Imran Awan's Fraudulent Activities: Second Tenant and Potential Material Witness Interviewed

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More information about Imran Awan surfaces as a second tenant describes her frequent interactions with the former IT staffer of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

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'Alex' aka Imran Awan

As previously reported, Imran Awan and his wife Hina Alvi have been indicted on four counts of bank fraud in connection with loans they received from the congressional credit union on several properties the couple owned in the DC/Virginia area.

George Webb has detailed how Imran, Hina, Jamal and other close to the Awans were employed as IT staffers in the US House of Representatives, including former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Furthermore, over the last 6 months George Webb has determined that the Awans own, or are involved in, multiple properties and businesses while simultaneously being employed by as IT staffers (making above average salaries of $160,000/yr each).

Recently, US marine Andre Taggart provided an in depth interview with Jason Goodman from Crowd Source the news speaking about his dealings with 'Alex' (Imran Awan), who was Taggart's landlord at the Hawkshead Drive address in Lorton Virginia, and the discovery of government blackberries and computer equipment in the Hawwkshead home.

Now, a second tenant who rented a home in Alexandria, Virginia, known only as 'Laurel', has provided additional information about Imran 'Alex' Awan.

Grand Jury Court Documents

Both the Sprayer address and Hawkshead address are detailed in the Bank Fraud case against Imran Awan and Hina Alvi.

PDF Warning - Be careful what you download -

70202225250080 17151530.pdf.png
70202225250080 17151530.pdf(3).png
70202225250080 17151530.pdf(4).png
70202225250080 17151530.pdf(5).png

Here's the interview with 'Laurel'

I'm also providing a summary of some of the most intriguing revelations here, but recommend that you listen to her interview as well.

Imran's Sprayer Street Property

  • Tenant known only as 'Laurel' at this point
  • Leased Sprayer property from Alex (Imran Awan) while going through a separation with her husband
  • Rental period - 9 month lease: November the 7th, 2014 through July 31st, 2015
  • Laurel worked in the private sector in the domain of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
  • Before Laurel moved out, 'Alex' was looking to find a military family to take over the lease

Interactions with 'Alex'

  • Changed name to Alex after originally being know to Laurel as Imran
  • Alex stopped by the home every 2-3 days
  • Had a key to the residence and let himself in
  • Came to collect mail / making repairs to the rental
  • Constantly coming and going from the home
  • Often changed air conditioner filters every 2 months
  • Two padlocked sheds on the property

Two padlocked sheds on the property

  • Locked sheds were off limits to the tenants
  • Lights constantly left on in the carport and inside the shed attached to the carport
  • Laurel complained that since she was paying the electricity bill, could 'Alex' please turn them off
  • 'Alex' said that the light came from a fan in order to 'cool the things left in storage'

Disputes over bills and issues at the home

  • Disputes over financial issues
  • Almost all rent payments were cash
  • January payment made to 'old lady in the basement' (Suraiya Begum)
  • Asks Laurel to pay for $350 for weed removal from a planter box after she moved out
  • Dispute over who should pay for the broken air conditioner

Relationship between 'Laurel' and 'Alex'

  • Very passive aggressive relationship
  • Alex attempted to intimidate and pressure the tenant
  • Pressured to sign a new 3 year lease
  • Alex was derogatory towards Laurel and her daughter

Hacked Accounts

  • Laurel claims that her email account was hacked while she lived at the Sprayer home
  • Her password has been changed
  • Friends communicate that they have received unusual messages from her email
  • Android phone crashes / infected with virus
  • Kept photos records receipts on her phone: lease, craigslist ad for the home, etc.
  • Still in possession of phone, unable to access
  • Believes that she was a victim of identity theft

