Why I do declare! - It's 1861 in the Steem World Social Experiment and a Civil War is Unfolding

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Click image or read it here: https://steemit.com/steem-bounty/@steem-bounty/new-voting-service-by-steem-bounty

Just in case you missed this in your feed, here's a new service that makes sense and dispenses with the gimmicks (i.e. 'quality content' voting circles and category-specific requirements). It's a matched voting circle. Well-intended organizers are kindly helping to ensure we all mind the boundaries of our rank and order here on Steemit.

It's similar to apartheid, where you get to socialize with your kind and class, but not with the wealthy ruling class, or visa versa. I'm glad to see it, after running into a few self-important authors, who get defensive and OFFENSIVE when low-vote-power folks, or DUST - like me - vote on the 'quality content' posts that they've artificially boosted to trending with paid upvote bots! Who can blame them, right? They paid good money to gain exposure and don't want curation crumbs falling into the hands of "plankton", "minnows" or "redfish"!

Here's an example of being accused of stealing from a heavily bot-voted trending post (Be sure to read follow-up comments. There's more about the REALITY of the toxic Steemit societal rules here too!):

Truly, I have become reluctant to upvote posts that I've actually read and appreciated, without checking the rewards value first. Why? Because Vote-Power-Apartheid is the LAW now and has been a loudly spoken 'etiquette rule' from the foundation of this platform. That's the system here on Steemit - you can get punished into poverty by heavy-weights and unscrupulously programmed bots committed to keeping the blockchain 'clean' of the drivel and filth of unrefined 'low quality' 'abusers'. And if you're 'working' your way up the food-chain (see the White Paper listed in the hamburger menu, top-right on Steemit) you'll have to capture the attention of wealthy dolphins and whales to get a few pennies worth in rewards. Sounds like prostitution, doesn't it?

So, for the wee plankton on Steemit, do yourselves a favor and sign up for the Vote Exchange Club. It will save you from the embarrassment of being accused of stealing curation reward crumbs when you actually just wanted to say you LIKE or appreciate a post.

If you're really, REALLY new to Steemit, here's some sage advice I've learned:

  • Do NOT like posts or comments with high rewards accumulated;
  • Do NOT leave a generic comment, such as "Great post!";
  • Do NOT post with the incorrect category tag;
  • Do NOT forget to properly format quotes with the ">" tag;
  • Do NOT forget to cite your sources and attribute copyright ownership;
  • DO NOT copy/paste your own work from other blogs;
  • DO NOT use Steemit to syndicate YOUR OWN established news outlet articles;
  • DO NOT forget that after 7 days your posts cannot be edited;
  • DO NOT forget that votes on posts older than 7 days are worthless.

If you forget any one of these rules you risk the chance of either being scolded or having your reputation score negatively affected by down-votes from 'community members' in person or represented by delegated down-vote bots.

Don't vote or comment on high-rewards posts, because you and me are the Steemian NIGGER CLASS and we oughtta keep to our own kind, keep our heads low and avoid provoking the ire of the wealthy folks ruling the platform.

Fortunately, to assuage the concerns about small fish nibbling away at the rewards of the SHARKS on Steemit, the programmers implemented a solution on Sep 25 with Hardfork 20, aka Velocity. Pertinent to plankton is the section on the DUST VOTE Threshold Changes. What's important is that all us nigger-plankton know our vote is worth ZERO when its value is less than .02!

Don't dat mean we be workin for FREE, MASSA? Yessa, it sho do mean dat!


Click image or read it here: https://steemit.com/steem/@steemitblog/steem-velocity-hardfork-hardfork-20

Also note timcliff's comment:

There are two “dust” thresholds, which can get a little confusing.
There is a dust payout threshold, which requires at least 0.02 worth of payout on a post/comment in order to receive a reward. (If the payout is less, it gets rounded down to zero.) This will be unaffected by the changes being proposed.

There is also a dust vote threshold, which is a minimum restriction on the size of votes that are allowed. This is what is changing, as described in the post.


