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The Awan Spy Ring

At the center of the investigation into a spy ring in congress is Imran Awan, former IT staffer to Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Currently, Imran Awan and wife Hina Alvi have been indicted on charges of bank fraud yet more serious allegations involving the Awans posing a real threat to national security are being largely ignored. According to the Washington Post any additional accusations made against Imran Awan are the result of Islamaphobia and are simply 'right wing conspiracy theories'.

It has come to light that Imran Awan was not only the IT administrator to DWS but Imran and his close associates have been employed by at least 45 congressional members and likely dozens more for over 15 years. It appears that Pakistani national Imran Awan enabled his family members and close friends to be hired as IT experts in congress.

Suspected Co-conspirators of Imran Awan

  • Hina Alvi (wife of Imran)
  • Abid A Awan (brother of Imran)
  • Nataliia Sova (wife of Abid Awan)
  • Rao Abbas (close friend of Imran)
  • Jamal Awan (Brother or Son of Imran)
  • Suraiya Begum (Relationship unclear)

Soon after Imran Awan joined the staff of Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in 2005, his brothers Abid and Jamal, his wife Hina, and his brother’s wife Natalia all appeared on other members’ payrolls, supposedly as IT administrators. His best friend Rao Abbas landed on the payroll too. Most of them made salaries ordinarily only chiefs of staff earn, but they were rarely seen or heard from in Hill IT circles.

The Daily Caller

In addition to hiring close family members it is believed that Imran Awan uses numerous aliases and is engaged in multiple identity thefts and frauds.

Imran Awan aka Muhammad Awan, Mohammad Awan and many more

List of Congressional Members employing Imran and his cohorts

FullSizeRender hired awan.jpg

Lola💋 🇺🇸 on Twitter   🙋🏼Just a quick question  does any1 NOT related to  AwanBrothers  spyringincongress work for our govt   FBI now is a good time 2 do your job .png

Lola💋 🇺🇸 on Twitter   There s more to this natl sec threat than  ImranAwan  Many others being ignored. Many STILL work for govt   contractors.  ComingOutDay https   t.co crGUbbxDMa (1).png

In this article we will focus primarily on one of Imran's suspected co-conspirators, Imran's close friend Mr. Rao Abbas.

Person of Interest

Rao Abbas - Congressional IT Staffer

Rao Abbas1.png
[The man on the left is believed to be Rao Abbas]

In the same way that information and photographs of Imran Awan were hard to come by, not much is known about Imran’s close friend Rao Abbas.

What is clear is that Abbas remains an ACTIVE IT staffer in Congress.

Government record show that Rao Abbas is currently listed as being on the payroll of Florida Democrat Congressman Ted Deutch.
From insideGov.com

Rao R Abbas   Congressional Staff Directory 2.png

Rao R Abbas   Congressional Staff Directory(2) 2.png

US Congressman Ted Deutch.png

Aside form working for congressman Deutch, Rao Abbas has also worked for several representatives since 2012:

  • Rep. Joseph Crowley (Dem-NY-14)
  • Rep. Emanual Cleaver (Dem-MO-5)
  • Rep. Patrick Murphy (Dem-PA-8)
  • Rep. John Sarbanes (Dem-MD-3)

TruthLeaks on Twitter   Imran  Hina  and Rao crime paths through Florida. Heavy blackmail damage reported.  GeorgWebb  wikileaks https   t.co BmkF2roKum .png

Relevant Work Experience - McDonald's

Not only did Imran Awan manage to find IT related jobs in the US government for his wife Hina and brother Abid, but he also managed to land an IT job for his close friend Rao Abbas.

What qualifications or relevant experience did Abbas possess?

Well, according to Cristal Perpignan a tenant that lived above Rao Abbas on Linnette Drive. in one of Imran Awans numerous properties, she remarked that –

“Rao did appear to be home most days,” Perpignan said, and she claimed that Imran told her Abbas had lost his job at McDonald’s. Imran appeared to use Abbas as a cutout in more ways than one because he instructed her to make rental checks payable to Abbas instead of the landlord (Hina Alvi), she said.

Abbas lived in the basement of a house that Hina owned as a rental property, according to Cristal Perpignan, who occupied the top floors of the house. Abbas administered the email accounts and computers of eight members of Congress, according to official payroll records. House IT administrators can read all emails sent and received by members for whom they work.

The Daily Caller

Cristal Perpignan places Rao Abbas at the Linett Hill Drive property which is located very close to another Imran Awan property that is highlighted in the bank fraud case against Imran and Hina at Hawkshead Drive in Lorton, Virginia. This is the same address where another tenant of Imran's former Marine Andre Taggart found computer equipment with government markings which he handed over to authorities.