Shawn Boburg from Washington Post

  • Reporter from WaPo contacted Laurel about living at the Sprayer property
  • Reporter stated that he got her name from Lexis-Nexus
  • During conversation, he asked Laurel if she knew any names from a list
  • It occurred to Laurel that she did recognize a few of the names from the stacks of mail that arrived at the home
  • Former tenants continued to receive mail at the address
  • Mail addressed to Imran and Hina also came to the address
  • Laurel checked her name online and at the address, and found several iterations of her name
  • She only goes by her legal name
  • There are also a number of names related to the home as 'current residents' / at least 5 different names atm

Who Lives at 4809 Sprayer St  Alexandria  VA 22309   Spokeo(1).png

Who Lives at 4809 Sprayer St  Alexandria  VA 22309   Spokeo.png



  • Laurel's identity has been revealed as Laurel Everly

  • Her full name appears on this document available from Crowd Source the Truth

  • Warning - Be careful what you download -

  • While writing this post I inadvertently discovered her full name as the site blanked out her first name but displayed her last name. I'm assuming that Corwd Source the Truth got her blessing to publish her full name after the interview.


Laurel represents a second material witness, with Andre Taggart, as having dealings with Imran Awan and his suspicious behavior and activities relating to the Virginia properties.

A key revelation in this interview is the existence of two sheds that were off limits and one with a cooling system. Knowing that government computer equipment was discovered and turned over to law enforcement by Mr. Taggart at the Hawkshead Drive address, could the Sprayer address be the location of the external server that George Webb has been speculating about?

Was Imran Awan engaged in identity theft of former/current tenants to cover his tracks?

Images: The daily caller



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Jesus, this is the biggest ring of corruption I have ever heard of. Makes you wonder what was really on those hard drives. SMH. Must have been some really juicy stuff.

The stench of corruption surrounding Debbie Wasserman-Shultz is simply astounding.

What makes DWS worse than the run-of-the-mill crook is her utter lack of shame. Right after she was booted from leading the Democratic National Committee for her blatantly unethical rigging of the primary process, she accepted a job with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

More recently, even after the Awan brothers lost their security clearance, were under investigation for crimes, and were fired by other lawmakers, DWS continued to funnel them money. She also threatened the Capitol Hill police for pursuing their investigation into the crimes of the Awan brother.

She is truly the scum of the earth and a perfect example of how our government has failed us.

There's now a new revelation, that Imran Awan deliberately left behind a laptop along with his ID for authorities to discover!

What on earth is going on?🤤


There's also talk of a plea deal in the works in exchange for immunity... but nobody believes he will talk once he gets immunity, comparable to Hillary's inner circle. Immunity in exchange for nothing.


Nothing surprises me anymore.

Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch recently alluded to DOJ and FBI colluding with Hillary Clinton and actively working to cover up her email crimes.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

GW thinks that's a throw... the idea that Imran would leave self-incriminating evidence in the laptop to be found seems quite preposterous when you think about. More likely, according to GW, is that someone else made sure the laptop was exposed so as not to be implicated in Imran's activities. Proof that they had no part in it, perhaps.

I'm still amazed that this was known about in Nov 2016.

GHQ Rawalpindi's ISI's fingerprints are all over this.

thanks for information

nice work

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There's now a new revelation👍👍👍 that Imran Awan deliberately 👌👌👌left behind a laptop 👌👌👌along with his ID for👍👍👍 authorities to discover💐💐💐

information that is very important to us. a very good blog post @v4vapid

like your sharing

astonishing news @v4vapid

Interesting post

You are exposing more than anybody else on Alex

greaat ♥

that Imran Awan deliberately left behind a laptop along with his ID for authorities to discover!

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If heads don't roll, there is going to a revolution.

People are sick to death of government corruption.

All of it taxpayers money!!!!!!!

Draining the swamp doesn't even come close.

How on Earth is this story not bigger? It just goes to show the layers of protection these criminals have built around them. Ultimately will the real criminals The Clintons and their slimy ilk high up in the DNC ever see the inside of a jail cell? Probably not, just some patsy who'll sadly either commit suicide or have a bizarre accident.
Really great work V.