Avoid a WHOOPIN from the MASSAS on Steemit
Know your place and wait for the scraps to be handed to you, like these folks.

Apartheid (South African English: /əˈpɑːrteɪd/; Afrikaans: [aˈpartɦəit], lit. "separateness") was a system of institutionalised racial segregation that existed in South Africa from 1948 until the early 1990s. Apartheid was characterised by an authoritarian political culture based on baasskap (or white supremacy), which encouraged state repression of Black African, Coloured, and Asian South Africans for the benefit of the nation's minority white population. The economic legacy and social effects of apartheid continue to the present day.

Now that we ALL see the actual results of Hardfork 20 and can understand the INTENT of high-stakes investors, devs, witnesses and delegates, on this platform, it isn't difficult for 'po folk' to recognize that their role here is and will always be to serve the massas. Posting provides the façade of a social media platform, but the true intent is controlling the distribution of and collecting profit from STEEM cryptocurrency. That's fine, but if demonizing new and small accounts by throwing them in with 'spammers' and cutting off their ability to post, vote and collect rewards is a necessary feature of the platform that enables investors to profit, the platform is JUNK as far as social platforms go. It's SOCIAL ENGINEERING by people who probably support EUGENICS!

Due to the fact that many components of the RC system are non-consensus, we can continue to adjust the resource pool budgets, track trends, and adjust charges incrementally over time so that we can meet our third goal of moving us toward sustainable pricing of blockchain operations.

In other words, the patch that has multiplied Resource Credits enough to allow basic use of this platform, will be adjusted DOWNWARD gradually. So while all us niggers just got a backhander WHOOPIN with HF20 and an ice pack to take down the swelling with a 10X boost, we is gonna get mo beatins' soon enough, cos dats what the massas hea likes doin'!

Be sure to read the comment section of the HF20 'restoring continuity' update post linked above. You can see how so many 'middle class' users recognize how damaging these platform principles are. They are resisting, but the authorities from on-high want exactly what has happened and will continue to happen. It's no accident! The devs merely MISJUDGED the negative feedback they are receiving in protest. Not that they care what us po folk think. It's the push-back from the middle class they didn't anticipate!

There are some good people here, but I do believe the fundamental agenda of Steemit Inc is to sell high and hope buyers sell low. Imagine, you buy at $4 and bolt when the value drops to $1. Steemit Inc keeps your $3 USD.

Has there been any official statement about the 'experiment' of DLive or its exit after exactly a year? Was the DLive experiment coordinated by Steemit and DLive?

How about those interface upgrades? Most people aren't even using Steemit to interact on the blockchain. They use SteemPeak or Busy. When a company doesn't REINVEST, you should know what that implies.

I'll leave you with a clip and a warning, folks. It's time for me to...

@berniesanders here's a 'shitpost' topic for you. Let the MASSAS FEEL THE BERN!



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WTF of good guy you are? Please contact me privately at [email protected] I am so happy to find you over this shit! With email nobody can stop our interaction!!

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I'll send you email. :)

This is scary, really is.

I just hope, for our sakes, this isn't true.

I went through the additional information in the comments. Seems @freedom is the Lord of the Blockchain


I discovered and documented in one of the comments here that freedom has a number of linked accounts. Users with an interest in knowing the truth, could pull data on all account names approving witnesses to get a fuller picture of all who have the user-rights to do so. The devs would likely know.

To my mind, the question is, "How is it that the power to approve/unapprove the top 20 witnesses is appointed to any one person or even a small group of people, when the system of witness voting is supposed to determine witness rank?" Voting by the 'community' in this supposedly 'democratic' process is a charade, if ultimately the counts of those votes are dismissed and invalidated by unilateral choices of a single controlling user or small group.

Have a look at this data, noting Voters (Ascending order) and Votes (Asc.) to see how the actual witness voting process is being ignored. The top 20 list would be significantly different if witness ranking actually was reflection of votes.

