What do you think of hardfork20? Who benefits?

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Dear Steemians,

I just read an article from @accelerator, which you can find in my blog post, which says that all those who have the self-vote, or the publication number of HF20 (HardFork 20) and, therefore, will pay in accordance with the new rules of HF20.

The mayor change is that the curatorial rewards that used to go to the author were now added to the set of rewards. This has given hope to the Steem community, especially with the upcoming Hardfork 20, which can greatly improve the infrastructure of the network.

Some advantages:

- Healing update: if the authors vote for themselves immediately, they get their author rewards, plus 100% of the healing rewards for their vote, plus a portion of the healing rewards from everyone who votes for the publication after them. Any other commissioner who votes at the same time that the author obtains 0% of the curatorial rewards.

- Expiration of internal market orders: The Hardfork 20, includes a change to demand that all market orders expire after 28 days, with the previous version never expired.

- Update to the account creation fee: Hardfork 20 no longer supports the creation of accounts using a portion of the delegated participation.

- Elimination of 20 seconds of comment limit: now only a new comment in each block, once every three seconds, which is the same restriction that applies to the vote.

- Solution for Downvote Abuse in the Payment Term Period: Hardfork 20 will change this period from "blocking" to "cooling". During the last 12 hours of a publication or comment payment period, both ascending and negative votes are expected, but their strength with the same amount of voting power was linearly reduced from 100% to 0% during that 12-hour period.

What do you expect with the implementation of all these changes? Who benefits this change, the platform or users?

I will appreciate your comment with part of the reward I will give through @steem-bounty. If you are new to the concept check out how bounties work here with this link . There are tutorials in various languages.

Project by @knircky and @famunger


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If i understood it right, how should the "healing update" benefit smaller users when the big ones vote there self and also get rewarded for it

Hi, thanks for the link. Anybody concerned or confused, just look at your post using steemd (replace steemit in the URL) and check out the author_curate_rewards near the foot of the right-hand box. That figure is the % of the curation rewards that go to the author as part of the early-voting-penalty. From HF20 onwards, those rewards will go back into the general pool.

One can still self-vote but best to do so after the reverse-auction period, which will decrease from 30 to 15 mins. From my understanding, those curation rewards will still go to the author as the vote is treated the same as every other one.

(pp @accelerator)

I think curators will benefit the most, so basically all Steemians who are actively using Steemit.

i also think curators :)

I have to be honest, im just learning that Steem had a Hardfork and now im starting to reading about it.

Thank you for let me know.

Saul Q.

I don't think too much of it most if not all of the deployments are focused on curbing abuse of the platform which is kind of sad. Yes we cannot always rely on people not to game the system but its kind depressing to think STEEM have to allocate resources to abuse rather than giving the community more benefits. Yes i'm being a bit idealistic and these new patches will help to some effect, i'm just thinking if only there weren't so many shady characters pulling fast ones on the blockchain how cool the site would be in terms of functionality

I do not like the reduction of curation time from 30 minutes to 15 minutes. I think that reduces the expiration time of posts.

There is so much up in the air right now. A lot of talk but very little definite answers to the questions that we all have. I'm hoping that over the next few days there will be a lot more info passed on to us as people are a little worried. I can see some of what has changed since the hardfork like the curation payments and the new RC tokens but it's all very confusing so far.

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