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From the outset, @dan and @ned have been clear, Steemit is not the be all and end all of the Steem Blockchain. There are a wide range of application that could be built on the Steem Blockchain.

I’m intending on this being a weekly post, where I will present the best idea’s from myself and the community, and invite collaboration and feedback to see if we can get any of new application idea’s off the ground..

I’m hoping that, by getting the conversation started, we can inspire the talented coders in the Steemit community to take on one (or more..) of these project, and further adoption of the Steem Blockchain in the process.

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The following will be a brief outline of an idea I have for an application on the Steem Blockchain. I would be interested to hear further thoughts based around this idea, and other original idea's, so we can get the ball rolling on a community lead collaboration.

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Brief Outline
The concept behind this application is, a trip-adviser style website, for reviewing/receiving advise on everything and anything. There has been many successful posts on Steemit reviewing products, holidays, hotels, restaurants,…etc.

Having a dedicated application where users can contribute their experience and reviews, and other users can request advice on anything they would like, could be a good use case for the Steem Blockchain.

Some Further Thoughts...
Imagine a trip-adviser style platform where users get rewarded for their contribution. Both the Question, the Answer and the Curators of those Questions and Answers.

There is some discontent within the Steemit community which seems to revolve around the disparity in rewards. The same authors receiving the large rewards, and the masses struggling to earn a few cents. The problem with valuing subjective contributions, is they have different value to different people.

The Questions/Answers format, and Product Review is a much more quantitative contribution.

It would be imperative for content on this application to be indexed correctly. This would make valuable content accessible, and the same Questions and Answers not being duplicated..

There are certainly advantages to having such an application on the Steem Blockchain. Abuse of power, from Youtube stars, to content driven websites makes it easy to mistrust advice received online. A reputation style system attached to each users would be a good way to stem fears held by information consumers.

Interested to hear your thoughts on this idea. Obviously, this is a very rough idea which would need much more thought if anyone was ever going to take it on....

I’m more interested for community members to contribute their idea’s for new application on the Steem Blockchain. The best idea’s will be feature each week moving forward…


I think all smart contracts (i will call them that) are important, whether it's ideas like the one you described, or the much talked about idea of an open bazar style app, where users would be able to trade goods via steemit using SD, without having to make a "sale" post.
It would have to be build in of course.

Then, of course, things like a trading platform on top of steem, whereby using the SD peg, users will be able to buy other currencies from within their wallet, so basically to make it more of a bank account (the wallet), with different options.

The reasons I'm opting for such smart contracts first is so that we can give steemit a more liquid "kick" and encourage a bigger building up

I get it, concentrate on making Steemit successful before energy is expelled on new applications. Makes sense...

That is roughly what I meant along the lines =)

My name is Alex, I have a proposal for a full tourist application and involvement in the eco-system Steemit community in Indonesia, which is 15 million people.

I am from Russia, but now in Indonesia. We have an international team and last year we are working to create a tourist service While searching development mechanism, we noticed the world of cryptocurrency, and become acquainted with Steemit, we understand that its what we lack. We believe that if the mechanic of Stemit not so genius, but it is close to it..

We have decided to completely redo our project, based it on the code Steemit and narrowing it down to the travelers needs. The main driving force of - is community of Mapala in Indonesia, which consist of 15 million members, including the president of the country. Mapala - is our friends.

The process of involving community Mapala in eco-system can be divided in two parallel steps:

The first thing we want to launch Mapala-TV on Steemit. More details can be read in a prepared announcement (

For participants Mapala community it can be the way to express themselves around the world, but for Steemit it will be a source of new members. Features of the local culture are if Mapala-TV does not get the support development on Steemit, the Indonesians will not work with us and the project collapsing. With the minimal support to every post at least $200, we will pass by the largest universities in Indonesia, presented the project MapalaNet and Steemit, involving them in the work on the TV.

The second, but the parallel step, we launch the fork of Steemit on domain with narrowed frontend for collecting tourism knowledge base and creating, in essence, folk TripAdvisor. 10% of the currency issued by MapalaNet will be distributed among the participants Steemit in proportion to their SP, and the rest will sold at the subsequent ICO and will be used for project development.

We would be grateful for any advice and hope for your support. We are ready to answer any questions.

P.S .: After the first success, we will be able to apply directly to the President of Indonesia. He is also a member of the community Mapala and he support the development of IT projects in the country very active. Provide the informational support for us, Joko Widodo automatically attract attention to Steemit. In Indonesia 250 million people, of course, not at all use the Internet, but many people are already knows about cryptocurrency.