Using that same data source sort by Missed Blocks. It seems that nodes with poor performance can remain in the top 20 witness ranks.

I think 'somebody' needs to write out the real methodology and criteria used to determine the actual witness ranking system, but 'nobody' seems to be responsible or accountable. Perhaps someone out of the dev ranks will document the process.

The more I look, the more I find to validate the claim of classism on Steemit. Equating power with wealth is fundamental to Steemit. That's by design and right or wrong, it's the nature of this type of platform. What is objectionable is that people are using that design and their wealth to punish and marginalize the lowest ranking users. Plankton are vulnerable because of their poverty and can be behaviorally manipulated because of their willingness to please wealthy users. That's just the way it is, by design, here on Steemit.

PROOF!: If your vote value is worth less than $.02, it is worth ZERO at payout

This example shows that it is the CURATION rewards that are not paid out to upvoters, if their vote-value is below the $.02 threshold. In this example, the whole $.03 (.032 SP) in curation rewards went to the 1 voter with a vote-value over the threshold. Everyone else received nothing.


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"Hardfork Successful" -> "Hardfork Complete"...Yep
by berniesanders (71) • 4 days ago
It's time for our top 20 witness (who btw, are controlled by a single voting account) to step up and actually do something with the funds they are bringing in. Or, y'all can keep barely feeding the money tree, complying with all of @ned's wishes, and just wait for it to whither away.

How does someone end up being a top Steem witness?
by berniesanders (71) • a day ago
In case you are not aware, one single user currently has full control over the governance of the Steem blockchain. This is a fact. Without the vote from @pumpkin, who hasn't been "active" in 6 months, a user has no chance of becoming a top 20 witness, regardless of your contributions and voting by the rest of the community.

Pumpkin's SP & RC Standings and Activity on the Blockchain:
Vote Weight: 0.71 SP
Enough credits for approximately:
5 votes
5 transfers/powerups

Last post: 1970-01-01 00:00:00 (i.e. NEVER)
Last vote time: 2016-09-28 13:31:45


This looks like a strawman account. There's no point in voting witnesses and there's no hope for witnesses to get into the top 20 without taking over existing witness nodes, such as with the case of Jerry Banfield's node.

Who's responsible for managing witness accounts, other than pumpkin? Can't anyone step up to replace pumpkin, or is it that the top 20 witnesses are enjoying their indelible status into perpetuity? WAS THIS PLANNED FROM THE LAUCH OF STEEMIT? Or is this a matter of incompetence, willful negligence or malicious intent? @Ned, select a cause and FIX the problem.


I did some detective work. @smooth is approving/unapproving witnesses.

smooth approve witness timcliff 21 hours ago
smooth approve witness ausbitbank 21 hours ago
smooth approve witness lukestokes.mhth 21 hours ago
smooth unapprove witness timcliff 21 hours ago
smooth unapprove witness lukestokes.mhth 21 hours ago
smooth unapprove witness ausbitbank 21 hours ago


There was a time, early this year, where many smaller accounts were locked out. This was when the cryptomarket was on fire and the network was more heavily used. We will see the same thing happen with the new model. If traffic is heavy, those with almost no stake on the blockchain will be locked out.

Some might feel this will stunt STEEM's growth. It will not. The reason I state this is where are people going to go?

As one progresses and grows, either via investment or effort, the limitations will be lifted. Each SP will provide one with more access.

And isn't this how it should be? Those who give to the blockchain benefit either through direct SP or delegation from others who believe in them while those have other motives do not.


LOL! I think you're right. The arrogance of that statement is stunning. As though there are no alternative social media platforms, thus no one at the top need worry about losing the pathetic parasitic nigger class on Steemit.

The second statement I highlighted illustrates that the White Paper's original offer to either buy in or work up has shifted toward buying and leasing. I did see one comment recently that suggested that wealthier users delegate to their chosen new users. I could see that becoming a voting circle, resembling pimping, rather quickly. Not that it doesn't happen already. Of course it does. However, the emphasis is so strongly placed upon voting that actually reading and interacting, as though this were a genuine social media platform, is hardly a point of consideration. Steemit, as far as I've learned, is not a place for sharing ideas (otherwise known as 'shitpost') and having discussions.

