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There seems to be a great deal of confusion about the business model in the Internet Age.

Here is a simply universal law of Informational Technology that applies to the entire online world.


  • Servers cost money
  • Memory costs money
  • Developers cost money
  • Hosting costs money
  • Domain names cost money

Everything has a cost.

One of the biggest misleading statements on STEEM is that it has no transactions cost. This is not true.

The true reads this way: STEEM has no DIRECT transactions cost.

Make no mistake about it, there is a cost. And someone is paying it. The only question comes down to who?

The uproar since Hard Fork 20 appears to be simply because so many do not understand the system. STEEM is not free now, nor was it before. There were costs to transactions and account creation. It simply is impossible to avoid these.

I see people saying many people are leaving. Where are they going? There is no such thing as a "free" social media site. It does not exist.

What about Weku? People are going there because it is free.

Does that network defy the laws of informational technology? Do they have servers, developers, and domain names? If they do, their system is not free.

I want you to think back to the situation with @dtube. Do you remember how people complained that they took 25% of the reward for a post to cover costs and for further development? This really upset people. So, when dlive came along while providing a free service, many jumped ship.

Of course, unknown to everyone was that dlive had an ulterior motive. Plus they had funding out of a $20M ICO. I bet if @dtube had $20M behind it, that would be free too.

The epitome of this discussion is Facebook. Everyone and their brother knows that behemoth makes a huge chunk of change. How do they do it? Well advertising is one way. Another is through the selling of data. Both of these are fairly well known.

There is another way that just came out. Facebook compiles phone numbers for "security" reasons. I guess if you lock yourself out of the account, they can text for verification. Pretty handy deal.

Do not think for a second that was their reasoning. The truth is the robocalls you get, there is a good chance Facebook is the reason.

It appears they were selling phone numbers that were received under the guise of "security".

So which of these appeals to everyone? We could make STEEM free by having the Witnesses place ads everywhere. That would allow STEEM to remain free. Then people could do whatever they wanted.

Or we could have Busy and Steemit sell all our data. They could install tracking devices, coupled with the ads, to monitor our every move. This would certain raise enough money that "free" would be possible.

Naturally, everyone on here should hate those ideas.



The model that is being embraced is called "freemium".

This is used in many industries. As you can tell it is a combination of free and premium. When combined, both aspects exist within the same system.

An example everyone might be familiar with is Dropbox. This is a very successful freemium organization. People can have free storage up to a couple GBs. After that, the pay model starts. Obviously, those with the free account do not get the same things as those who pay.

From what I understand, many games are this way. The free version gives someone access and a certain amount of activity before it locks one out. Over the next day or two, the system recharges giving access again. If one wants to play more without waiting, money is paid to gain greater access.

This is how STEEM is. People with more SP are able to conduct more activity on the blockchain. Those with less, will be limited. This was a topic on the Witness call yesterday. Obviously, there needs to be a level found where a newer person can interact in such a way to grow the account but does not receive the same abilities as those with more SP have.

Based upon many posts over the last few days, some seem to disagree with this. I guess they believe someone signing up should be given the same rights as one who was here contributing for 6-9 months. Does a new person really deserve the same level of access as someone who worked his or her butt off to get 500 SP?

Do not forget, all transactions do have a cost that someone is paying. I know many on here are into freedom, against socialism, and prefer free markets to reign. If that is the case, why do some who believe in that tout the idea of subsidizing activity?

There is no doubt it is a fine line that the community needs to find. It appears that accounts under 50 SP are the most affected. I know of one who is operating without a problem at 200 SP. She was doing her regular activity and her RC never dropped below 97%.

As I stated yesterday, on the Witness call, it was evident they are very mindful of newer people. We all know that people joining the STEEM blockchain is growth. This is needed.



The other day I put up an article that talked about STEEM becoming "exclusive". Some took exception to that term since it meant some are excluded. This really is not the case. The Resource Credits separate STEEM in the sense that costs are explicitly shown. This is a good thing. If we hope to attract businesses, this is something they need to know.

Another term that many complain about is "pay to play". They do not believe it is a good concept for people to have to pay to be on this blockchain. Well, to start, nobody needs to pay. One can still get an account via other means and grow.