Hello @anmuravjev , that's a very good idea of yours. Personally I feel Indonesia and Phillipines will be the birth place of using cryptocurrency in South-east Asia region. I hope the fork works, and it becomes helpful for the Mapala community.

If you guys manage to bring Steem, and Steemit to Indonesia, it will be of great benefit to both Indonesia and Steemit community. If Steem becomes the mainstream with the public, and university students, it will bring the right attention to Joko Widodo. From then on, everybody wins. Well it might not be so simple like I said, a lot of work needs to be done. And I wish you all the best for this good initiative!

Good luck

Sounds great!

@hisnameisollie ..I'm a day late to comment and upvote this but maybe you'd still be able to read it .
Yes, please - a travel help guide - trip adviser style would be great.
I've been on tripadvisor for a some time and honestly speaking - you get benefits being one of the top users - this is my profile -
When we book hotels or bed and breakfast and even when we eat out and they find out you're on trip advisor , we get spoiling and the establishment owners tend to be very nice. The problem with tripadvisor is the establishment owners doesn't seem to have a voice for their sides to be heard and sometimes people tend to abuse it. Perhaps we could add that and turn establishment owners into Steemians as well so they could write about their sides plus more investors for Steem - we'll never know. I just think it's a win - win - nobody gets bribed to just write positive reviews and no establishments get abused - just because the reviewer didn't like them.
As for ..

There is some discontent within the Steemit community which seems to revolve around the disparity in rewards. The same authors receiving the large rewards, and the masses struggling to earn a few cents. The problem with valuing subjective contributions, is they have different value to different people.

This is so TRUE and one whale(I can't remember who anymore - read it on my feed a long time ago) has already written about it that upvotes are based on popularity or perhaps things have changed .. not certain if this is still the situation cause I used to follow one travel blog that is being outdone by another traveler who posted better information about where she is than that I follow. I follow both of them and I appreciate the newbie more because here travel blogs have more pictures, more information - you get an idea of what on earth to expect when you get to travel in the place she's featuring. I love travelling so that's really helpful for me.
As for ..

The problem with valuing subjective contributions, is they have different value to different people.

I totally agree with you and am confused because when I was writing in trip advisor - I had this mentality of writing for the benefits of both new and old travellers - I brought the same mentality in Steemit - I was writing both for the Steemians and the non Steemians because we'll never know - one day they could be, too if they happen to bump into reading one of those articles.
Last night, I wrote about this
because I live in the bitcoin city in Arnhem - I was hoping to promote Steemit this way in Arnhem - in as much as I want to promote Steem - obviously no shop in Arnhem has ever used it yet and we have to start somewhere and bitcoin is already established.
One thing more, I wrote it trip advisor style - with info about whether it's wheelchair friendly, family friendly, all the necessary stuff - for the benefit of the Steemians because anyway, they are coming to The Netherlands they might as well know that this city has different shops that accept bitcoin for payment on products and services. I included one article link on that blog to show that it's not just that coffee shop that accepts bitcoin for payment.
I want to do more reviews on those shops to serve as a guide to whoever may get lost on this side of the earth because there are also German and Belgian, French and Brits Steemians who may some day go to some camping places and might want to benefit from their bitcoin - someday - can you imagine you can pay your grocery needs, tire replacement , shopping for clothes, have a tailored suit, sportswear and even stay in this hotel paying with your bitcoin
photocredit : hotel groot warnsborn
but since the upvoters are Steemians maybe my post has not much bearing for them but I am thankful to those who upvoted it. Very.
So perhaps, aside from the "establishment owner's side" page you could also add - something that would show how much benefits it got from non steemian viewers too , perhaps a like button on pictures, review.
There's also no weather info on weather conditions there - so maybe you could add that. I hope this pursues - I'll be looking forward to it! Fingers cross ^ ^

@englishtchrivy Thanks for your contribution here. Obviously we are just spitballing idea's, and we will continue to do so, but it's certainly interesting hearing from someone who is a avid Trip-Advisor user. Allowing establishments/product companies to reply to review's would be very valuable.

@hisnameisollie, Thank you for reading it.
I'm very happy - I thought I was too late, I saw this reblogged by @oaldamster and that guy doesn't just reblog anything so I checked it out - saw that I'm a day too late but I thought - give it a try.
I'm glad I did. I'll be looking forward to this - progress and hitting follow!

A predictions market like Augur or Hivemind.

@bacchist That would be interesting. Especially if users were to be rewarded for their interaction with the application, rather than paying for the privilege. How do you think this could work? Would users still need to have skin in the game to honestly make a prediction...?