A search for Rao Abbas using Spokeo.com turns up another address in Springfield, Virginia.

Rao Abbas s Phone Number  Email  Address  Public Records   Spokeo.png

6109 Pioneer Dr   Google Maps(2).png

Who Lives at 6111 Pioneer Dr  Springfield  VA 22150   Spokeo(1).png

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, we learned that Imran Awan had several aliases that he was known to use and that he is suspected of engaging in identity theft. It's probable that Abbas is also using several aliases as well. Running down one of many leads in the sprawling investigation, George Webb visited Mt. Vernon high school to see if he could identify if Awan or Abbas had attended the school. Though there was no evidence the two had attended he did find two men named: Mohammad Atif and Mohammad Asif.

TruthLeaks on Twitter   I am in the stack of yearbooks at Mount Vernon High School. Laqauya 2004 and Atif was 1998. No Awans or Abbas though 1996 2000.  GeorgWebb https   t.co nKZCwnlIIB .png

This is very interesting because Mohammad Atif is the Technical Director of DHS.

Lola💋 🇺🇸 on Twitter   🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨WTF            This is extremely disturbing. Rao Abbas is using a stolen identity of the guy who is the Technical Director for the Dep… https   t.co sC1Emcpc5Z .png

John Hopkins University

It has been suggested that Imran Awan and Rao Abbas went to John Hopkins University. This 2004 Commencement brochure shows Imran Awan and an Imran Abbas as graduating from Information Systems program. Yet even more importantly it shows an individual named Mohammad Asif also graduating from the same class.

Commencement 2001 2005   commencement2004.pdf.png

Does this suggest that the three are familiar with one another?


Is Mohammad Asif a victim of identity theft?

Why Imran Abbas? Why not Rao Abbas?

Some suggest that this brochure maybe falsified and that Imran Awan never attended John Hopkins University.

Have you seen Rao?

Despite records clearly showing that Rao Abbas has worked for several US congressional members for several years most claim to have no knowledge of Abbas. Basic questions regarding Abbas – “Have you met Rao Abbas?” or “Who recommended/referred Abbas to you?” are met with silence. It seems as though no one on the Hill is able to confirm the existence of Rao Abbas. Just like Imran Awan, Abbas appears to be a ghost in congress.

• Laurel Everly, who lived at an Awan property on Sprayer St. in Springfield, VA. Is perhaps the only person who may have met Abbas.
• She was asked by Imran to meet with ‘Raul’ to pay (a damage deposit or rent) while Imran was in Pakistan. She is perhaps one of the only people who claims to have met him (brief as it was).
• Everly’s description of Abbas was that he was ‘heavy set’ and 'intimidating'.
• The individual featured in the photos bellow are believed to be of Rao Abbas



Glaring Questions

• At the very least, if Imran procured the IT positions for Abbas and the others, and he himself is under indictment for bank fraud, why is Abbas still employed in congress? Why isn’t he also under investigation?

• Why are the congressional members dodging questions about Awan and Abbas?

• How’s it possible that congressional members have never met someone on their payroll?

• If terabytes of information have been leaked by Awan and his ilk, it’s possible that the leaks are ongoing when a hand-picked staffer by Awan is still employed in congress. Is this not a matter of national security?

• What is the vetting process for congressional staffers?

Here are some excellent questions/observations from Lola - [Twitter handle @DropThe_Mic] who collaborates with George Webb from time to time and reporter Luke Rosiak:

Id like to see Congressmens hiring guidelines/process & conditions of employment. "No Show Employees" #AwanBrothers

Lola💋 🇺🇸 on Twitter    replouiegohmert  RepDeSantis  Jim_Jordan Lastly lastly. Does anyone know who Nataliia Sova really is  Before marrying Abid. .png

Lola💋 🇺🇸 on Twitter    replouiegohmert  RepDeSantis  Jim_Jordan Havent even touched upon their real estate  car dealer crimes  multiple alias names  multiple LLC s  targeting of military personnel  etc .png

Lola💋 🇺🇸 on Twitter    replouiegohmert  RepDeSantis  Jim_Jordan Other than House committees Congressmen  heres some other places family  friends  associates of Awans work ed .  theres more but I got bored https   t.co.png

Lola💋 🇺🇸   DropThe_Mic    Twitter.png

Luke Rosiak on Twitter   Awans  were using the House Dem Caucus as their central service warehouse. It was a breach  https   t.co I8Ymj6B6jf https   t.co oLJqT8pJN8 .png

Luke Rosiak on Twitter   DWS IT aide was paying member of Faisalabad police department  relatives say he also sent IT equipment to Pakistan https   t.co 1MTqBgkbhz https   t.co fd2tArhotn .png

Stay Tuned, More to Come on the Awans...