Secondly, as one Witness mentioned, it is not pay to play as much as it is "invest to play". One is not really paying anyone anything. When buying STEEM and powering up, it is still your money. It still resides in your account. This is just an investment in one's activities on here.

Again, if 50 SP is the level where transacting gets difficult, that is about $45 USD right now. I know this is out of the range for a lot of people in the world. In those instances, there are other paths to pursue on here. However, for those who can afford it, like those in the west, that is a month worth of Starbucks visits. It is not the end of the world for someone who is serious about growing this as an economic vehicle for oneself.

The implementation of the Resource Credits simply make the cost of things evident. There was a time, early this year, where many smaller accounts were locked out. This was when the cryptomarket was on fire and the network was more heavily used. We will see the same thing happen with the new model. If traffic is heavy, those with almost no stake on the blockchain will be locked out.

Some might feel this will stunt STEEM's growth. It will not. The reason I state this is where are people going to go? There is no such thing as a free network. People are even waking up to the fact that Facebook and Reddit are not free.

Every blockchain is going to follow the same path. There will be creative ways to get around it but all have the same issue. Ultimately, someone is paying for the network to operate.

Fortunately, with the STEEM blockchain, there is versatility. As a freemium network, people can join through the applications, most of whom have enough RC to sign people up. This will give people basic interaction up to a certain limit each day.

For those who are earnest about being here, there are a number of alternatives to grow faster:

  • Purchase STEEM and power up
  • Receive SP delegation which also increases RC
  • Get RC from the pool (this is not for certain but @ned mentioned this in a post a while back)

Therefore, we see that STEEM is not a free blockchain but a FREEMIUM one. One does not need to put money in to access what is on here. However, when first starting, there will be limitation on what one can do. As one progresses and grows, either via investment or effort, the limitations will be lifted. Each SP will provide one with more access.

And isn't this how it should be? Those who give to the blockchain benefit either through direct SP or delegation from others who believe in them while those have other motives do not.

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Hmm... there is 7+ billon people on the planet. And only under 300 million STEEM. If you need to get 50 STEEM to interact with a platform, it's makes STEEM just a tiny elite club. Not a social media for masses, or "blockchain of opportunities".

People not mind to pay cost if they do not know about it. But if you charge them with a obvious paywall (even of it actually cheaper that way) - people get upset and get out.


The masses was 1900-2000 Era. The masses are no longer needed to create massive wealth now.

The basic economic model of a freemium game is that the small percentage of users who are willing to pay for premium services subsidize free play for the vast majority. Games then acquire a stream of paying premium players by acquiring vast numbers of free users and providing a constant stream of challenging content to keep them playing constantly and eventually inspire some of them to convert to giving them money.

It requires that free play be as appealing and addictive as possible while also making sure that the premium features you offer are both compelling and come at a reasonable perceived cost.

None of this really applies to the current incarnation of Steem. We've seen that the powers that be here really do not seem to care about user acquisition and retention, which is an absolutely key component of any freemium model. Plus the lecturing about "who pays their fair share" that accompanied RCs is a direct contradiction. In a freemium model everyone knows and accepts that the paying users are covering the costs.


We've seen that the powers that be here really do not seem to care about user acquisition and retention, which is an absolutely key component of any freemium model.

Who doesn't care about user acquisition and retention? If that is your answer, you are correct. They do not care. Nor do they care about their UI. @andrarchy reaffirmed that clearly. They are completely focused upon the blockchain and feel that is where their resources are best suited. Some might disagree but that is their viewpoint.

That said, do you think the people behind @steemhunt care about what you mention? @dtube? @actifit? I bet they do. The application developers are the ones who care because they are the ones who are the business owners.

And now with the ability to onboard their own users, they can drive traffic to their sites (hence here).

Plus the lecturing about "who pays their fair share" that accompanied RCs is a direct contradiction. In a freemium model everyone knows and accepts that the paying users are covering the costs.

Pretty hard to be a contradiction when that is what is happening here. If someone signs up new and lets say they get 5 posts, 10 upvotes, or 15 transactions per day. Who is covering that cost? By the way, who covered the cost for that person to sign up? Someone had to.

Now multiply that over 1M times for people who want to post a blog or two a day. Isn't that exactly what you described?


