2 Days Left before SteemBet Launch!

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Dear Steem community,

This is our 2-day countdown post before launching on February 13, 2019!

Yesterday, we launched the voting for our writing contest, and 90 people commented! Thank you everyone for participating!

30 people resteemed our post, and each of them will get 10 SBT (SteemBet token). Let's congratulate them:

@omkardivya, @mallishwari, @mallika15, @kumar65, @kirankumar1, @boomi, @bhavyalakshman, @bharani, @ashwine, @everydaycoach, @einstei1, @alimuddin97, @xplosive, @rjramesh, @ragnar94, @tdiv7653, @champjus, @kydkudi, @bijan-roy, @acidmaster, @mrsatish, @lallo, @lavanyalakshman, @thejbullfrog, @migdalia99, @mango-juice, @darniyuscivil, @burlarj, @khusairi, @gabbynhice

71 people voted! Each of them will get 10 SBT! Let's congratulate them:

@greenmask9, @thejbullfro, @alimuddin97, @darniyuscivil, @ismail96, @promo-steemrural, @fullcoverbetting, @kriptonik, @okean123, @xplosive, @mooe, @a000000a, @aakashkhan, @abakashkhan, @abrocky, @abroshan, @amar15, @ashwine, @atulboss, @bharani, @bhavyalakshman, @bipusarker, @boomi, @deong, @inuke, @kirankumar1, @kumar65, @lallo, @mallika15, @mallishwari , @mamun123456, @mrsatish, @mystry360, @nevlu123, @omkardivya, @ranjith35, @robertt , @sabari18, @sanach, @sexualhealing, @shabaperween, @up-whale, @acidmaster, @ashikstd, @burlarj, @champjus, @clicked, @einstei1, @everydaycoach, @face2face, @faiyazmahmud, @ferrate, @fixedbydoc, @hunnybadger , @ifeoluwa88, @jojivenna03, @jozef230, @julietisrael, @moistyboo, @olaexcel, @pranto, @rehan12, @rjramesh, @rokhani, @steemrobot, @tdiv7653, @thereikiforest, @tussar11 , @uche-nna, @urme33, @wylsacom

We are working final testing before launch

Learn details about SteemBet

SteemBet is the next-generation gaming platform on the Steem blockchain.

You can learn details in this article.

Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/95cBN3W

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I hope this is better than MagicDice. 🤣

will be

@steem-bet And please add automated betting algorithms on your dice game site. A simple martingale will do at first.

yep. we have done.

Hi @steem-bet, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @thejbullfro doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @thejbullfrog ?

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Yes. This^^^

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Guys the link to the discord is broken 😔

I have checked. it works. Please refresh the page.

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Can't wait!

Thank you🙏

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Did I see that you closed the writing contest early? That’s pretty fucking rude. I was planning to submit an article and then discovered that I couldn’t.

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don't worry Sir. this kind of activity we will hold next time.

@steem-bet I hope you will be great at communicating with the community, unlike your competition lol.

yep. why not? community is our base for platform.

what happen with my competition?

They don't seem to answer user questions and concerns. Each project on Steem has to have a community manager in order to take care of the daily communication with Steemians.

@steem-bet Hi there, I would like to test your dice app like @blockchain.news is doing. Could you please send me the info on the website or if there is a Github app I can use.

Thank you.

How i receive the SBT Token?