I've had quite a few people approach me with the weku offer. Honestly, Steemit has turned me off of this type of platform with purely monetary ranking. Even if users had the option to sort by date to view 'New' posts, or sort by number of views or comments for a 'Popular' categy, that would be an improvement.

Any how, thanks for stopping by with a lifeline to an alternative platform. :)

So far, my preference is Minds. Users can boost their posts, exchange tokens, use their accounts to host paid advertisements and link back to their storefronts, blogs, videos. They can also add paywalls, should they choose to put up for-fee media. Writers could actually use Minds to host authored works that continue to offer rewards after a week. That's a huge incentive to authoring longer format content.

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Read again the timmcliff comment. If the total payout of a comment/ post is less than .02$, it does not receive any reward. However, the minimum value for a vote to increase the reward is different.

I explained that to you before, but you decided to keep saying the same without checking it.

DO NOT forget that after 7 days your posts cannot be edited;

HF20 removed that limitation

Unlimited Editing!
Before we go further into what changes users can expect after the Hardfork, we’re happy to announce that once all of the witnesses have begun running version 20 of steemd, we will be able to enable unlimited post editing on steemit.com!

Source: https://steemit.com/steem/@steemitblog/hardfork-20-what-to-expect-tomorrow?sort=trending

Anyway, it is true that Steemit have a big problem in allowing new users to get their posts noticed without using bidding bots, and that the new RC system is very harmful for them.


The Flat Rate Reduction applies to all users, regardless of vote-power. For instance, someone with 10SP will have the vote-power of 8.8SP. Someone with 1.2SP will now have zero vote-power. It is a less significant issue in comparison to the statements that:

  • "Votes that are below the threshold (.02) will be posted to the blockchain BUT THEY WILL HAVE NO IMPACT ON REWARDS"
  • "This change will make very weak votes worth nothing"

Likewise, enabling unlimited post editing is insignificant. What would be significant is unlimited reward oportunity after the 7-day window closes. And that would only be significant if old posts were enabled to render payouts after 7 days. I may edit that list point in my post AFTER 7 DAYS have passed.

The MOST SIGNIFICANT change brought about by HF20 relates to a shift in the founding principles on Steemit as expressed in this paragraph from the White Paper.

There are two ways people can get involved with a crypto-currency community: they can buy in, or they can work in. In both cases users are adding value to the currency, however, the vast majority of people have more free time than they do spare cash. Imagine the goal of bootstrapping a currency in a poor community with no actual cash but plenty of time. If people can earn money by working for one another then they will bootstrap value through mutual exchange facilitated by a fair accounting/currency system.



With the zeroing out of votes with values less than .02, small stakeholders can no longer support each other in the WORK IN growth option. The WORK IN option has been rendered obsolete by HF20. Small accounts will realize no rewards collected from the votes of their peers from now on.

The only work in option for small accounts now is to solicit and secure the attention of dolphins and whales, who will influence what is authored, through their decisions to financially support (or not support) content. This is not new. However, removing the option to work in, forces small users to either acquiesce to the whims and wishes of larger account holders or accept that their SP level will remain relatively static, BECAUSE THE VOTES OF THEIR PEERS ARE WORTHLESS NOW. A real-world comparison would be how university medical research projects, funded by pharmaceutical companies, tend to be biased in favor of financial donors.

There are several minnow support projects and these will be the saving grace of any new and small users, who are willing to continue using Steemit. However, it seems that some are already seeing their delegations pulled. A case in point is represented by fitinfun in their statement about ned pulling delegations from surpassinggoogle. Apparently, helping "minnows 24/7" is no longer an objective on the Steemit platform. In one of my own comments on this post, I reference the statement and provide a link to the original source.

