Follow me to vote @ace108-#monthlyauthorchallenge #02.01 Happy February | 愉快二月 😎(by @ace108) There I was on ...

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Title:#monthlyauthorchallenge #02.01 Happy February | 愉快二月 😎(by @ace108) There I was on ...

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@isaaclab [Tasteem] 닭볶음탕이 생각나는 날, "정정아 식당"에 가고 싶다.3.4424.03714.74%2019-01-26
@geetharao Happy Republic Day! - Vande Mataram!0.36729.28598.75%2019-01-26
@stackin ✴️ STEEM PRICE "FLASH CRASHED" TO .04 CENTS ON BINANCE! WTH! 🤔 😳7.09954.25986.92%2019-01-26
@dwinblood Demanding reparations, past slavery, past land loss, and the false justification there in.0.1281.03187.58%2019-01-26
@daveks Around the Canadian Rockies in Colour and Black & White5.8585.488-6.74%2019-01-26
@abh12345 Enjoying the Winter Sunshine4.18814.76871.64%2019-01-26
@truth-revelation Superior Quotes #24: Fyodor Dostoyevsky0.0130.011-18.18%2019-01-26
@lyndsaybowes Do You Like Tiny Desk Concerts?0.0782.02596.15%2019-01-26
@prameshtyagi My work in the field of Artificial Intelligence - Episode 4 (2015-2017)0.0661.85696.44%2019-01-26
@karenmckersie Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!🍗😋0.192.74993.09%2019-01-26
@acidyo Why Steem is a good coin for traders5.92453.51288.93%2019-01-26
@cheetah Cheetah Report for 2019.01.203.81623.11583.49%2019-01-26
@kid4life @steemhunt MEME ---> Ironius3.0712.612-17.57%2019-01-26
@lyndsaybowes Lil' Beanie & Farmer Tim's Sheep Paint the Town Brown07.316100%2019-01-26
@neoxian Dear fundamentalist dipshits that think charging interest for loans is immoral, fuck you.0.6333.04979.24%2019-01-26
@jaynie 💜 Gooood Morning & HAPPY SATURDAY!!! 💜1.4272.13933.29%2019-01-26
@alexvan Romanian National Opera - Timisoara - Europe as its best10.4610.7232.45%2019-01-26
@meesterboom Freaky Beers!8.09811.87731.82%2019-01-26
@stephenkendal Protesters in Paris continue to march as protests move into the 11th week. Live coverage (credit: Ruptly).0.771.16233.73%2019-01-26
@kid4life @steemhunt MEME ---> Hug Me Pillow0.010.93898.93%2019-01-26
@streetstyle The Punisher - Sprayed and Photoshopped [art]0.2931.2376.18%2019-01-26
@everittdmickey Facebook Unveils0.0130.03259.38%2019-01-26

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