CIA Rag Washington Post Runs Story on Imran Awan Omitting Crucial Evidence

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After spending 6 months with their head in the ground the Washington Post finally acknowledges the biggest story in DC surrounding the former IT staffer of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Imran Awan.

True to form, WaPo wasted little time in the lengthy article articulating their carefully crafted message;

  1. Right wing conspiracy theory
  2. Paint the Awans as victims of racism / Islamophobia / discrimination
  3. Nothing to see here, there's no story other than politics as usual on the Hill

Reporter Shawn Boburg presents a partial portrait of the man at the center of the growing controversy in congress but fails to recognize fundamental facts in the case. Glaring omissions include:

  • Statements by former US marine Andre Taggart who found government computer equipment in the home he rented from Imran Awan, which were handed over to authorities.
  • Police report filed against Imran and Abid Awan by their step-mother who claims that she was held hostage in their home, was prevented from seeing her husband Mr. Shah by Imran and Abid, had her devices hacked and the Awans threatened her family back in Pakistan in an attempt to have her sign over inheritance money.
  • The 10 houses and 21 businesses relating to the Awans, many resulting in bankruptcies

BUSINESS ADDRESS ASSOCIATIONS on Hillary s Hamlet Truth Leaks HC s Leakers Hackers   Henchmen Series 54 350  Awan Spy Ring   Trello.png

  • Imran had 150 government iphones/ipads from CDW delivered to his private residence (Hawkshead Dr., Lorton, VA.) worth $150,000 USD (written off).
  • Imran used an unofficial email address - [email protected] - up until late August 2017, although he had been banned from the network in February.
  • Stephen Wassermen Schultz, brother of DWS, Assistant Attorney for the District of Columbia is overseeing the DNC IT investigation into Imran Awan.

dws bro1.jpg

It was reported by George Webb that Andre Taggart was interviewed by the Washington Post recently but somehow Andre's account is not included in the story. George Webb was the first person to approach Taggart concerning Imran Awan and the discovery of several Blackberries and IT equipment at the Hawkshead address.

The article appearing in the WaPo suggests that while there does exist evidence of improper conduct, minor fraud, and nepotism but nothing to suggest more nefarious activities. The article attempts to portray Imran as a victim of racial discrimination.

Wasserman Schultz found a new consulting job for Imran Awan that did not require access to the House network and said publicly that she was concerned that the investigation was driven by ethnic and religious bias. The Awans are Muslims.

Her fierce defense of the Awans at times puzzled even some in her own party. In May, Wasserman Schultz chided the Capitol Police chief during a public hearing after officers confiscated a laptop that had been left in a Capitol Building hallway. It belonged to her office and had been issued to Imran Awan.


“My concern was they were being singled out,” Wasserman Schultz told The Post.

New Information

Though having substantial holes in the reporting, Mr. Boburg did manage to contribute a few more details to the case, but not without caveats.

Investigators found that the five IT employees had logged on at one server for the Democratic Caucus more than 5,700 times over a seven-month period, according to documents reviewed by The Post. Alvi, the only one of the five who was authorized to access that server, accounted for fewer than 300 of those logins, documents show.

The congressional networks they were accessing do not contain any classified information, which is held on separate servers that have rigid protections and very limited access. The House network does contain lawmakers’ email, but a senior House official said IT workers could not access it unless lawmakers provided their passwords.

The assertion that the Awans did not have access to classified material is as unlikely as it is irrelevant. Imran worked directly for congressional members who were committee members for the Department of Homeland Security, Foreign Affairs and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

There is also evidence found in Wikileak's emails that show how Imran held passwords for DWS and was in possession of Nancy Pelosi's Ipad.

DWS email passwords.jpg

imran ipad.png

The disclosure that unauthorized DNC IT staffers logged on to one of the Democratic Caucus servers more than 5,400 times over a period of seven months is quite alarming. Another perplexing tidbit is that Rao Abbas, Imran Awan's friend, who had recently been employed as a manager at McDonald's was given a high paying IT position in congress despite having no skills or training.

“At the end of the day, whether they had formal training or not, they were trained on the job by Imran,” said one of Imran Awan’s lawyers, Aaron Marr Page.

In addition, the article spends a fair amount of time trying to convince readers that the scandal is over-hyped and pushing the narrative of Awan and his family as victims of a 'right wing conspiracy theories'.

There's a familiar pattern developing in the msm. Be prepared for the NYTimes, CNN, and MSNBC to follow with similar articles describing George Webb as a right wing conspiracy theorist, portraying Awan as a victim, and that the spy ring in congress is just crazy talk and there's no story here, just move along.

I can't help but think of how Bernie Sanders' treatment from the msm during his presidential campaign is comparable.

  • First, the msm ignored Bernie for as long as possible
  • Because of his growing popularity, despite no media coverage, they were forced to acknowledge him.
  • Then they mocked/ridiculed him labeling him a 'socialist'
  • Then they conspired to sabotage his campaign

(Classic - Clinton / DWS / WaPo / CIA)

More on the Awan spy ring in congress coming soon...








Wicked news! Thanks for sharing with us here on Steemit too.