You've got my attention :)

It has taken me a while to respond because, well... I didn't really have an answer. There is a really cool initiative that was recently brought to my attention, which presents a possible answer to these questions.

I have an idea to promote sport and give a chance for everyone to do a bit of charity. A runner/swimmer etc. would register to the app and be able to send his daily run distance/ swim distance from a mobile phone or GPS watch. Based on the distance a small amount of STEEM would be transferred from a special e.g. @charity account to randomly and/or collectively voted 5 charity projects a week. The charity projects would change every week and would receive a number of STEEM collected from last week's results.
Anyone could send STEEM to @charity account in the same way as with @null account is used to promote posts.

Just get John Cena to Steemit, all done!

I like that one @cryptomental. That will definitely be an idea I will look to feature over the coming weeks. We will talk :)

I have a few ideas that I'm still in the very early stages of exploring/researching. I don't have a background in blockchain tech. So i'm still figuring everything out.

The first one would be aimed more towards businesses and researchers. But would essentially involve contracts that allowed for decentralised CPU/GPU processing. Something akin to BOINC but integrating the steem blockchain. I believe Gridcoin was trying to achieve this, and actually integrated with BOINC somewhat. I figure there would be quite a few people from the crypto community with GPUs they used for mining that are no longer profitable.

Second. I've just started to look into IPFS. It would be awesome if you could have a blockchain based service like twitch, where creators can livestream or post VODs that earn rewards(through people watching making micropayments for the content, like X steem per Y Seconds watched) and regular users could earn a fraction of that to host the content (storage/bandwidth fees) as an IPFS node, or perhaps other content in a similar way to Storj.
You could build out additional services/sites around the same kind of tech stack for hosting more youtube style content, or just other complimentary services such as eSports events/tournaments where users could contribute funds for prizes, or even gambling services if that's your thing.

I would like to find a solutions based that will engage people into learning and into polling/surveys.

Ok @steempowerwhale sounds interesting. Care to expand a little...?

I have an idea that fits in with this.

It's been gestating for awhile. I'll provide more details tomorrow, but how about we get a bunch of businesses to accept SBD for payment, and have users earn steem as a reward for shopping at businesses that play along?

If you're interested in more details, check my blog tomorrow.

2 Users Mentions (RE: Predictive Markets), this will certainly be mentioned in up coming posts :)

SBD denominated Prediction Markets

"Steemit is not the be all and end all of the Steem Blockchain."
Like snake eating it’s tail? :)

I am currently evaluating some blockchain platforms to develop this: My idea has picked up a lot of support from various influencers from all over the world including some media brands that are interested in a potential JV. At this stage, Steem seems like a good fit, but there are others of equal potential. I would love to get your perspective on this. Inês

Interesting. This is certainly an important development moving forward. Steem Blockchain could certainly work for your idea...

Listening to Ned on a podcast released today it looks like the vision for steemit in regards to advertising is quite old school. In my humble opinion it lacks real innovation. This platform has so much potential. I think he is seriously undermining/underplaying the privacy aspect.

Isn't the forum more adapted for such a discussion ?

I'm trying to get visibility to the potential application for the Steem Blockchain. Call it Steem education for new users and advocates.

I believe Steem blockchain isn't the best for this type of app. A Steem post can only be commented on for a month, locked after that. On a Tripadvisor-style website, you probably want content to be active forever.

Sounds like a cool idea. I would certainly use that.

One question on legality and its just question.

For example
If someone posts something about how amazing Disney Land is and over time it gets more votes and reaches thousands of dollar and then suddenly many Disney post appear making thousands of dollars talking about how great it is. Would Disney have the rights to that money because it was using Disney pics or logos.

Same for any product really.

Would that count?

As long as you are not using any intellectual property in your review, which you didn't have permission to use (i.e. images/video's owned by Disney), they would have no legal right to rewards generated by users opinions on how good/bad their products are.

It's would essentially be free advertising for Disney, so I would bet that they wouldn't go after anyone who even used their IP... But they would have a legal right in that case, IF they can identify the persons doing so...

That is good, but afraid of lacking enthusiasm.

Great piece. Easy upvote. Just posted something about STEEMIT and BLOCKCHAIN that you might be interested to see. STEEMIT hasn't even scratched the surface. Keep up the great work. Cheers. stephen

Yes, I've seen a few of your posts. Keep up the good work @stephenkendal

Thanks I appreciate the comment. Cheers. Stephen

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