Updated Stax upvotebot and curation community FAQ page with tier adjustments!

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I figured it was about time to update the FAQ. Our service is fundamentally unchanged so that will be the same, but steem value and our SP has changed since the post FAQ post so it will be good to provide some updated numbers for comparison.

The one thing to remember and that is unchanged is that this service is your best ROI for your steem power delegation and will net you a vote worth more than ten daily self votes with the same power.

I'll even compare the numbers using the example of 1000SP delegation.
A self vote with 1000SP at 100% VP is worth $0.07, or $0.70 if you was 10 self votes daily.
1000SP will get you a 12.1% vote from @silvergoldbotty worth $0.99 once daily (at current SP and 95%VP)
Based on previous calculation 1000SP delegated to a bid bot paying 95% earnings should return you around $0.60/day (but totally passive and no need to post)

Therefore if you are a daily poster this is your best investment for your vested steem power.

FAQ Page

What is this service

Stax (@silvergoldbotty) is a delegation based community upvote bot and quality community content curator. We have a growing group of amazing content creators, and open to anyone producing valuable content on any topic or tag and using any block chain interface. We also manually curate 3 posts from our community every day and showcase them in our daily post and resteem our favorite from those 3.

Who can join? Do I need to use a specific tag? Can I post with other blockchain interfaces

Our service is open to anyone here on steemit, blogging about anything and using any app to blog on. I do make a quick review of your account to make sure your not some sort of spam bot, but otherwise your in and we would be glad to have you.

How do I join

To join you just need to send a delegation of SP to @silvergoldbotty. We only accept delegation and have a minimum of 50SP and max of 5000SP. You are welcome to delegate any amount in between that amount.

Once you are a member we do require that you also cast a vote on our daily post made by @silvergoldbotty. Vote values are based on the the following calculation;100 000/(your active SP)= Your minimum return vote. (This means if you active SP is less than 1000, you will be casting a 100% daily vote) But please feel free to cast a larger vote if you wish to help support this service. All liquid funds from post payouts all go to pay for an SP lease to better reward our members, and SP rewards are used to build the account naturally for additional rewards.

How much will my vote be worth.

Currently your return vote is calculated by the following algorithm (SP delegated/82.5=Vote=%), but it may fluctuate and change on a regular basis as we add and lose members.

Here it is in chart form. (the tiers are just examples and you can delegate any amount between 50-5000SP that you choose)

(These values were generated on August 4th, with an SP of 120k, Steem price of 1.20, and VP of 95%, they are just a guide an may not be accurate at the time you read this post)

Tier-TitleDelegationVoteVote Value(current)

What do you mean my vote will change/ Why was my vote % reduced

The % needs to be balanced carefully depending on the amount of members, as we take on more members the % of your vote will be reduced, and as members leave for stop posting it may increase. I usually try to do the changes every 1-4 weeks as required. The thing to keep in mind is as we take on more members they are all adding to the active SP held in this account so vote values in $ should also rise accordingly.

The $ value of the vote you receive is mostly based on STEEM price and our VP, so it may change significantly and daily. The bot's VP usually stays in a range between 85-95%, and votes cast while the VP is lower will have less $ value.

How to I get my Vote

All you need to do is post your blog, no other steps. You will get one vote per day, so Stax has a built in timer to help with this, once 22hrs have elapsed you are eligible for your next vote. So this works well for people who post at the same time daily, but maybe not for erratic posters. This timer goes from your received upvote to your next post. It takes a bit of getting used to, but you can always trigger a vote by "editing" your post and the bot will find it if it's been over 22hrs.

Once you send or change you delegation there is usually a small delay since it is a manual process to add and adjust voting, usually this is done within 24 hrs but occasionally may take up to 72 hrs.

How do delegations work

If you are unfamiliar with delegating SP, it is essentially loaning your SP to another account for them to vote with, you always remain in the control of the SP and can revoke it at any time. There is a 7 day cool down period for the return of your delegation when you decide to revoke it. This is all run through the steem blockchain and steemconnect. I suggest using this tool to add or change your delegation, http://steembottracker.com/delegation.html.

If you wish to increase your delegation at anytime, please feel free, but be aware when you are adding a delegation, please enter the new final amount that you want. Adding a smaller amount will not add to your current delegation and that smaller amount will now be your total delegation. This may result in some SP being stuck in cool down.

How can you reach someone for assistance

We have a discord channel here.. You can leave a comment on any one of @silvergoldbotty's posts or reach out to @phelimint personally on discord (PheliMint #3565)

Stax's Picks

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Community Partners

I wanted to take a moment in our daily posts to shout out some of our community partners! There are lots of other great upvote and curation services across steemit so please feel free to check out some of our partners. Also many of them still accept subscriptions in Steem/SBD for everyone still inquiring about that option, it's a great way to get noticed and reward your posts and great services to support over bid-bots.

If you're a community curation project or upvote service, please reach out to @phelimint #3565 to discuss potential partnerships.








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how could you know if i delegate some SP ???