Surprised... NOT! ;) Keep it up, you are always coming up with juicy quality posts, namaste :)

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I was so pissed off when I read their article this morning!! Lies of omission, first thought. Your doing fantastic work breaking this all down and pointing out the specifics.

I meant to comment on your last article after I saw the timeline link you posted at the end. I've been working on an Awan infographic for my next Steemit content (taking way too long, too much going on in home life) - I'm hoping to get it done enough to post this week, and would love your feedback, I'm hoping to get collaborative on data- the design and the intent to make a large story digestible is my biggest focus.

That's wonderful! Once you find the time to put it all together, let me know with a comment or link your post here ;)

I have a few more posts about the Awans, also in the same vein as yours, posting some of the evidence in a comprehensive manner to people who are unaware.

I've been following GW's investigation for almost a year now... it's not easy to summarize and to be honest. There's a ton of material that needs to be sifted through.

Good luck! Looking forward to your post.

Thanks, I definitely will! I have actually not put any comment on steemit for months so I'm excited to finally have a little time to get back to it.

I follow GW off and on, it's hard for me to keep up every single day. I think he's brilliant, but also question him sometimes- does he ever in any videos shed more light into his background? When he talks about defending the Muslim kid against McCabe years back, was he a defense attorney? Does he ever elaborate on his random casual "I'm old Mossad" statements?

Luke Rosciak's articles have been a huge resource for me too, I really respect his objective style. I have no doubt you know, that too :)

Thanks for calling them out. We must stay diligent and continue trying to keep the media in chek

It's mental how the Washington Post can go from breaking crucial stories like Watergate a few decades ago, to trying as hard as possible to obfuscate evidence-driven, demonstrably suspicious cases like this just because it doesn't suit their narrative.

Since when did journalists hate journalism so much?

Her fierce defense of the Awans at times puzzled even some in her own party. In May, Wasserman Schultz chided the Capitol Police chief during a public hearing after officers confiscated a laptop that had been left in a Capitol Building hallway. It belonged to her office and had been issued to Imran Awan.

“My concern was they were being singled out,” Wasserman Schultz told The Post.

If you honestly believe that DWS was concerned with her staffer's civil liberties, rather than just being terrified of whatever was on that laptop being exposed, then you are beyond gullible.

LOL, yeah she's just blowing smoke trying to cover their tracks. Part of GW's theory on this is that he says using ethnic minority as shields is part of the playbook. Many of the congressional members involved here are minorities, Greg Meeks, Andre Carson, etc.

Weaponized identity politics

I think the way WaPo is handling these stories as indicative that it's the Deep State's propaganda rag.

Speaking of Deep State, one of the businesses Awan ran was a car lot, documented in court records as "CIA".

"These aren't the stories you're looking for. Hey look over there, kittens!"

Distract, retract, and lie.

That's the Washington Post for you!

Obfuscation and disinformation!

They deliberately muck up the facts even when they're right in front of us!

Another great article V.
Should we be surprised that a quasi-newspaper owned by a dirtbag is acting as a disinformation agent for the Clinton Crime syndicate? It's so farcical if you wrote it as fiction it wouldn't be credible. If you weren't posting this story here I wouldn't know anything about it buddy such is the lack of reporting this side the pond.
Keep up the great work buddy.

Great post,
The media is always going to spin it and make people out to look crazy, especially when they are telling the truth. Can't have the truth coming out now, uh uh!
Thanks for sharing have a great day.

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I will say I took great comfort in the comments on both WaPo and twitter - the vast majority was calling out their BS

I felt the same, funny you should mention the comment sections as I'm working in a post focused on that specifically ;)

Good!!! Im even seeing it on google with our police and gov buildings rating tank. Guys write google reciews they do help!!
Im seeing it on pro trump pages that are being intentionally put in front of me, ill sit there and leave nasty comments about trump/gov and the majority of people are doing the same. Even tjough the pro trump pages just delete megstive comments to them.

Excellent post v4vapid. 5,700 times over a seven-month what is this Facebook jajajaja!!!

Hey great write up man!! Keep searching and spreading and the truth. This clearly a lot deeper, the only reason they would fight this is if they covering something much bigger. What they were doing has big inplications. We must get thr truth and get these lying racist assholes out of office.

Excellent analysis of the biggest scandal in our nation's history. An IT supervillain should capture the imagination of the nation. The msm response is pathetic as usual.

Visit RT for real news!

Visit also! Cheers! The Zio-media can't stop us!

Damn. I had no idea this thing ran so deep. Then again, with so much going on these days it is hard to keep track. It is so overwhelming. I was always suspicious of WaPo. It, however, reached the end of the line for me when I saw what they did to Bernie Sanders. There were something like 13 negative posts in 13 hours if my memory serves me right. What is worst, is that those articles were so vapid. What does it say though of the American citizenry that WaPo is still being read so widely. I know that readership has fallen, but still. Also, Shultz beat Tim Canova, a progressive to regain her seat. I say this to say that at this point, the people should take responsibility for what is going on. They are being aided and abetted by us. Anyway, that's my two cents.

