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Opening your web browser before locating or typing the name of the site you want to visit manually is so stressful and tiring. This is becoming an old process and I must say it is odd and it sucks. Users have complained about this, we need modifications, developers listened and heard our cry, behold, they present us with what we called mobile app.



For years now, we have seen different introduction of mobile app, all running in different ways/pattern and format. I must complement them by saying they all have been successful. It all started from apps, those apps sees different improvement and it gradually moves into dapps. Who knows what might be next, it might be called Capps, LOL.

Some might ask why do peoples choose Dapps compared to Apps. I will just give you some simple answer. The major reasons why people choose dapps over apps preferably is because of it #Decentralization and #Censorship. To know more about how dapps works, you can visit Stateofthedapps. It is with this high taste for dapps that brought about the birth of a decentralized platform called Esteem.

What is Esteem

Some of us that are familiar with the steem
blockchain would get an idea of how Esteem is, but for the benefit of those who don't know about it, I will explain.

Esteem is a decentralized blogging platform that is built on top of the steem blockchain. What this means is that you get rewarded with the token produce from the steem blockchain which is #steem and the #steem dollar.

The Esteem decentralized platform allows users to share their post and receive upvote/reward from it. Like as I mention above, for those who hate censorship, welcome to Esteem were you are free like a bird to share anything you feel is okay by you.



What gives Esteem that cutting edge over other dapps

With other dapps in place, I know a lot of users will be asking what those Esteem offers that others dapps don't. Let me use this opportunity to brief you on what it offers.

Apart from the traditional features (#posting #voting and #commenting) that it offers like steemit, it improves and gives a wide range of other great features which include:

i. Push Notifications
Real-time notifications for each new comment, mention, follow, unfollow, vote, transfers.

ii. Follower Tracking
Review and search each new follower's profile, posts. Discover new users.

iii. Personalisation & Multi-accounts
Personalize your profile by setting profile and cover pictures, location, website, about info. Add multiple accounts and switch between them.

iv. Additional Security
Secure your profile/app with additional PIN code and backup your passwords.

iv. Settings
Change more settings, adjust voting weight, notifications, connections, currencies, platform, languages.

Those lovely and improved features help to see Esteem occupying number 10 in the State of the dapps, list, you can see that here [

What is the usefulness of some of above listed features

Listing the various features is not enough, I know some people will ask what do the features offer. Let me educate you guys on some of it.

i. Multiple accounts: For those who have multiple accounts, don't bother yourself about logging in and out again, #Esteem got you covered on that as you can now log in your multiple accounts, at same time switch between them with ease.

ii. Transfer, Market place and Exchange. The transfer is what caught my attention. Not as if other dapps on steem blockchain don't offer such service, but do you know there is an #escrow service in place for transaction. In a situation were you don't know the person you transacting with, you can use the #escrow service which allow another 3rd person to be able to come into the deal.

Screenshot of the escrow service attached below


iii. Settings: With the settings, you can easily set up a third pin. What the 3rd pin does to your account is that, if someone wants to transfer your #Sbd or #Steem, they must produce the four digit pin which I know will cause a blow to those scammers out there. Anybody that steal your account can't transfer fund without the four pin.

Through the settings, there is an interface that allows you to activate the notification bottom for vote, comment, follow, upvote, mention, resteem etc. With that, you can't missed out on your favourite activities on the steem blockchain.

Get Upvote from Esteem

Another good thing from Esteem is that they reward your post once it is posted through the Esteem platform.

N:B: If you don't post through #Esteem app, you won't get rewarded, so make use of it for result.

Screenshot of my upvote from them here


How to get Started on Esteem

For you to enjoy the cool features that #Esteem offers, you have to first of all register on the steem blockchain. You can do that by visiting, at the top right-hand corner, click it and click sign up. Wait for your keys which might take days or weeks.

Assuming your registration is complete, download the esteem app through the link

Now click Login and input your master keys and username. It will log you in, then set up your profile, and start blogging with it.

Screenshot attached below



Reading from the features a lone, #Esteem should win your heart already. I am so much in love with the pin which has been integrated here. I saw this features on #Whaleshares and it was really awesome. Now with #Esteem, those account theft should know that their days is over. They now have to provide a pin which I know would be difficult to get. Another thing that caught my attention here is the #escrow service. With it, you can now invite a 3rd party into the deal which you think is not trusted. This is another great reason #Esteem is waxing stronger when it comes to stateofthedapps.


When ever I try posting with my Esteem app, it will never display the pictures from the post, it was never like this before. This is not also network issue, because when I check it through steemit, it loads the pictures properly. I have dropped my issues in their group, I hope to get swift reply soon.

Screenshot attached below


Final Verdict

From the above, I will say that Esteem has proven to be a great decentralize steem dapps, although they still need more modification. I will give this great dapp 4/5 for such a great service.

Disclaimer: Images are properties of Esteem and are used for the sole purpose of this review

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What an elaborative write up!
I love to use esteem. But got the same problem as yours. Also it shows any post's payout as zero!
I contracted on their discord but they couldn't solve the issues.

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