If you are an investor, I suggest you heed the warning and start digging into issues evidencing Steemit Inc's about-face as such relates to expanding, developing, enhancing, supporting this platform and your stakes in it. Where's your leadership? Turn your attention toward the TOP now that the BOTTOM has been rendered impotent.

My comment on Steemit after HF20 atomic bomb:
@intellihandling so what you're say is that running the @steem-bounty program and contributing to other programs that are helping plankton earn rewards is MORE IMPORTANT to you than boosting your own RC, so you can comment and vote more. Well, to me, that is a very NOBLE and SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE objective. I understand your position here. Your concern is not for YOURSELF, as much as it is for all other small stakeholders here on Steemit, the NIGGER CLASS, as I like to affectionately call my peers.

I know you are aware that with HF20 votes with a value less than .02 will be rounded down to ZERO, further undermining the ability of the Steemian NIGGER CLASS to support each other with votes. While the 10X patch is temporarily allowing NIGGERS to vote and post, and although they may have dozens of votes from peers, the end result is a big FAT ZERO. So, the RC patch allows us NIGGERS to stay busy, voting and posting, but we are working for nothing - no rewards - here on Steemit. That's the bottom line. Succinctly, NIGGERS like you and me are no longer able to WORK IN, as was explained in the White Paper:

There are two ways people can get involved with a crypto-currency community: they can buy in, or they can work in. In both cases users are adding value to the currency, however, the vast majority of people have more free time than they do spare cash. Imagine the goal of bootstrapping a currency in a poor community with no actual cash but plenty of time. If people can earn money by working for one another then they will bootstrap value through mutual exchange facilitated by a fair accounting/currency system.

That option to WORK IN has been REVOKED and the original principles guiding the Steemit 'social platform' no longer apply. That, my NIGGER friend, is the bottom line.

Because your intentions are NOBLE and your ETHICAL INTEGRITY is strong, I would like to delegate what little SPs I have to @steem-bounty, under your management. Please initiate discussions to guide me through that process by dropping a comment on my final post:

I am using that post to keep track of my last interactions here on Steemit. I may return in the future, and certainly wish to continue watching the platform, anticipating what I suspect will unfold as an unannounced, but PLANNED dissolution, quite similar to the 1-year DLive EXPERIMENT, which I suspect was arranged between DLive and Steemit Inc. If it wasn't a backroom deal, the lack of interest from Steemit Inc, illustrated by the absence of management to announce an official statement about the exit, speaks to the CEOs well-known disinterest in the platform, that can only be explained as INCOMPETENCE, WILLFUL NEGLEGENCE AND/OR MALICIOUS INTENT.

Please join me on my final post to work out the details of SP delegation.


Why doesn’t @ned use the network he created?
by berniesanders (71) • 7 days ago
Other than cashing out, @ned is barely active on Steemit/Steem. He doesn’t speak at conferences, and does literally nothing to make Steem more relevant in the cryptosphere.

Does anyone know what @ned actually does???

fitinfun (64) 7 days ago
I do not know one thing about this ned guy except that he recently pulled his large delegation from @surpassinggoogle. This has been a widespread tragedy over the last weeks as @surpassinggoogle helps minnows 24/7 and has all kinds of tags he developed, nurtures and supports.

Anyone can pull a delegation at any time and - thanks ned for the time you had it there. I hope you have a better place for this money, but I cannot imagine what it would be if you want minnows to succeed here.

I was late to this party and do not know the ned story at all beyond that issue. I have never seen any post or comment from ned in the 1.5 years I have been here. I am not saying he hasn't posted, but I have not seen it if he has.

Why do I post on a headless platform and watch people jump ship day after day? I have no idea...

Thanks for posting about pumpkin. I never knew that was a proxy account that defines who all the top witnesses are.

I am struggling to take a blind eye to your use of the N-word. It doesn't seem to bother you one bit. Do you think offending people with a racial slur helps to spread your message? Often, people will take one look at the open use of insulting profanity and they might either flag the post or stop reading and spend their time on something else.

