Stats for yesterday's (30th Nov , 2023) Dice Roll Game over at @PlayDice

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Stats for yesterday's Dice Roll Game

If you don't know what the game is, head on over to @PlayDice and check the posts.

In Short though:

Every few hours @PlayDice rolls the dice, your objective is to roll something higher... If you do, then you share the liquid post rewards with everyone else that did the same.

How Do You enter?

Simply by UpVoting a post that is still in an [OPEN] state.
Easy As That!

the top game is still good to vote and play

The tables below show the games for yesterday and the winners/losers, as well as the Top Players for yesterday and for the week. Currently there are no additional prizes for Top Players, but that will be changing soon. ;-)

Yesterday's Win/Lose Stats

GameDice RolledWinnersLosers
Game Link71828
Game Link72120
Game Link62218
Game Link9235
Game Link71915
Game Link8724
Game Link52617

Yesterday's Top Players

PlayerGames Played
@far.away7 (5 won)
@aydie10007 (5 won)
@squishy7 (4 won)
@playpoker7 (4 won)
@honolulu7 (4 won)
@abbak77 (4 won)
@c3r34lk1ll3r7 (4 won)
@baasdebeer7 (4 won)
@afternoondrinks7 (4 won)
@kamilla197 (4 won)

Yesterday's Top Win Ratio (played 1/2 or more games)

PlayerWin Ratio
@meppij1 played, 1 won = 100% win
@uco.bnb-d1 played, 1 won = 100% win
@kggymlife1 played, 1 won = 100% win
@uco.intern1 played, 1 won = 100% win
@kgakakillerg1 played, 1 won = 100% win
@axel-blaze1 played, 1 won = 100% win
@georgemales1 played, 1 won = 100% win
@far.away7 played, 5 won = 71.43% win
@aydie10007 played, 5 won = 71.43% win
@retaliator5 played, 3 won = 60% win

Don't miss a game!

Wanna make sure you play in every game and stand a chance at not only winning the SBD from beating the dice, but also from making it to the top? Follow @PlayDice on @SteemAuto or something similar.

Oh yes... Feel like having some extra fun?
Call double-or-nothing in the comments of an open post and predict your roll, and if @BraaiBoy acknowledges it, he will take you on!

Play Dice for free and win:

Connect with BraaiBoy on other social media:



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