Exactly. It really should be up to each app to develop a business model for themselves. Network resources do not come for free and developing them is the province of Steemit Inc. If some app chooses to be ad powered and is successful, then that is precisely their own business and should not concern Steemit Inc or anyone else. We stakeholders own the infrastructure. That's all.


If facebook had required users to pay to post more than 1 or 2 cat photos a day, I suspect most of us would never have heard of facebook and that it would have gone the route of myspace. It may not be fair, but the reality is that Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. are the norm, and the norm is not two posts (including comments) per day, which is what a 15 SP account gets at this point. Add the byzantine rules on Steem and the lack of "friends" and you have a platform that is not all that attractive to new casual users who are not crypto or economic-experimentation geeks. Some time ago, I recall that a daughter of a Google Plus employee, when asked by her dad to use Google Plus replied by saying something like "Dad, social means where the people are, and the people are on Facebook."

The question is whether the application developers can mask the problems with Steem caused by the extreme proof of stake hierarchy, RCs, and the byzantine voting rules. If they can, things may work out, but if not, Steem can always hard fork again to try to address the issues.

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Interesting post but I don’t think the comparison with Freemium stands.
As a social media we need the network effect and to have the most people on our platform. By reducing the attractivité to join Steem for new members, we are basically letting other platforms fulfill this need.
I still didn’t get the point of HF20 to be honest...
prevent spam? Easier on boarding ?

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spot on

As a social media we need the network effect and to have the most people on our platform. By reducing the attractivité to join Steem for new members, we are basically letting other platforms fulfill this need.

network effect absolutely will not happen if people have to pay first to get in!! nope! not in a world of other "free" platforms (i say "free" because there is the cost of stolen data, etc, but people turn a blind eye to that and think it's free)

Following you is one of the things I never regret :) thanks for doing all this writeup about Steem and bringing up important points about HF20 that many people seem to miss or ignore.


Thank you for the kind words @reggaemuffin.

Like the old saying goes, I do this because I cant sing or dance.

I am going to start to delve into the Witnesses some to help spread the word. You are on my list to cover.


@taskmaster4450, I'm not witness or anyone important but I also want to express my thanks to you for your insightful articles!


Good shot out, I think taskmaster is with most of his views right on point. Most people complaining about Steem never see the bigger picture or are pationed enough to let things develop. He clearly makes a difference between businesses (dapps) and Steem Blockchain developers what I think most people get wrong or don't see the difference. @Reggaemuffin you are also one of the top carrying Witnesses here, good job!!!

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Just to echo a few comments I've seen here, including some of your own, I think that what's most important is getting users to try out the platform.

If a new user can't comment and like and follow at least a decent amount in their first go, they won't feel like investing.

Maybe a solution would be to offer a week long trial of sorts. Sign up, and you get a small bump to normal activity permissions. Not too much, and definitely not too little. The exact amount will be simple trial & error to find.

Then, after a week, that user gets an alert stating:
"Hey, thanks for being a weeklong Steemian! Pretty cool around here, right? Well, if you'd like to continue interacting at the same amount that you've been doing, we recommend you invest in your SP. If you need more time, don't worry, your account will stay open, your just going to be limited in the amount you can do each day." Follow this with a brief, layman's description of RC and the cost of running this platform. Something to that effect.

You'd then wanna direct users to a page where they'll be able to see roughly how many actions they'd get for investing a certain amount, like a slider.

I know Steem is new tech, but there's a lot we can learn from "old businesses" that we can use to our advantages.

Nice post, I enjoy reading your view on these recent matters, if not for at least being so positive in times of chaos lol ^_^

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i like your solution! if indeed we are going to stick with such low operation possibilities for the newcomers, i agree at least giving them a taste is a better option than just locking them out completely. no one will join if that's the case.


This is the best comment I have seen today. Let's not be blind to the obvious problems with this new system! Well, unless we want Steem to remain a closed circuit of old players and no new friends.

Every time I see something like this excerpt below, I'm infuriated because of how detrimental this can be to the future of the blockchain (relative to the limited range of emotions possible on a largely neglected blogging platform). I've been active on on almost a daily basis for 13 months and it doesn't grow old.

Who doesn't care about user acquisition and retention? If that is your answer, you are correct. They do not care. Nor do they care about their UI. @andrarchy reaffirmed that clearly. They are completely focused upon the blockchain and feel that is where their resources are best suited. Some might disagree but that is their viewpoint.