Don't forget to add the NY Times to the list of CIA-run propaganda rags! One of their reporters even won a Pulitzer Prize for saying there wasn't any starvation in Russia when Stalin confiscated the grain from the people in the Ukraine. Lies by omission!

Some powerful and enlightening topics.
Let's share this and let everyone know the real truth.
Great article!

Extraordinary post, the media is continually going to turn it and make individuals out to look insane, particularly when they are coming clean. Can't have reality turning out now, thanks for sharing have an extraordinary day.

The media alters the story so much so that the truth looks like a big fat lie! Great post worth a read!!

thanks for the information. what your news is useful for us all ..

I don't know if he is really guilty but of course he is going to say that he is targeted by racists just like every other black man when he is guilty!

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Great write up. I should probably care about this story.

Good post bro.i resteemed

The FBI said that Awan was fleeing. Did you not read your own article?
Though they have a return flight booked for September, the FBI said, special agent Brandon C. Merriman, who wrote the affidavit, added that he does not believe Alvi "had any intention to return to the United States."

Some more mainstream conservatives — Ronna McDaniel, chair of the GOP, and Sean Davis, cofounder of The Federalist — said Aman was trying to "flee" the US.

Leaving without intention to return would be.. fleeing.

i don't understand your comment. Of course he was attempting to flee the country. what are you trying to say?

Media only wanna show the things which they want to. They have very nothing to do with the reality. If you wanna see the best manipulators in the world, you must go for the media industry.

interesting posts, and can be an example.
thanks for sharing

All general public have great trust upon media... So they should never lost their identity in cost of few money... They should publish the real stories, happening day to day situation... Then a country will able to upgrade in real sense... Thanks for your valuable post...

Read for truth:))) I followed everyone here and gave everyone my upvote:))) The truth matters!

Very nice @v4vapid ...upvoted...Blessings

The media is the talking piece for huge corporations, all in collusion oligarchs and governmental bodies who practice disinformation/information tactics. Eventually they want you to trust nobody. Just a big herd of confused disinformed and frustrated sheeple.
"when you control the message, you don't need to control the masses. They will control themselves" These e in their high castles want us to revolt, so out of the mess, they will pick up the pieces and create the world they want, and the people will want it too. The last 20 yrs has been one big psy-op.

Nice post.
Honesty is the best things and qualities that any person should have. The media should also highlight these facts to be made by all people.

This is why I don't watch the news. Thanks for the informative article.

Another outclass blog by a very talented writer at steemit community Mr @v4vapid. In short here is my opinion:
Probably a lot easier & safer to kill her in Pakistan, and she knows it. Here, at least in theory, if she & Imran turn states evidence, they may be given new identities.

Thank you I am following you, I hope you will also follow up vote me this honor to me

Absolutely! The truth tellers must stick together! The more upvotes our posts get, the higher the ranking and the more people will see them. Cheers!

The media is putting out what the people with the money want us to know and it most of the time is not the truth. The media is bought and paid for by politicians and the Illuminati.

Great post. It was really interesting!

Media is the most widely used tool for present any situation.
It is media who can make hero into zero and zero into hero...

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WAPO and the media ingenaral are like a hillbilly family of stanist paedo's

Wicked news! Thanks for sharing with us here on Steemit too.

The Washington Post has been covering up dirty secrets for 140 years now - I suspect they won't exposing a bunch of new stuff any time soon...

Exactly! Jeff Bezos (monopolist owner of is in cahoots with the WaPo which is run by the CIA, and the CIA is run by the Rockefellers who once said "Competition is a sin!".

It is bad news thanks for sharing this need through your post @v4vapid

Doesn't surprise me since the shadow government controls the Washington Post as well as all the news networks. You only hear what they want you to believe.

Thanks for following this case. Great post!

Right wing conspiracy theory, Paint the Awans as victims of racism / Islamophobia / discrimination
Nothing to see here, there's no story other than politics as usual on the Hill.

Very useful information @v4vapid, thank you for sharing, I am from Aceh-Indonesia.


I like your writing, it's very interesting.

Great blog!, I can see I am going to have to learn some stuff if I want to present things this good, but one has only bu begun.

I can't wait until this BLOWS UP! There is no stopping it, just like Bitcoin! The truth will ALWAYS come out!

The media doing the only thing it is good at, which is "Twisting the truth" :/

This world is full of evil and we must eliminate them in our life.

Evidence That Wasserman Schultz Used Pakistani Imran Awan For Malevolent Activities Against Sanders


Imran Awan conspiracy in a nutshell and arrest

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Absolute Wreck Barely Able to Function Since Imran Awan Arrest!

Imran Awan Driving for Uber, Judge Denies George Webb? Evidence, $9000 Returned to Awan

Something 'Very Strange' with Wasserman Schultz IT Staffers Indictment says Attorney

This is awesome !
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Wicked news! Thanks for sharing with us here on Steemit too.

Surprised... NOT! ;) Keep it up, you are always coming up with juicy quality posts, namaste :)

You seriously copy and pasted the top comment?! Yikes

Great post Thanks pls follow me back

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