Liquid STEEM Report Jan 21, 2019

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This is a historical graph of both Total STEEM and Liquid STEEM supply

(Note) There are two different scales on this graph. For full scale, see graph below.

Liquid STEEM is the remaining STEEM that has not been converted into Steem Power. (Orange Line)

  • When STEEM is liquid, it can be readily sold and purchased.
  • When STEEM is locked away in SP, it is not liquid, It takes a significant amount of time to convert it back to a liquid form.

This is a graph of the same data. The data of this graph was plotted on the same scale to show the massive difference between Liquid STEEM and STEEM stored in SP

I created these charts with data that I collected over the last few months.

Why are these graphs important?

STEEM is created at a high rate. Currently 8.60% per year. Many Steemians have a concern about STEEM inflation with the high rate of new currency creation. These graphs show that there is a limited supply of STEEM. Inflation is being offset by the rate of STEEM converted to Non-Liquid STEEM.

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big spike due to steemit powering down.... but price has been going up.... who knows whats going on behind the scenes

You have to be able to read Korean to know what is going on.

got any links for me to translate?

This comment seems to contain false/old info.

Well, now the graphs have the power down of STINC :(

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Thank you

'These graphs show that there is a limited supply of STEEM.'
Whereas previously it was believed that the supply of STEEM was unlimited?

The supply of STEEM is intended to grow with the population but the print rate has limits and that percentage decreases over time.

Oh. With the population of Earth? Or of the blockchain?