Business are made of lots of people, including westerners who drink Starbucks, and people who work in sweatshops because they have no other choice. Businesses also exist because they have customers they acquire and retain, i.e., more people.

How will businesses most likely hear about in the foreseeable future? The people/users that they retained that respect how they're valued, treated and would be willing to put their customers in the same environment. Just imagine if they cared more on these points, instead of giving them a free pass, or putting them on a pedestal for seeing some type of more grandiose picture it's suggested we must be naive for missing.

How many more potential business have been missed or will never come to fruition in the future because of this? This also applies to us seemingly low-priority users. It's common sense.

I've earned all my SP mostly because I don't want to put my money into a company who doesn't care about the items you reiterated above. While I enjoy the relationships, learning and interaction on this platform, I personally couldn't recommend a business to the blockchain, or would even build my business on here, unless the company showed other values. While businesses may use the blockchain in various ways, will likely be a large part of it on a user-level at some point.

People use the blockchain. is how many people form their judgments and opinions about the Steem blockchain, whether they should or not. While every transaction has a cost, or a "freemium", those who continue to feel that resources are not best spent on people (read: future business owners and customers beyond Steem Power holdings/transaction volume), really don't feel like the proper leadership to me for attracting the masses.

I feel that prioritizing the experience people have with the blockchain will lead to more success than a super highway with "100,000+ businesses" and "SMTs by last February", when they do arrive. It's like putting the cart before the horse.

Nice post in general.

While businesses may use the blockchain in various ways, will likely be a large part of it on a user-level at some point.

That is not the idea and for a very good reason. I predict that five years from now will be forgotten. It's a minimum viable product, a prototype, it's nowhere near in functionality or design modern where web applications need to be. It's a primitive web interface to the blockchain that was the first of its kind to succeed the command line client used by the hard core nerds who came here first.

The masses love apps that look and feel fantastic and function smoothly. They don't care about blockchains. The native token system on top of the app functionality is a big bonus.


All fair points. Thanks for engaging. I'd imagine this interface is as how you feel and will be because of how the company treats it. If it saw the interface as an invaluable means of staying connected to people/businesses/future businesses (even as a marketing platform), because the company will need all of this to be relevant and have value in the future, perhaps we'd be much further along on the roadmap and it wouldn't need to be deemed as a vestigial stepping stone. It's much harder to get new customers than retain current ones, and this site is the medium for achieving this for the foreseeable future. First impressions and ongoing reputation are priceless when more competition will be along in due time.

It is totally fine to say this, however steem must then not call themselves a chain with free transactions.

It's fine to switch, you just can't claim to have free transactions when you don't.

Steemit has been advertised as "earn rewards for your writing" for ages. That's what drew people here to a large extent. (Not me, to be honest, I came here to be able to comment on someone's posts.)

Your post is speaking a lot of truth but it is used by other users arguing EACH USER SHOULD INVEST FIAT MONEY into the Steemit project which

  • is something some users are not able too (mostly the ones from 3rd World countries)
  • should be left to each individual's choice
  • does not reflect there are other projects worth funding (some apps for example)

So .. yeah, I'm kinda blaming you because I cannot argue with each of them. ;)

Maybe this is the time where some people are delegating more to other users. Which in fact is the kind of socialism which is bullied by others. Still, it keeps our society going.

Then..its not free?

Taskmaster, I always appreciate how you are bringing so much positivity to the steem blockchain! thanks for that!

I do disagree with you in reality however, around the pay to play or more honestly invest to play scenario. Many people will not be willing to do this until they have a positive experience. Many people come to Steem through just stumbling across it on the internet and they will enter in on a trial basis- it's a users market at this point- I don't think Steem is reliable enough (as a place to earn through sharing) at this point to engage users through inviting them to power up a bit at the beginning. The threshold of experimenting here always has to be free, otherwise I see the community not being inviting for most people. Yes facebook sells your data (i no longer use it), but people are blind to that (or don't care?!). In an ideal world what you are saying is true, but I don't think people will care about the fact that none of this is free (previous "hidden" cost of interaction.)