I'm just here because I was looking for interesting steem-bounties to comment on. I'm glad I learned something new about the witness situation here. It's not a topic they like to discuss openly, even though it affects everyone. It gives me clarity why the top witness rarely bother to engage with the masses. It strengthens my resolve to never want to become a witness, and to be honest and true in who I am, even if it means being brutal with my words once in a while.


@creativetruth If my post, using the word NIGGER offends you, then the movie and book, "Twelve Years A Slave" should offend you and all the artwork depicting Afro-American slaves, who were indeed called NIGGERS by their MASTERS should offend you as well. You should be offended by the PRESENCE of apartheid and the negation of vote-value here on the wealth-value driven Steemit platform, but apparently, YOU ARE NOT. You are offended that I USE THE WORD that epitomizes the apartheid and negation of vote-value and the WORTHLESS status of plankton on the Steemit platform.

Can you think of another label that is more befitting than NIGGER to represent the plankton, whose votes, being worth less than .02, are now worth ZERO? Neither 'working poor' nor 'slave' suffice. NIGGER, connoting ZERO wealth, ZERO respect, ZERO freedom, ZERO value, is the exact word to use in depicting the status of plankton on Steemit.

Here's an exchange illustrating the condescending attitude that underlies this platform. Do you see how the MASSA corrects the NIGGER's INFERIOR use of the English language and directly accuses the NIGGER of BEGGING for upvotes? Do you see how the MASSA reminds the NIGGER that he is not entitled to rewards and that his work is WORTHLESS shit? Did you notice how the MASSA turned the discussion into a SELF-AGGRANDIZING commentary, but makes no attempt to understand what the NIGGER actually is imploring the post author to do?

Watch the RUN NIGGA RUN SONG clip, and decide if you see any correlations between the above exchange and the attitudes and actions depicted in the movie clip.

I am a NIGGER here and I am speaking to MY NIGGER CLASS. You aren't included in my class. YOU are a middle-class MASSA here and it seems you're attempting to scold me for the use of a word YOU DON'T LIKE to see used, but you don't have a counter-argument to the FACTS I've presented, establishing the perceived status of plankton as NIGGERS.

You don't LIKE the WORD used...but you don't seem to have any objection to the Steemit classism and negation of value that the word NIGGER exemplifies. How bout dat! Yous gonna come round us po people's shacks an tell me hows I's to behave and maybe yous gonna punish me with a down-vote too! Yous gonna avoid mixin up with my kind of low life, cos now yous understan why "the top witness rarely bother to engage with the masses"! Oooooh, Lordie! Looky hea all my NIGGER folk, I dun hook us a genuine MASSA fish with dis bait!

Note: My comment credits are limited, but I will eventually reply to comments on this post that I determine can further justify my position that Steemit's wealth-based classism is the fundamental principle driving the platform and the WORK IN option has been made obsolete by HF20.


Look, I am not easily offended, but I am very empathetic. I can hear how passionately charged up you are. Perhaps some is satire, and some is genuine, or a bit of both. I get it.

I do not use the N-word. It does not offend me. It pains me to know how it harms a culture for generations after the affects of slavery have vanished in law, but not in practice. I never demand or force to censor a person's speech and expression, because that should be a right for all humanity. When I asked why you use this word, you answered, and so I am thankful that I now understand better. The reason I do not use the N-word is because I would get lynched, tarred, and feathered for using it. My reputation would be attacked. I would be called a racist. Family and friends would disown me certainly for using a word meant to harm people. I've been called worse, much worse than racist. That word does not offend me either.

Though my resources are considered below the middle class, and I could hardly take another hit to my income by possibly losing my last job. Because I do not have elite associates born into positions of power, it is extremely difficult to get hired into most professional jobs. Even slave type work, I have felt the humiliating hurdles they make me jump through to apply for their jobs, only to be denied every time because my skin color was wrong. I know what it is like to be judged and despised wrongly. You assume you know me. You know nothing about me other than what I shared. Making assumptions and passing judgments is what you have done. Should I expect punishment for asking a question, or for existing too close to your home?