Sources: Crowd Source Trello Board




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Getting fired from McDonalds and then being hired to work in Congress with access to huge amounts of classified data.

Political contacts are a hell of a drug.

WTF, Dude?!
How naive are these members of congress? Don't they do any background checks? This really stinks of extreme negligence at best and treason at worst.
It doesn't surprise me the WaPo is spinning it as a right-wing conspiracy theory, thats the Clinton\Democrat standard defence, rolled out everytime they're caught in some criminal act.
Well done mate, great update on this barely reported story.

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Wait long enough and people forget. Well, I don't. I have a long memory like so many others. Justice has become an illusion. As I have always said, "There is no justice, there are only laws."

Really excellent post. Informative, thought provoking, well laid out. Can't ask for better!

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Cmiiw. 😊

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It beggars belief! Why isn't this an international scandal making headlines accross the world already?

Right! I have no idea... at the moment it's being overshadowed by Weinstein and LV massacre. Imho, I feel that these 2 stories were released/manufactured in order to draw attention away from this story and others. I'm not saying that they're fake stories, they're legit but the timing of both is very suspect, in my mind at least.

Somehow, they keep burying this. It's scandalous in epic poroportions but still no major headlines. Imran Awan should be an internationally recognised name by now. When I ask people if they know who he is, I get blank stares! Nobody knows about this.

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Agreed! This is a valuable update.
Reshared @phibetaiota

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this is damaging report especially the NSA considering they should on top of matters cybercrime and to have not seen this is grave mistake, matter should be considered as high risk and followed up as fast as possible, they could be part of a sleeper cell operating within the country, but before we indict anybody let investigation be completed and evidence be brought forward

Imran Awan has been working for the us government since 2000, so the NSA has definitely been asleep at the wheel. For this reason, they probably rather keep this from the public as well.

Are you actually surprised about this? Most populist politians are absolutely corrupt anyways... You should take a look at y country Chile for a clear example of that statement!


Lol, I'm not surprised at all but there's so much evidence of something much greater below the surface, it seems like it should be impossible to ignore.

Thanks for your post. I love reading the story. Have a nice day. Regard from Indonesia.

Corruption never ends :(
Good post!

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Good post :D

nice and amazing

hello, @v4vapid

https://twitter.com/JudicialWatch and Luke Rosiak had a Discussion on the Awan Brothers IT Scandal w/ Congressional House Members October 10th, 2017. The Mainstream media is refusing to report on it.
Check out the video below.

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I love this post....this content also liked...plz share everytime with us like as this post.....

https://twitter.com/JudicialWatch and Luke Rosiak had a Discussion on the Awan Brothers IT Scandal w/ Congressional House Members October 10th, 2017. The Mainstream media is refusing to report on it.
Check out the video below.

Thanks for posting this, I will have to read the whole thing later. Keep the posts coming!

https://twitter.com/JudicialWatch and Luke Rosiak had a Discussion on the Awan Brothers IT Scandal w/ Congressional House Members October 10th, 2017. The Mainstream media is refusing to report on it.
Check out the video below.

Good information @v4vapaid

According to the Washington Post any additional accusations made against Imran Awan are the result of Islamaphobia and are simply 'right wing conspiracy theories'. would that be the same " Washington Post that gave a job to John Podesta so that he could protect himself and his pedofile friends?? This whole story is just so transparent, how Hilary Clinton is still not in jail defies really the imagination @v4vapid ! nice post indeed! SteemOn4Truth !

Awesome compilation of the Awan Brothers infiltration of Congress. I have been following https://twitter.com/DropThe_Mic and https://twitter.com/GeorgWebb for a while and the folks below are at the heart of it. I'll definity UPVOTE, Resteem and Follow. Awesome job.

hate crime not a criminal

it's a good story.

Helpful information. A great news post. Thanks for sharing @v4vapid

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let the judge decide which one is right and which is wrong ,,,
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Thank you for sharing this I love reading article like this.. Yes that's true corrupt politician is never ending even if the President or Prime minister is good.

Jobs for people you know. Who would have guessed this happens?

Corruption never ends
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Cloud or Abbass able to divert all attention with identity camouflage and still work in that place. however, did not investigate them.
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@v4vapid, well-known figures. greetings from Indonesia.

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Corruption is a crime, everyone who involved in this crime should punished.

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We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.

Information is not knowledge.

- Albert Einstein

The judge didn't know the background ? Seriously ? I know the system is swamped and they need to do everything fast, but isn't it just the basis of everything to look into a person't file before granting him the custody of a child ?? I am baffled ...

Hopefully your post will help raise awareness of future Juries and judges

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