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RE: Introducing Discord Server: Steemit Webcomics - Colaborate and Have Fun

Your idea is a great one ... and I do hope you get some response from your post. If not keep putting the invitation out there every once in a while. It can take time for people to find it ... or tell their friends ... or get back to you. Time is tight for everyone these days. So, hoping to help ... as I was assembling TDWS a few nights ago, your post made its way into my new curation project The Inbox Runneth Over. You can find your post showcased at this link.

If you don't get the response you're hoping for right away ... keep asking. Tell other writers and artists about it. Maybe you'll soon assemble your own little crew of creators. Meanwhile, we are looking at ways to boost your ongoing success in Steemit. After some discussion between us last night, @catweasel and I hit on a plan. See that little treasure in your upvote list from davidconstantine? That's from us.

That's how we decided to reward the content providers in The Inbox Runneth Over. It more than exhausts our own shared SP trying to keep up with all you guys ... so I recruited some elf and fairy spirit helpers to act on our behalf. We hope you approve. Don't spend it all in one place. Also ... keep writing. Keep drawing. Keep putting together a community of talent. For many reasons I won't go into here, now is an especially good time for that. Have a lovely day!



Thank you @enchantedspirit for considering my post for curation :D! I really do hope this community grows a lot! there are a lot of great artist that are hidden in the sea of steemit and I just want to give them the opportunity to share their content with people who like the same things. Thanks again for the support :), you have a great day!

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