great job ur Skaar - Hulks only son i like ur Artwork. The Pants are looking little bit like Obelix :)

If u like Skaar as Actionfigure or need some ohter actionfigures as idea for another artwork take a look in my blog

(upvoted and followed)

Thanks for the upvote and follow, glad you liked it, I will be checking your blog further for ideas :)

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