What confuses me now is why you are judging me and others who agree with your underlying message, but know they should beware to use this language themselves. How does creating enemies and division help you or anyone else who is suffering? I cannot help a person who fights back with stinging words, unless I numb my heart to them. Yes, I can completely turn off my emotions to not be offended. Then what? Then I have become a slave myself, conditioned to accept extreme injustice, unable to relate to the suffering of others. A sociopath.

Since I stand for Truth, I respect your message. Since I respect community, I do not have to respect the words you choose that divide them. What is your purpose? Are you effective in that purpose? Please do not worry I will cause harm to your steem account and reputation. I am not vindictive and revengeful. I have been trying to help others from the beginning. I do not look at skin color and reputation value when I vote. I do not sell my votes, or give them out automatically, I curate manually the posts that have most benefited me and others. I look at the content of the posts and the nature of the writers, hoping that they will continue to do good in the world.

Maybe my efforts to connect and interact with other cultures may not always be welcomed, but I will continue to try to understand people who may not accept me. I hope that does not cause hate and discord against me simply for existing, as a race and culture they despise, factors I can never change from the day I was born until the day I die. Life, in that respect is slavery: a pattern of existence that can never be escaped until the gift of death is received. To the best of my abilities I stay true to the Truth as best as I understand it. I would explain that Truth if you are interested.

Though your words are true in many ways, they are lashing out as weapons against me because you disagree with me, instead of sharpening your talents to further unite your cause. I hope my words make a positive impact.


@creativetruth, I will remind you of your words, "It gives me clarity why the top witness rarely bother to engage with the masses." Perhaps I have misjudged what you meant by that statement. Here's your chance to explain "why the top witness rarely bother to engage with the masses" and what your new-found clarity is with regard to the same. It is on the basis of that statement that I have judged you. Please do give me reason to change my opinion with an explanation of what you intended to express.

You wrote, "What confuses me now is why you are judging me and others who agree with your underlying message, but know they should beware to use this language themselves".

There's a phrase used often in the business world - Lead, follow or get out of the way. Obviously, you are neither leading, nor following in an effort to curtail, or at least expose, classism on the Steemit platform. Those who agree with my underlying message and stand idly by are consenting, enabling and entrenching classism.

I understand that you and others are financially depend upon Steemit for income. I am not and I'm not compromised by neediness. I am free to say what perhaps you and others should say, but are afraid to. The members of the NIGGER CLASS need to know what has happened with the rollout of HF20. Those who know aren't going to say and those who don't know are being dismissive.

I want to point something out to you. I could replace the word NIGGER here with VICTORIAN CHILD LABOURER, or NATIVE AMERICAN, or CHINESE AMERICAN, or ITALIAN-WOP AMERICAN, or CELT UNDER ROMAN RULE, or SAMARITAN UNDER ASSYRIAN RULE, or TIBETAN UNDER CHINESE RULE, or HINDU UNDER MUGHAL RULE and so on. I could even replace NIGGER with BOY, another word used by elites to express their condescending, contemptuous self-designated superiority over the under-class of many, many societies. This is NOT A RACE ISSUE, this is an ABUSE OF POWER ISSUE. Everyone knows what NIGGER means, even if they don't know how entrenched abuse of power is and how far back in human history it goes. Anyone who has been oppressed can related personally to the abuse experienced by the NIGGER we know very well.

And here it still is, alive on Steemit, where the wealthy have zeroed out the vote-value of plankton, centralized control over the top 20 witness list and abolished the work in option. There's monetary valuation on all sorting and ranking, 'low value' content is sent directly to the bottom. Even the 'New' category isn't sorted by creation datetime stamp, nor is the 'Hot' (popular) category ranked by number of views or comments. You will see only what money has already bought.

What's the ROI from feeding minnows? How do investors profit? Why are bots upvoting, while few read posts? It looks like a charade simulating a social network platform contrived for public optics.

They've begun reclaiming 'charity'.


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