The users under 50 SP need to be given some basic daily thresholds of being able to comment up to 30, vote 40-50 and power up money. Otherwise you're telling someone to engage to earn to power up to invest, but you're not giving them much bandwidth to do so. It's counter intuitive. If I was told I had to invest before I could ever get off the ground here, Steem would've lost me early on. I do like the incentive to power up to get MORE actions available on the blockchain, but absolute new users under 50 SP need more RC activities available to them.

Good analysis. So it is like petro-dollar, demand for dapp,use, transaction etc create demand and give it value.

A lot of people think everything should be free and complain when you need to pay. Those folks should create the socialist internet. ;)


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Nothing is free ...this is what i learnt many years ago. When i came to steemit and learned about free reward i was bit how could one give free reward without any cost involved...that time blockchain was totally new to the concept looks more realistic with the cost involved on every transaction...making it a complete plarform that offer services at certain cost....thanks for bringing this up so beautifully...👌

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It's the Steem blockchain; STEEM is the token but excellent post!

I really enjoyed your posts this last week @taskmaster4450, I mean, I always enjoy them, but this week was really crucial. Thank You.

I upvoted your post.

Mabuhay, keep steeming.

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Nailed it again Taskmaster. And it doesn't matter if it is internet related or not. If it is free - people assign it no value. Now that the value of the steem blockchain transactions can be better demonstrated - watch the value of Steem Power grow.

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Great discussions here as usual. The only thing I would add is that within the ecosystem, many communities have formed to support smaller and new accounts and this will continue to happen which will adapt them to the new realities of the costs to engage here. While $45 could be a lot in many places, in particular those places where many new accounts are coming from if you look at the #introduceyourself posts, communities and projects will be created to find ways for those whi can add value to grow past the limitations established by the latest system deployment. In addition, many accounts with vision and the resources to notice the importance of these accounts will help and find ways to assign their excess resources to help them grow as well. The concept of the Resource Credits is great because of this added layer of flexibility that could become available.

I am new here and I don't mind paying. My problem is simply trying to setup a chat account so I can ask for help. I have had post blocked , Insufficient funds. How can I be impressed with a 3rd party chat app with no support? I need chat to get help! I am sick of trying to get an answer. I guess I can go PAY else where for a platform that works and can find answers.


I have no idea why people still use Facebook...

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Nice post you have explained very well...
freemium is not bad because after leak of Facebook data practice with Cambridge analytica many user in a survey said that they are ready to pay minor amount to Facebook for their data privacy and protection.

There is nothing bad in it to pay minor amount to use any service...


Other than an anonymous account, there is no privacy on the steem blockchain--by design. That is the point of a transparent system like Steem. So if someone is worried about privacy and protection on Facebook, Steem is really not an option and it is not intended to be an option. So the fact that people will pay for privacy, is not a reason why people will pay to be on Steem. Also, for people to be willing to pay to play on Steem, it will have to be better than alternatives, but the user interfaces of the Steem frontends and apps, combined with all of the limitations of the blockchain, especially now with RCs, combined with the hierarchy caused by proof of stake and the extreme complexity and seemingly counterintuitive nature of all of the rules, means that it is not obviously (or at least immediately) better than any other alternative. There has been a lot of discussion about censorship on centralized systems, yet on Steem one slightly powerful user can, in effect, censor another for any arbitrary reason. Sure, you might argue that it just buries the post, but the psychological effect on users is to keep a low profile--that's not an attitude that is conducive to open conversation.

Part of the issue here is the schizophrenic goals of Steem: it is both a cryptocurrency and a content platform, but Bitcoin shows us that a successful crypto does not require a tie-in with a content platform. The end result is that rules that boost Steem as a currency (such as all the bots and vote-selling) are actually counterproductive when it comes to Steem as a content platform. As a content platform, Steem needs to shift to proof-of-brain--something that StackExchange and others like it are doing much better at without decentralization or paying contributors.

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Well Said @taskmaster4450 I have been here for two years and have never powered down. At the price of STEEM even if it goes to Zero I will still be here......


I am with you @stokjockey. Powering up all that I get and hodling. Too many good things going on with STEEM and cryptoeconomics to move away.

We are witnessing the future before us.

Thank you for this insightful and well written article :) It is true that there is nothing such as a free lunch, someone's bearing the cost somewhere !

