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Title:The tree that grows upside down!

We recommend giving 28 Percent of Power

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Vote History

AuthorTitleSBD When VotingCurrent SBDGrowth RateTime
@acidyo Steem thoughts7.41171.03889.57%2019-02-28
@kaylinart My Actifit Report Card: February 27 20191.6872.90942.01%2019-02-28
@oldstone (올드스톤의 횡설수설) 잡스러운 이야기 그리고 디클릭에 관해2.15927.82292.24%2019-02-28
@steevc 10k Satoshi Steem and $1 SBD2.4573.86436.41%2019-02-28
@anomadsoul My Road to 100,000 Steem - Current Status: 47%11.0382.53786.64%2019-02-28
@taskmaster4450 A Post-Scarcity World: Something That Is Starting To Happen But Few Are Aware Of6.8578.47619.1%2019-02-28
@kommienezuspadt Seattle freewrite!3.60311.10567.56%2019-02-28
@geetharao Our Lil Guests!! 😻😘0.39818.24597.82%2019-02-28
@meesterboom Thursdays With Uncle Boom #819.81618.05645.64%2019-02-28
@isaaclab [Tasteem] 마치 중국인듯한 이곳은... "대천부"3.1344.52630.76%2019-02-28
@runridefly TheHarvey turned 3 Today on My Actifit Report Card: February 27 20190.4731.72572.58%2019-02-28
@rea Enjoying a Great Night Out with Some Awesome Steemians13.81429.22652.73%2019-02-28
@flauwy The Great Riddle of August 11, 2019 - The Next 9/11? (Part 1/2)2.7839.78271.55%2019-02-28
@ejemai Forward or Backward?2.0184.09650.73%2019-02-28
@cryptopie Dear Diary: I Still Am Feeling Bad About My Guts1.1122.75459.62%2019-02-28
@stephenkendal The "Hashtag #Steem Campaign" on twitter continues to smash it again today. Keep up the great work.0.6632.2971.05%2019-02-28
@truth-revelation Superior Quotes #55: Fyodor Dostoyevsky0.0251.14497.81%2019-02-28
@slowwalker Dae Wung Jeon Hall of Jeon Deung Sa in Gang Wha Do Island32.32871.72354.93%2019-02-28
@acidyo Here's a fun little dapp idea1.80666.69497.29%2019-02-28

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