I am quite hopeful that Steemit is approaching the right direction to sustain itself and to grow, also <3


I am quite hopeful that Steemit is approaching the right direction to sustain itself and to grow, also <3

We all are. It is a process and it will take some time. This was just a step, not the eventual outcome. I believe we made some progress but a lot more to be done.

The applications are going to start taking on more and more importance.

How does one delegate the RC? I am very confused about the amount of activities I am limited to and how this will effect my RC vs my voting power and reputation.
Great post btw.
I wish we had a weeks notice before the changes and a memo explaining how to best proceed.


Do you know the Steemworld application? You can use it by adding your username (with the preceding @) to the URL.
Then click Delegations and Delegate SP and enter a username ... :)
After that, please subscribe to @steemchiller and leave a vote when he writes a new article. :)


I use steemworld everyday. Lol I will follow @steemchiller. Is this person a developer or steem witness?


He's a developer by passion and a witness node is planned as far as I know.

Uhm, and it's not possible to delegate RCs directly but their amount increases with the Steem Power.


How do I start a new account for myself?


Just like the one you have? ;)


Yes. I wanna do another subject like videos.

Thanks for sharing your views! If the company doesn't care about it's customers, why should they invest in it? The company who cares will win in the long run.

The main reason why I've never really liked the idea of companies leading with a free product or service is because those things tend to set the expectation of the consumer, and it makes many believe all things should be free to some degree or another.

Many times after using said product or service, people come out of the experience disgruntled, feeling like they've been deceived, because even though they could get along just find with the free, they do end up spending for the premium stuff because it's really the better experience. But it's also expensive after a while.

That said, the very idea that anyone could possibly think anything is for free is preposterous. There's no other way to put it. Even if you managed to take the resources you have around you to build something from them without interacting with anyone or anything else to do it, it's still going to take your time, and time, in my opinion, is the most precious commodity of all.

Our decentralized system here hasn't proven to be that conducive to educating everyone about anything, let alone what the platform was. A banner across the stop of every page, like the ones put up talking about the hard fork might work, though. This site is free to use, but to unlock its full potential, as well as yours, you might want to consider an investment of at least $50 might be a place to start. Not necessarily those words, but something like them, acting as reminder 24/7.


Our decentralized system here hasn't proven to be that conducive to educating everyone about anything...

I think you hit the nail on the head here. Education is something that we fell completely flat with. We, as a community, set unfair expectations especially those who are marketing the blockchain on YT and FB. They are setting people up for failure.

We need to do a better job of explaining what the blockchain is about and why we are involved in it. Also, there needs to be reasonable expectations drawn by the community for newer people.

People will usually adjust and embrace what is laid out as long as they are not misled. Some might leave immediately but most will understand. That is much better than them finding out later and feeling conned.


Yes. So, how would you go about that? If basically it's the community's task to take and run with, how do we create a cohesive—speak as one one voice—kind of message that isn't centralized and isn't misleading. And how do we account for the rogues who are going to go off and do their ego trips, while bringing in the dozens, hundreds, thousands—whatever the tally is?

I mean, some of those folks get discredited here, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're discredited quickly, or are discredited at all elsewhere.

We need non-centralized, one voice message non-police, too. :)

Havent signed on for 3 months. Come back to find not much has changed, Steemit still as disorganized as ever, yet another HF that didnt go flawlessly and seemed poorly thought out. The cesspool still exists. Medium gets $5 per month from me and I view it as a much better economic outcome, then the "free" services I get from Steem

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I agree with the freemium model. However, I think you missed one thing. Witnesses are already being compensated for their servers, memory, etc etc by Steem. Some may even say a lot of Steem (for top 20). But ya, I do understand that ultimately if you are a user/consumer you have to pay.

Again, if 50 SP is the level where transacting gets difficult, that is about $45 USD right now. I know this is out of the range for a lot of people in the world. In those instances, there are other paths to pursue on here. However, for those who can afford it, like those in the west, that is a month worth of Starbucks visits.

Given how much I like to sit in coffee shops drinking a latté, I’d never make it a month on $45. 😂

Hell, I drank two of them yesterday in the Shorewood Caribou coffee house while writing posts for the blockchain. I can rationalize it by thinking that the dribs and drabs of Steem that I’ll earn from them will some day be worth far more than what I paid for the lattés.